"Even when the rainbow seems to pass right by me....I'm still finding Gold in the clouds....."

14 March 2009


A piece of the forest at
Grafton State Park
near Troy, NY

I'm off to get some sun today in the way of hiking. Unfortunately, the trail and woods won't look like this. It will be muddy with some banks of snow where the sun hasn't reached the deep woods yet and the temps will only be in the low 40's out there. But...I am headed for a short, 2 mile hike or so, with a very good friend of mine who also happened to be our maid of honor almost 19 years ago!

So...no blogging will get done until much later tonite or Monday.

However, please note:

I have had several emails and a couple of comments about my pastor's sermon on the 4 viewpoints Christians have of the Holy Spirit working in the church today.

Therefore: I will try to obtain permission from him via his wife and post the sermon notes on here for you to read the descriptions and the books he referenced.

And now...since my spiritual temperament is "Naturalist" I am off to run an errand with my youngest, and then heading out to hike and spend some time with my Savior in the awesome creation He has made for us!

Enjoy the weekend!


e-Mom said...

Enjoy your hike, you Naturalist! :~D

Looking forward to reading your pastor's sermon notes... awesome!

Christine said...

Oh, I love to hike this time of year! Still cool enough to enjoy it, and breathing the fresh air is so good for you! Unfortunately, the last 2 spring hikes I went on with my family gave me horrible cases of poison ivy. Ugh. My hubby says never again will I go...but I still think maybe...


Tammy said...

Enjoy your hike, it sounds so fun! I haven't done that in so long...since last fall, really!

(And when you get back, come over and check out the home school open house over at my place!) :)