"Even when the rainbow seems to pass right by me....I'm still finding Gold in the clouds....."

20 March 2009

5 Favorite Things

It's Friday again! And I really am looking forward to this weekend.
We don't have a busy one...yeah!

Sunday we have church, followed by a parent meeting with the new Youth Pastor and his wife. Then I can go home and relax a bit before getting to Claire to a 3 hour rehearsal for the upcoming musical at church. The show is the weekend before Easter so we don't have many rehearsals left. I just hope and pray she stays healthy! but at least she doesn't have a dance solo this time. She is just in 2 dances plus the cast chorus. Thank the Lord. It's a lot of work on top of her school work, violin practicing, and ballet classes/upcoming Dance Show. And in that, she does have a solo this year. So...she is one busy gal. But the rest of us are not too busy right now and we all are looking forward to having every one home this weekend to start some spring cleaning projects and finish deciding on our summer vacation. Plus we need to start making reservations for our Memorial Day Weekend vacation.....we are thinking of Montreal!!!

Anyways...here are my 5 fave things from the last week. Thank you to Susanne of Living to Tell the Story for hosting this fun meme each Friday. Head over to her place to see how to play along!

This water. This is something new to me. I saw it yesterday while food shopping and it was on sale, 4 for $2.79. Since I am involved in this walking challenge and am the team trainer, I decided to treat my team members with this. After drinking a bottle at work today, I have decided it really isn't much different from Vitamin Water (just priceier) and I actually prefer my plain old Evian or water from my Brita filter. So....although I like the concept of it hydrating my joints, I'll stick to Evian or Brita! Cheaper! or as a friend of mine likes to say "more frugal"! Then why is it on my fave list?? Because I wanted to treat my team members to something to inspire them to walk this weekend and get us more steps...and it was on sale...I can never resist a sale for something that is healthy!

Isn't this bunny and egg just adorable? I found this at Target of all places! I was buying some Easter candy for the girls' baskets and lo and behold there he was perched on a shelf looking so darn cute! It has the look of plaster of paris but it is actually resin. And for $7.99 ya can't beat it!

This scrapbook!
I am listing this as one of my fave things this week because I finally finished it 2 weekends ago, and just this week got around to actually looking through it and remember the great vacation we had. I was really missing the mountains and fresh air this past week and by 'traveling" via these photos, it brought me right back to the sights, sounds and smells of the beloved Central Adirondacks. It was also probably our last camping vacation with our camper, so it was especially bitter-sweet. Not to mention a great sense of accomplishment to see my work finally laid out! And just in time for planning
this summer's vacation!

This little wicker basket of wooden Easter eggs is one of my fave spring decorations I own.
I bought them from a little country craft store in Vermont one year. I like them so much that I often leave them up until time for autumn decorations!

This box of organic grapefruit that just arrived this afternoon.
What perfect timing and a true blessing from God. My sister in law (Dave's oldest sis, Karen) surprised all of us by giving us a gift at Xmas time that is from the company Harry and David. It is a different fruit box for 6 months, delivered right to our door! Perfect timing today as I just came down with something that my hubby has been dealing with all week: body aches, cough..the kind that is deep in the chest, and scratchy throat. Plus all the kids in my classroom have been dealing with some form of this this last month as well. But...spring is in the air and since I already had the flu in December, this should be short-lived. I'll pump myself full of this grapefruit and let God do the rest! :) Enjoy your weekend, everyone! Leave me a comment with one of your favorite things from the week or play along on your own blog!


Mrs. C said...

What a cute little bunny! I need to get my spring decorations out; it is starting to feel like summer here.

Praying that you are able to get some rest this weekend. :)

Jerralea said...

Wow, you've inspired me to get out my Easter decorations. And scrapbook.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Susanne said...

Hope you're all feeling better soon and have a nice restful weekend.

That rabbit is adorable. I'll have to start looking at taking out my Easter decorations.

e-Mom said...

I can smell the fresh grapefruit from here...

And what a beautiful basket of wooden eggs! I'd leave them out till autumn too. :~D

Willow said...

The basket of wooden eggs is beautiful!

Right now my favorite thing is a cup of coffee and a bit of a rest on a cloudy Saturday morning!

Connie Marie said...

Probably my favorite ..... last week happened on friday. My daughter Marie took me to the movies (Knowing) and dinner. I needed that break after an especially hard family episode... and my favorite thing about it was she knew it.

What a blessing it is when our grown children are sensitive to our emotional needs. I love that!

Connie Marie said...

Oh by the way, I love your wooden eggs! I think I've seen them before and told you though. I think that they are beautiful!

Homemanager said...

One of my favorite things to hear Bethan (2 years) laugh and talk with such a grown-up air. She has all the inflections and expressions that we have and it just makes me rejoice in the Lord's goodness and mercy.
I too, love your wooden eggs! :-)