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09 May 2009

Around Our House

Lots has been happening around our house the last couple of weeks. New friendships formed. Ministry duties winding down, yet we're gearing up for an active summer. Dance rehearsals are in full swing for my youngest....I call her my ballerina girl. She is so into ballet and there is a huge show coming up in June. My oldest is in midst of essays, research, ordering her class ring, creating her class schedule for next year....hard to believe she will be a junior in high school. She is technically done with her language and math requirements for graduation but she has decided to take the higher level French and Math courses for college credit! YEAH.....my husband and I think that is a wise decision. However, she now faces daunting exams in both of those courses in June as well as a difficult Global History NYS exam. She is also in midst of helping me plan her Sweet 16 party and starting to review the online reading at the DMV for her drivers learner permit. YIKES! She is gonna get behind the wheel of a car come end of July.....wow....where do these years fly?? Final marking period is at the half-way point for my daughters' schools...so hard to believe this year is almost over! (meaning our school year) Spring has sprung with fresh, green grass; wildflowers, perennials and I've planted my seeds for my annuals in pots for my deck. We have even enjoyed fresh chives (that we've grown since 1996) in salads.....my oldest planted them when she was 3 and they come up fresh and hardy each spring and last until early November. What a blessing to enjoy fresh herbs! And at no cost!! I have even changed the blog look. Please be patient as I "tweek" things in my sidebar in the next couple of weeks. This weekend we celebrate Mother's Day. It is the first one where I will not be with my husband and oldest. They both are in the Boston area visiting Dave's parents and attending the Red Sox game later today. Courtney is actually spending the nites with her cousin, Beth, who just came home from her first year at University of Maine. They are taking the "T' into Fenway later to attend the game. It is a surprise for my husband's dad (Grampa T.) who knows the girls are together this weekend but has no idea they are showing up at the game. The reason my husband wanted to take his dad to the Red Sox game is because next weekend is Grampa's birthday. Beth's dad (Uncle Pete) is also going. Pete is my husband's older brother. Got all this?? The guys will drive in to the city....the girls will meet them there. It is a little nerve-racking for me to allow my oldest to do this but today, with cells and an older cousin who has done it before, I can rest easy and know she is in good hands. Praying helps too! My youngest and I are headed to the Mohawk Valley where my parents live. We will leave shortly after grabbing a bite of lunch after Claire's morning dance class. This is a class with minimal barre work but with the entire group of dancers who are dancing the portions of Coppelia for the show. So she really couldn't miss this class. It will give me time to run a quick errand that I need to do near the Dance studio. We will treat my folks to dinner out tonite and then I plan on showing Claire the house where I grew up, the schools I attended and a quick visit to the home of a friend that I have re-connected with via Facebook! Her name is Cheryl B. and we have been friends since 2nd grade (1967!). That is a lot of years. We have kept in touch all these years. Cheryl still lives in the Herkimer area and never married....it is going to be a blast to be able to give her a hug and see her home. We have not seen each other since my wedding day almost 19 years ago although we are in touch a few times a year via mail, email, phone. Facebook is great for reconnecting with friends and family! On Sunday A.M. we will most likely attend my parents' church and then eat lunch with them before heading back east. On the way back here, we will make a stop for a couple of hours to visit my sister and her husband who are now living in the Valley...they have home that is in a remote section of Montgomery County. They have woods all around them. It is pleasant in good weather. Supposed to be a nice weekend, although cooler tomorrow so....we should have a good time with them. My youngest loves her Aunt Hope and Uncle Donny! Well, I am done rambling and just saw the time....gotta get Claire's muffins mixed and in the oven before starting our day. I pray that all of you mothers out there have a relaxing weekend and enjoy your day tomorrow! God bless you!


Erin said...

Happy Mother's Day Faith. I love the pic of you and the girls and I want the quilt on your bed :0)

Persuaded said...

my gracious! what busy-ness! i hope all goes well... the recital, the driver's test and exams. the red sox game too! we are fellow red sox fans 'round these parts too;)

Susanne said...

Happy Mother's Day Faith. Sounds like you have a very busy weekend planned.

Kimberly said...

Have a blessed Mother's Day with your parents! :)

And have fun planning that sweet 16 party! I cannot imagine being there...but I know time flies by. I will lift up a prayer for you and your soon to be driving sweetie. Have mercy! I may need to start praying about that for us now! I REALLY can't imagine that! :)


Christine said...

Same to you, Faith!

Matt said...

waayyyy too much to read for just waking up.....as long as Courtney doesnt cut through the huge field that separates our houses by a 1/2 mile and hit my car through the baseball fence....I should be fine. Looking forward to teaching her how to parallel park???? and NO she is not going to be anywhere NEAR my driver side door.