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29 January 2009

Safe and Secure

I just cannot believe it is Thursday already!
The week really flew by.
I think it's because we are now back in the full swing of HizKidz Praise! ministry rehearsals for the upcoming spring musical at church. Claire is once again a singer in the cast and a dancer in 2 of the 3 dances. She only wanted to do 2 this time. Methinks she is a bit burned out from doing all the dancing in the Xmas show, plus her own ballet study and prep for the June Dance Show with the Academy, plus her violin practice for her upcoming violin recital at school. I am now not only leading a devotional group at the Monday evening rehearsals, but I am also a vocal coach for some of the soloists and we meet for extra rehearsals on Monday evenings before the full cast rehearsal. Whew....we are busy but it is for God's glory and a testimony to the community so we are very thankful for that ministry.
And also my oldest is back in the swing of things with her Life Club at school and with her small group and youth group at church. And...she is now serving as a greeter each week at church! She still serves on the student leadership team as well and is busy with her college Drawing class as well as finishing up her mid-terms. So..the weeks are going by fast! I thank the Lord things are running smoothly.

My other items:

  • I am most thankful for the sense of safety and security I felt yesterday afternoon while driving my 15 year old daughter to her dermatology appt. in a city across the Hudson River from us. Let's just say this city is not known for doing a very good job of plowing the streets. So...yesterday, while a horrid sleet storm was coming down on top of the 6 inches of snow we had (again!) received, I had to keep this appt in Troy. I had called ahead (we had no school and mid-terms were cancelled for the day) to see if the drs. office was even open. They were. She could not phone in the Rx, however, because Accutane patients must be seen each month. It is quite a process. So...we had to get in the car and drive veeerrrryyyy slowly down our hill, out of our town, through the village of Watervliet and over a very icy bridge into the city of Troy. And once over there in that county...oh my...the roads were just horrible. People were sliding all over the place. I also had the "pleasure" of having to stop at a red light on a wickedly unplowed, slippery hill near the college where my husband attended. (I jokingly told my teen NOT to apply to that college....she won't anyways as they are not an arts school...it is a "techie school"; and it is not a Christian college which is something we are encouraging...but..who knows??) Once I was able to get out of the ice and slush I was fine. My daughter however was a bit scared. It really was probably the only time she had been in a car in this type of weather. I reminded her that the Lord was watching over us and that I was using the wisdom He gave me to go nice and slow. I wish the drivers in that city had had a bit of that wisdom! She even commented "Mom, why are these people going so fast?" It really was scary. But...the Lord's peace was on us and I just felt so secure. Once we got back over the river and into our own town, the streets were fairly clear although slick. I thank God for the safety He provided to us. We prayed for all the people we saw sliding around. We then decided to pray for them to have a little wisdom and SLOW DOWN!
  • The last thing I am most thankful for this week is our prescription plan as covered by our health insurance through my husband's job. Praise the Lord for good coverage. Since yesterday was so awful outside, my teen and I decided that after answering the online questions via the IPLEDGE program as per required by the fed. gov. for this medicine, I would drop off the Rx after work today and get it filled. I first picked her up from her mid-term and then headed over to the pharmacy (yeah for Rite-Aid...they are never too busy and are close to my house AND they are an approved pharmacy for dispensing the Accutane). I was just curious though: I knew that we only can get the Rx filled within 48 hours of doing the online questions and then only after seeing the dermatologist. And all of that must be done within 7 days of the blood work each month at an approved lab or you have to start the whole process all over again! So....although I knew all of this since we are now on month 2, I DIDN't know the actual price of the medicine other than our $5.00 co-pay. So I asked. And I just about dropped to the floor. If we had to pay out of pocket it would be $298. 50 per month for this acne treatment. Thank you Lord for good health benefits. I explained to my oldest that there are some people who do not have prescription coverage and that if we didn't, we could NOT afford that kind of money each month for getting her skin cleared up. She was amazed that it cost so much. OH...and we have the generic form of Accutane! It is so darn expensive and it is the ONLY medicine that completely takes care of the acne. So....thank you Jesus for this coverage and for my husband who makes it all possible. God is good!
Now...what about you? What are you most thankful for?


Pam said...

Left a lengthy comment that just got eaten by blogger.com.

Just to recap . . . I am so grateful to you for your continual voice of praise and gratitude that I find on every visit.

Rejoicing with you over the accutane being covered by your insurance and God's provision for your daughter. What a blessing!

Praising God for keeping you safe on the roads yesterday. May you feel His presence just as acutely on clear weather days, too.

Have a great weekend, dear Faith!

Connie Marie said...

OH! I refuse to drive in such bad conditions. Bravo for you! Sorry to say that probably my husband would be one of those fast drivers trying to get around you. He is an excellent driver and always says, if you just go fast - then you will get through it faster! haha (he was going incredibly slow for my benefit when we slowly and gracefully slid into the ditch the other night.)
Anyway, I am thankful that you are safe!

Connie Marie said...

PS what a cool picture of the red cardinal! Right? It is so striking!

Mrs. C said...

I cannot imagine having to drive on snow-covered roads. Praise the Lord for safety! :)