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15 May 2009

Favorites This Week

It's Friday and time to play the FAVE FIVE! Thanks to Susanne for hosting this each week.

The first thing to make my Fave 5 list this week is my time spent away last weekend.
I went back to my hometown area, in the Mohawk Valley of Central NYS, and spent a nite with my parents. It was great to see them. They definitely have aged but they are healthy so that is a good thing! I also got to have a short visit with my friend Cheryl B at her house. We have been friends since we were 7 years old (1967!) and in the 2nd grade! We have stayed in touch all these years but I had not seen her since my wedding day! She was able to meet Claire and Claire loved seeing Cheryl's cats. It was also neat because looking out at one of Cheryl's bedroom windows, I could see the house where I grew up. (Herkimer). My youngest thought that was very cool! My youngest also loved seeing the junior high school where we went to 7th & 8th grades and she loved the fact that we WALKED to school on sidewalks. Yeah....it made me realize just how "suburban" she is....she thought it was so neat to have a village with sidewalks.
On Mother's Day we had a relaxing morning and then headed northeast to my sister Hope's and her husband Donny's home in the woods of Fulton County. It was cold but sunny. We bought ice cream and ate it in the car! It was only 42 degrees where they live. When we got back to the Albany area, it was 54.......we were chilled but happy to have spent time with some of my side of the family.
So...that definitely tops my list of faves for the week: going back to the Valley!

Beth (niece, age 18) and Courtney (my 15 yr old)
at Fenway Park, Boston
Had no idea their picture was taken.
Found this on my husband's Facebook page!
It makes my Fave 5 list because I am so happy my daughters
can know and get together with their cousins.

These hand weights.
Actually this is a pic from an online store site. I have the same ones but in blue. And mine are 5 lb weights for each. I have been loving my Strength Training work-outs this week. I am following the Wii Fit program and it is awesome! I am up to 15 reps per training exercise. My goal is to have Michelle Obama's arms (!!!)(mine are thin but not toned very well....gotta get ready for paddling that kayak!) and to tighten my abs while losing 2 inches from my waist. I hope I can do it!

Claire and Dave in backyard with Papi Bear.
I LOVE this pic. It makes my Fave 5 list because it is rare to find my husband with my youngest. She is definitely a momma's girl at age 10. She was such a Daddy's girl when a toddler. Big sis took the pic and again, because of FB, this was a surprise. I had no idea they had taken Dave's bear out to the yard. They had a blast posing for Courtney's camera.

A gift from Dave, the love of my life,
and Courtney, the other love of my life.
A perfect gift for Mother's Day.
I love pink flowers.

What are some of your favorite things from this past week???


Karyn said...

I love your list - all centered around family. Your girls are lovely!

Jerralea said...

Great 5 list! How cool that you reconnected with an old friend. I got to do that last summer. It's wonderful.

Mrs. C said...

Hi, Faith! Just got done reading your posts from the last week or so. Glad that all is well at your house. ;) Enjoy your weekend!

Susanne said...

Lovely list, Faith. What a nice time you and Claire had last weekend. And what a beautiful end to Mother's Day receiving those beautiful roses.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful FFF and great photos. Your girls are so pretty and the picture of your youngest with Daddy is precious. Great that you are working with the weights. At least I walk the dog every morning LOL. Love the pictures of the roses. Sounds like you had a wonderful, but cold Mother's Day LOL. Aloha my friend :)

e-Mom said...

Your Mother's Day roses are gorgeous! I received a tropical potted plant from my son and a bouquet of tiger lilies from my daughter. Spoiled or what? :~D