"Even when the rainbow seems to pass right by me....I'm still finding Gold in the clouds....."

14 May 2009

Thanks Tank

Thursdays, among many of my blogging friends, have been set aside as a day to reflect on what is "filling our tank" and making us thankful for all that God does in a week. After reading the morning paper during my breakfast this a.m. it dawned on me just how blessed my husband and I really are. And the poor people in this country are STILL better off than the poverty-stricken people in African villages, in parts of Asia, parts of Central and South America. Seriously....Americans should not be complaining right now.......but rather, giving thanks for what we DO have.....like our freedom of speech and freedom of religion. Freedom to express ourselves. That is the main thing I am thankful for this week!

Other things that have "filled my thanks tank" this past week:
  • Bright, Pink Roses that my teenager brought to me on Sunday evening. A wonderful ending to my Mother's Day. My family sure does know my love language!
  • Scriptures that speak to my heart and mind. Too many to list here but I will soon be doing a post on some meditations and Scriptures I have been pondering on.....just need to find a chunk of time to sit and write my thoughts.
  • Health: everyone in my family is healthy and has been for a very long time. This is huge to me. Although each child has her struggles (Claire with some new spring allergies, and Courtney's treatment with the Accutane is winding down), overall, God has truly blessed us. Everyone in the family is motivated to staying healthy, exercising either on the bikes or with the Wii Fit (and of course we are counting down the days until we can get those kayaks in the water!), and with eating healthful foods. My husband is dropping pounds and (I think) some inches around his waist and my goal is to drop about 5 more lbs. Although I am in the midst of peri-menopause and the only added weight is that horrid middle-aged ab weight, I am now motivated more than ever to firm, tone, and tighten thanks to the latest Prevention magazine and some new Strength Training exercises I have unlocked on the Wii Fit!
  • Hugs and kisses from my youngest daughter. She is so physical touch! She is also acts of service but her physical touch language needs to be spoken each and every day and I love it as much as she does! There is nothing like hugging a happy 10 year old child! I thank God each and every day that my husband and I were given the added blessing of another daughter!
  • The simple things in our daily lives: I am thankful for such things this week as Steam Cleaner service people who show up, get the job done and don't charge an exorbitant fee. For $149 I was able to have the family room, living room, stairway, upstairs hallway, and master bedroom steamed cleaned! Come autumn, I will have the girls' bedrooms done. Other things that are simple but I am sooo thankful for:
  • fresh flower-scented candles for days like today that are grey, dreary, chilly and rainy. We need the rain but the gloominess is something I have never liked. Lighting a candle for my "after work" afternoons is a nice way to get the housework done.....I usually have about 2 hours before daughters start walking through the door and candles help me get through my chores with a peaceful feeling and a cozy ambience after a loud morning in the classroom!
  • Great coffee: yes....drinking a cup of awesome coffee is something I am always thankful for. This week I have been enjoying the French Vanilla from DD. I am also thankful for my coffee brewer and that I can buy the DD coffee right at Target!
Other simple things:
  • Holding hands with my hubby in the evenings,
  • walking with my hubby,
  • chatting online with FB friends near and far,
  • good novels to read, good hiking books to peruse, a good Marriage book (Christian) I am studying....and moments I have carved out of my day to read....
  • children who do their chores in a timely manner,
  • children who are getting high grades in school and are working hard at maintaining those grades,
  • listening to Claire practice violin,
  • watching Courtney sketch something for Drawing,
  • listening to Courtney tell me about Math/Trig that I don't understand but I love to see and hear the excitement in her voice. (how come that math gene skipped me???)
  • buying groceries and not worrying too much about the budget....we're not millionaires but we are not suffering either...glory be to God!
  • Sunny evenings talking with my neighbor in the yard between our homes....and knowing we are there for each other....
  • The scent of my lilac bushes as I sit on the deck before dinner.
See how much we have to be thankful for, if we just pause for a moment and reflect??

What are you thankful for today??

"Surely you have granted him eternal blessings
and made him glad with the joy of your presence".
Psalm 21:6


Persuaded said...

i completely agree with you about the wonders of *coffee*... i'm thankful for my cuppa every day☺

have a blessed rest of your day!

Susanne said...

Faith you're grateful heart just flows out in this post. You are so right. Even when we think we are having it rough it is still so much more than a lot of people in other parts of the world. The lilacs are gorgeous. The smell of them totally speaks spring.