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08 May 2009

Fave Five

This week flew by! Can't believe it is May already!
A very busy time of year for the T-----Family, let me tell ya!
I have way more than 5 things that are my faves from this past week but these are my absolute fave things or moments.
Please feel free to join us over at Susanne's if you want to participate.
Or....leave me a comment that you played along and I'll come visit you!

Watching my 10 year old during her ballet classes.

Yes, you read that correctly. She had TWO classes on Tuesday. Her regular class with the 3 other 9 & 10 year olds for an hour after school, and then for 1 1/2 hours after dinner with the Junior High class. This was an honor for Claire. These girls are all 13-15 and have been studying since age 3. Claire has studied since age 4 and is only 10! The reason she was doing barre work with the advanced class is because she is scheduled to perform a solo in the ballet "Coppelia" that the Academy of Dance is doing on June 20th. Usually the solos are done by older girls but the director/teacher wants my Claire do perform one. She will be dancing on stage with the older girls behind her but her solo will be just her. She will also dance a scene from Coppelia with her own class as a group dance. It makes my fave five list because I love ballet and have always wanted to have a daughter who likes it too! It is not something we pushed tho, and her dancing is truly from her own desire. Her goal is to dance "en pointe"...I think I just wrote that correctly! :)

These delicate, yellow flowers
under one of our cherry trees.

I planted these bulbs about 3 years ago. This spring they are bigger than they were last spring.
I call them "star" flowers since I don't remember the actual label. I love perennials. I don't have to do a thing! I DO have to weed a bit under the trees every August and I add fresh red cedar mulch every May. I'll be doing that after our weekend away. Hopefully one afternoon next week!

My hubby, Dave,
working on his laptop
listening to his iTouch.

Of course he was listening to the Red Sox game!
The reason it makes my fave five list is because we finally went wireless! YEAH! (and yes, it is true that computer geeks are the last to do their own house) (although we were the first of our friends to own cells)
So...Dave can now pick up the game since we don't pay for cable TV and in NYS it is rare for a major network to show the Red Sox games. This IS Yankee territory after all! I love watching my husband relax after a busy day. Especially when the Sox WIN!!

This pink tulip in a silver vase.

The tulip is from my front flower bed.
Last year only ONE tulip bloomed.
This year almost all of my tulips bloomed.
Weird, especially since I didn't add any new bulbs last autumn!
So...what a surprise to see all my tulips bloom this past week. The vase is from the pastor (and his wife) who pastored the Herkimer Free Methodist church where I grew up and was a part of until about age 24. (Thanks, Rev. Dick L and Ruth) It was a wedding gift and one of my very faves.
I love silver vases and tulips! I don't usually cut flowers from nature....let's leave them for other people to enjoy... but...I couldn't resist this beautiful pink. And anyway..it's from my own flower bed!
Tulips are my fave flowers.

Claire, me, Courtney
in my hubby's and my bedroom.

Please don't look at my "messy" desk in the background.
I had just paid a mess of bills and had a water bottle and stuff on it.
My desk is usually super neat and clutter free....it's my OCD tendencies!
We set the camera to take our pic. We had all just had our hair cut this past week. Claire's is the shortest it has been since she was 4!
Courtney went from 1 length to long layers cut in and hair that hung below her armpit to now just resting on her shoulders.
I went from the classic French bob to a short, cropped bob with chopped sides. But the reason this made my fave 5 list is not because of the cuts. It is because
Sunday is Mothers Day. And although we all won't be together until that evening, I am so proud to be my daughters' mommy. It is a tough job. But I love the challenge.
I love that God has allowed these precious girls to be given to my husband and I. I love that He trusts me to do my job of teaching, training, guiding, and loving them.

Now...what about you??
What is at least one favorite thing or moment from this past week?

I will be away all weekend so won't get a chance to be on the blog or Facebook.
I pray you have a wonderful day reflecting on motherhood and all the thoughts and emotions that go along with this day of recognition.


Sandy@ Jesus and Dark Chocolate said...

Happy Mother's Day to you also! I didn't get a Fab Five up today. :( Posted something about Facebook though. :)
I love those star flowers, I love flowers just like you, and I love to watch them bloom this time of year.
And you are going to LOVE :) wireless!!!!!!!!!!!

Beth said...

I am fairly new to Friday Five! I have a 10 yr old dd, too..but also a 24 and 21...we do dance...but not ballet! Sounds like your dd is fabulous ballerina!

Happy Mom's day!

Susanne said...

Tulips are my favorites flower too! Love that sweet little silver vase you've got it in.

Your little Claire is quite the ballerina! How exciting for her to be involved with the older dance class! Love the picture of all of you.

Happy Mother's Day to you too, Faith!

Susan said...

Great pictures!!

Loved your haircuts too.

Hope you have a super blessed Mother's Day♥

The Blackwoods said...

Oh how I love ballet as a child! :) I wish I would have kept up with it!

Brenda said...

I have a daughter that danced and it was always wonderful to watch her. Now she is elegant and poised, probably from all that dancing.

Happy mothers day, it IS wonderful to be a mother.

Willow said...

Congratulations to your daughter on her part in the ballet. That is quite an honor. My two daughters both danced ballet when they were young.

Happy Mother's Day! I love being a mom!

e-Mom said...

Your tulip photo is outstanding! Wow. So dramatic.

(Tsk, tsk, what a messy desk.:~))

Happy Mother's Day, Faith. Love you!

Anonymous said...

Faith...what a wonderful FFF. Congrats to your daughter. It is a wonderful picture of the three of you. The pictures of the flowers are wonderful and WOOT...coming into the 2009...WIFI...Congrats. Excellent my friend. Have a great weekend and Happy Mother's Day :)