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28 January 2009

Book Review

I bought this book for my husband, Dave, for Xmas.
He hasn't read it yet.
I am just about done with it.
We are collecting the Max Lucado books.
Max does a superb job with writing.
His words paint pictures
for me.

Some of his books might not seem "super doctrinal"....but...who cares?
They are Scripturally sound and to me, that is the whole point of reading a Christian non-fiction book. They seem to make Jesus so real to even an unbeliever. They are easy to read. They often read like prose or poetry.
He keeps his books focused on Jesus!

His children's books are wonderful allegories and the illustrations are just gorgeous! We have collected his children's books for our daughters and hope to pass them on to future grandchildren!

This book, The Applause of Heaven, has been labeled "a timeless inspirational classic". Apparently, it has been out for some time, but Dave and I just discovered it. Max takes the Beatitudes from Jesus' famous Sermon on the Mount, and describes/discusses each one in a different chapter. He describes the Beatitudes as a "step-by-step description of how God builds the believer's heart."

The last chapter of the book is my favorite. I am almost done with the book but I am finding my self lingering over the last chapter.

It is about when John wrote and described his vision of the New Earth and Heaven as found in the book of Revelation.
Here is one of my favorite passages from that chapter:

"He (God) doesn't reform; He restores. He doesn't camouflage the old; He restores the new. The Master Builder will pull out the original plan and restore it. He will restore vigor. He will restore energy. He will restore the hope. He will restore the soul."
and this:
"Before you know it, your appointed arrival time will come; you'll descend the ramp and enter the City. You'll see faces that are waiting for you. You'll hear your name spoken by those who love you. And, maybe, just maybe---in the back, behind the crowds--the One who would rather die than live without you will remove His pierced hands from His heavenly robe and .....applaud."

Oohh...that passage gives me goosebumps every time. It sure makes me want to be fully ready to embrace my Savior and Redeemer.

I highly recommend this book.
If you are looking for some deep theological treatise, you are not going to find it in a Max Lucado book.

What you will find?

An honest look at a Savior whom Max loves with his whole heart, and mind, and soul. You will read words that can set your spirit free and unburden your soul.
You will find Scriptures laid out in an "easy to understand" manner.
You will find study guides in the back of the book with very thought-provoking questions. His books can be used for personal Bible study or small group discussions.

You will see God/Jesus/Holy Spirit described so well and so beautifully that you will want a deep relationship with the One who has a purpose for you.
You will read words that paint pictures and your senses will come alive.
You will see the love the author has for his Redeemer, His Most Holy God, and his love he has for the world.
And isn't that really what a Christian book should be all about??

"....for theirs is the kingdom of heaven."


Susanne said...

I love Max Lucado books. I had this on my fall reading list but didn't get to it so I'll have to make a point to do it soon. I find his books, especially his devotional books which take thoughts from his bigger books and makes them a daily devotional, very easy to give to unsaved friends. And with a couple of friends they have been the catalyst that has turned them to Christ.

Anonymous said...

Dave and I were there where this picture is taken. Simply Beautiful
Aunt Helen

Faith said...

Susanne: YES! That is how Dave and I feel about his books. They are easy to give to unsaved relatives/friends. A neighbor borrowed one once and had soooo many good questions about her soul afterwards....Praise the Lord!

Aunt Helen: where IS this picture taken? I didn't see a title with it when I downloaded it.

Anonymous said...

Okay. It is Spirit Lake in Jasper
Nat'l Park, Alberta, Canada in the Canadian Rockies. Dave took several pics of it and had one enlarged. We have it hanging in one of ours bedrooms. If you ever get a chance to go to the Canadian Rockies, it is the most beautiful place I've ever been. Aunt Helen

Anonymous said...

correction on the picture. It is Spirit Island and the lake is Maligne Lake. All else is the same. We took a 1/2 hr. boat cruise out to the island and hiked.
Aunt Helen