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12 March 2009

Fave Things

Here are my favorite things from the past week. Thank you to Susanne for hosting this fun meme!

My husband and I took our youngest daughter out 2 weeks ago (I didn't have time to do the fave 5 last week) to the new Japanese-Korean restaurant in town. (My oldest was attending an Emerge event (Sat nite youth group) so couldn't join us). It is a bit pricey but oh, so worth it! I had never tried Korean food so I ordered this pot of food which in Korean translated to fried rice, beef, egg, veggies. The veggies were fantastic: carrots and zucchini plus seawood and sprouts. It was so hot I burned the roof of my mouth. It was rather spicy too, but not too spicy. I much prefer Korean food to Mexican after trying this dish. Claire ate with chopsticks for the first time in public although we both switched to spoons after a bit. (we have used chopsticks often in the privacy of our home when eating Chinese take-out). I want to go back to this restaurant sometime in the near future!

This pedometer! I bought this last Sunday afternoon as my cheap one was not keeping an accurate count of my steps. This was just $40.00 and a great investment. It not only counts my steps but it keeps track of one week's worth of steps and miles. The pedometer can be set with my age and stride length. It keeps track of milage (although it is not as accurate as doing the mathematical formula with a calculator, mainly due to the stride you set). It also tells me how many calories I have burned during my various workouts. It also shows the day and time. It comes with a clip or you can stick it in a pocket. Since I am really into power walking these days, this has become my new accessory!

This face protector is THE best Avon product I have ever bought! Usually I cannot wear Avon make-up unless it is certain eye shadows or the Glimmerstick eye liners and brow definers. Some of their perfume is ok and I love their shower gels and foot creams. Most of their jewelry is nice and affordable as well. This is a silky cream that goes on alone or under foundation. (I use Clinique foundation). It has an spf of 20 and it evens out skin tones, reduces redness and really feels like silk going on. This has been my most favorite product to put on every a.m.

This picture of a fern in spring. This location is Hope Falls near Northville, NY ( a small village in the southern Adirondacks) which is located way out of town, on an old hiking trail that is not heavily used any longer. The trail is super easy. Both of my children have hiked it when they were just 3 years old. It is relatively flat and less than a mile one way. At the end of the trail, there is a beautiful waterfalls. Further up the trail, bushwhacking required, are 2 more falls. The reason this made my fave 5 this week is because I discovered it on a website of Adirondack Photos and it reminds me of the promise of spring as it was labeled "Ferns in Spring at Hope Falls". The vivid green is gorgeous; we have had several grey, dreary days this week here in the capital region of NY so this spot of green with a splash of sunlight has been just what this naturalist has needed!

And my final fave thing is something I don't have a picture for but it is probably the most important thing from the whole week: the 7th part of the 8-part sermon series our pastor has done on the topic of the Holy Spirit. I learned new things on Sunday that I had never known before although I had heard the labels for 2 of the categories. I didn't know there were 4 major groups of people and how they view the Holy Spirit in our lives today. The 4 groups we learned about are: Cessasionists (this is how I grew up), Open but Cautious, Third Wave (this is where I fall), and Pentecostal/Charismatic (where I was 6-10 years ago). Pastor Rex explained each category so that we all understood it. He does an excellent job with his sermons. He has a very diverse congregation as we have some seekers, as well as more seasoned Christians. He then had us mark on a line, that was on our sermon notes, where we fall in these categories. Cessationists were down at 1-2 and Pentecostal/Charismatics were up at 9-10. I am a 7 on that scale which is Third Wave. For those of you who are interested, I can share the specifics of what he preached if you leave me a comment.

But exactly WHY did this sermon make my top 5 list for the week?

Because for years I have felt "different". I never felt like I really belonged in the church where Dave and I met and started raising our daughters. (a charismatic type church). I always thought there might be something wrong with me, spiritually speaking, since I didn't constantly pray in tongues and since I liked more order in my service. By having our pastor explain these 4 groupings, it really made me see that 1. I am in the right church, a balanced church for me and 2. I can finally be free to be my self and not feel guilty for feeling different!
Note: Pastor Rex also recognized that we have all 4 groupings represented in our congregation. My absolute fave moment in the service was when he had us shout aloud, in unison, where we fell on the scale/what grouping we felt we belonged in, and then he had all of us shout the name of Jesus. And then a 2nd time in a quieter voice. This was powerful! Very powerful. It showed unity in diversity. And then he gave us a challenge: that we be kind and respectful toward those who are at a different place on the scale. That we all seek to live explicitly supernatural lives by asking the Lord daily, to empower and use us for His purpose. And that we seek to deepen our walk with Jesus.

And now....what about you?
What are some of your favorite things from this past week?
What grouping do you think you fall in, in regards to your views on the Holy Spirit?


Susanne said...

Great faves! I have never had Korean food. I don't even know if they have a Korean restaurant here in town. I'll have to look. I had Saigonese for the first time last year and enjoyed it.

That sounds like a wonderful lesson. I would say I fall between 3 and 4. And I would say we have a mix in our congregation as well.

e-Mom said...

Wow, a post packed full of goodies. That fern photo is just amazing, simply beautiful. And I like your new "accessory!"

Your pastor's sermon on the Holy Spirit sounds really enlightening. My husband and I definitely have different styles... he would be Charismatic/Pentecostal, and I'm guessing I'm like you--Third Wave. (Definition???). I'm open, but I like more order, tradition, and less emotion in a service. Sure, leave me a comment with more specifics on what your pastor preached.

Good stuff! Happy Weekend. :~D

Proud mommy of four said...

Faith ,
Thank you so much for visiting my blog abd being so sweet and kind and leaving a comment.
Your blog is one that I very much look forward to reading.
I love your list of five favorite things. I have to try that Avon cream and Korean food.
Take care and God bless

Sandy@ Jesus and Dark Chocolate said...

I do love your picture of the fern. I have always had an affinity for ferns. I have many planted in the woods behind our house. :)

I like how your pastor broke down the whole "holy spirit issue" and I am probably at the same spot you are. Our church is also mixed, which I think is great. I like the concept of a united diverse group of believers. Amen to that!
Have a good weekend!

Willow said...

Our church too is quite mixed. It can be refreshing from all points of view to worship together.

We had missy coworkers in Indonesia who were Korean (they still are :) ) and they introduced me to kim chi. Yum!

Brenda said...

I like Korean food too and we go out for it now and then. Its fun there there are so many ethnic places now :)

Jerralea said...

I haven't ever had Korean food, glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for giving us a summary of your pastor's teaching. I'd say I was a 3rd Wave, too. I'd be interested in the definition of a 3rd Wave also?

God bless!

Homemanager said...

Believe it or not, our church is quite diverse in beliefs. I would call myself a Reformed Charismatic, meaning I do believe and practice the gifts of the Holy Spirit but feel that there should be an orderly reverence in our services and I view theology (the study of God), doctrine (the study of scriptures) and church history as important foundations for how to live, grow and worship as a Christian.
So what is that definition on "third wave"? :)