"Even when the rainbow seems to pass right by me....I'm still finding Gold in the clouds....."

02 April 2009

With Thanks

Haven't done a "thankful Thursday" in a few weeks so here goes!
I need to make it short and sweet tho as I wanna get out to do my work-out and then tackle some more closet organizing. It's spring cleaning time!

Here is what I am most thankful for today:
  • Sunshine and warm temps! Windows are open in my house. Not all the way but just enough to let in the nice spring breeze. Temp is 61 according to my car while driving home from work/groceries at 12:15 pm. Thank you God for sun and warmth!
  • The director of our children's music/drama/dance ministry at church. You've seen some pics of past HizKidz Praise musicals. This is a dynamic children's ministry where children in grades 3-8 can use their natural giftings in the arts. My youngest loves dance and I am so thankful she has this ministry to participate in and be able to use her secular training. The director puts so much time into each musical and not only rehearses with the children but actually teaches them drama/stage stuff and has them learn spiritual lessons as well. She is constantly reminding them that their performances are for the glory of God and to help spread the message of the Gospel. Thank you God, for Candace!
  • For fresh fruit that was on sale this week! Blueberries, strawberries and grapes were all on sale today at my grocers so I made sure to stock up! I still have a wonderful melon from last week so tonite I will do some fruit salad to go with whatever I toss on the grill. My daughters love fresh fruit and I love the blueberries on cereal every a.m. Thank you God, for fresh, affordable fruit!
  • For a husband who likes to bring surprises: Dave totally surprised me last Saturday afternoon by buying me 4 tulip plants to place in the front flower garden. I had lost several bulbs last spring due to rabbits digging them up and this past autumn I really had no time to work in that garden and replace the bulbs. He not only bought the starter plants but he actually put them in the ground for me! Remember: my love language is gifts so this really made my day! Thank you God, for a great husband who likes to surprise me!
  • For the power of prayer: my husband's brother in law (and mine) who is married to my husband's youngest sister, was rushed to the hospital for complications after a surgical procedure. We prayed and I hear he is doing better! Glory to God! AND...I am thankful that God helped Claire's legs/hips to feel better this morning. Yesterday she was quite achy due to a ballet routine the teacher put them through. The teacher did warn us that the girls would have very sore legs on Wednesday, the day after Ballet. Sure enough...and Claire was a bit worried as she has to dance 2 modern dances that are quite challenging for her, this weekend during the HizKidz Praise show. So...thank you God for the power of prayer!
That's it for me today!
I am changing out of my teaching clothes, grabbing a bottle of water and heading outside for my power-walk. My goal is to do 1 1/2 miles and then I need to run another errand & finish organizing closets before overseeing homework and dinner.

Are you thankful for anything specific today?

What are you most thankful for??


2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Your sweetness comes through in your posts.

Susanne said...

Wow, you are full of energy!

Lovely thankful post today, Faith.