"Even when the rainbow seems to pass right by me....I'm still finding Gold in the clouds....."

10 March 2009


Did you ever wish you could have just one person, one friend, whom you could just talk to and not be judged, or analyzed, or preached to?
I am in that place right now.
Don't get me wrong. I have some friends and a ton of aquaintances at my church.
But we are a large church. And it takes time to establish the kind of friendships I once had in college/grad school days. And I miss that. (we have only been there for 3 years) I miss just being able to share my heart without setting a special time and place and trying to coordinate schedules. (I guess I sound like "woe is me" and I don't want to...I just mean I am longing to just share some stuff on my heart that needs another woman (my husband is great for talking to but sometimes....you know...you just need another woman who can/might be able to relate!) Anyway, the kinds of friend whom I can call up and just "dump on" like people do to me all the time would be nice! I guess that is where God comes in during our day....we can go to Him for anything!

I was going to do a post about our Sunday sermon on the Holy Spirit, but today I am just needing to get housework done and errands run. And in the midst of all that "stuff", I am longing for a friend to just talk to about some of that "stuff".

I don't know what the Lord has in store for me but I do know that while I am struggling with things, I can count on Him to be my fortress; my Rock. The anchor for my soul. And so...I share with you a song He put on my heart way back in 1996. (my oldest daughter was just 3 years old!). I have shared this song twice during a church service. (our former church) Both times there were specific people that it ministered to, due to the feedback they gave me. Today, I need these lyrics! And hopefully, they will minister to you, too, if you need it!


You heard my cry for mercy
You pulled me from despair
You heard my cry for mercy
Oh Lord, I know You're there

I'll hide in the shadow of Your wing
and to the Rock I will cling
I'll hide in the shadow of Your wing
Oh, God, to You I will cling.

You hear my brokenhearted cry
my spirit is crushed
You hear my brokenhearted cry
But in You I place my trust.

I'll hide in the shadow of Your wing
and to the Rock I will cling
I'll hide in the shadow of your wing
Oh, God, to You I will cling.

You hear our cries for mercy
You hear our cries for mercy.

(c. faithe mt 4/96)

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Kimberly said...

Those lyrics are beautiful, Faith. I know I would love it even more if I could hear it!

I know those feelings you are talking about...and indeed, for me, they have come at times when we have had to move, which of course involves a church change. Making friends really is one of those things that takes time. I was just thinking about how it is my three year mark where I live and how it took time to form the bonds that I am now beginning to really see.

I will be praying. I know those days are hard and that they can just down right hurt. But praise God that He has purpose even in those days. May your relationship with Him grow ever deeper as you press into Him and as you wait for the awesome things He will do.


Susanne said...

I can totally relate Faith. Working at home with children all day Mon - Fri tends to sometimes make me feel like I'm quite isolated. I do have a very good friend but between our schedules we don't get together very often.

Praying for you.

Persuaded said...

well, honey... those words ministered to me this evening♥

and i do know those feelings you are experiencing. very very well. i just said a prayer for you my dear.

Homemanager said...

I remember this song...like Susanne said, being at home 24/7 with my children can be lonely. I remember Elizabeth Elliot sharing that loneliness, if embraced, can lead us to a deeper understanding of our relationship with the Lord. Many missionaries face this loneliness. I went through a loneliness that seemed overwhelming. During that time the Lord drew me into His word and prayer and a new understanding of the Body of Christ.
Just imagine the loneliness that Jesus experienced going to the cross...
Praying for you, my friend.

tali said...

Hi Faith
I'm sure I wrote a very long comment here. But can't find it. Wanted to say, I soo know how you feel. I am like the LORD who only let in a couple of trusted friends even though there were 12 disciples! One of them I am lucky to see once a month because of our busy schedules. And I'm hopeless on the phone...even without the kids in the background :)

I am the 'together' person so most people wouldn't be able to cope with me falling apart on them. Plus I'm too independent. Something the LORD is working on!

So i tend to write a lot and in writing things the LORD often steps in an answers me. But I would love to have someone like the LORD in the flesh to turn to. Oh well, maybe one day we will both find that person, until that day, we are both blessed enough to have the LORD:)

I told you I wrote a long response!haha. This is actually the shorter version!