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11 March 2009

Concert Nite

Courtney, age 15
Grade 10
Evening of the Prism Concert

I have lots on my heart to share about what God is doing in my life.
But...I don't have the energy or time to get it all down here.
I will though!
At some point, I will!

For today, though, I wanted to share this current picture of my oldest daughter, Courtney.
She is dressed in black and white because our high school has a dress code for Orchestra members. Which I think is a great thing!
She continues to play violin, and has since age 9, in the Orchestra. It is a full orchestra for Christmas and Spring but the March concert is typically just the strings.
The concert is called "Prism" because, as the district music supervisor pointed out in her opening speech, the colors of a prism all shoot out when the sun shines through it. So...the various music groups performing for the Prism concert are set up around the stage, and auditorium to symbolize the "colors of music" shooting out around us. This was our 2nd experience with Prism and it was fantastic.
We are blessed to be in a school district where the performing and visual arts are taken seriously.
Besides the Strings Orchestra playing that evening there was the Chamber Orchestra (teens who take private lessons on strings), the Flute Choir, the Shaker Select Choir which is guys and gals who are VERY serious vocalists, the Shaker SSAA choir (soprano 1 and 2, alto 1 and 2), the African Drummer group, and the Blue Symphonic Band. (we have to have 2 bands, Blue and White, the school colors plus we have a Wind Ensemble for better students, because we are such a large high school and many, many teens take instruments).
It was a blessing, too, to see one of Courtney's youth group leaders at the concert as there were 2 other girls besides Courtney performing in the orchestra and choir. That really impressed my husband and I that she would take the time to come see these teens. (thank you again, Rachael L.!)

Hopefully you are having a wonderful Wednesday......

Just curious: do you have children who take an instrument?
Which ones are they studying?
Are they in a performing group at school or church? or both?


Persuaded said...

i am a colossally unmusical person, lol. we haven't really done the instrument lessons in our family as a rule, although my daughter with down syndrome has just begun taking piano lessons this year. it is slow going, of course, but she is very diligent. it will be years and years before she is up to performing even the simplest of songs, but she loves the lessons and the process of learning, so i am all for it:)

your daughter looks lovely, and so pleased too!

Mrs. C said...

Oooh, that sounds like a delightful concert!

Bookworm is the only one at our house taking formal instruction on the piano. This is her 5th year. Curly Girl is wanting to learn how to play, so I'm hoping that Bookworm's tolerance level will increase by the time summer rolls around. :)

All of the kids are involved in the different children's choirs at our church. Bookworm and Mickey also sing in their school's concert choir. ;)

Susanne said...

Courtney is lovely. That's a really cute skirt.

My youngest is taking her first year of violin through the local university kids programs. She begged us for years and now that we got her in getting her to practice is hard. Do you have any suggestions?

e-Mom said...

Go Courtney... you must be so proud of her, Mom!