"Even when the rainbow seems to pass right by me....I'm still finding Gold in the clouds....."

23 April 2012

Just Keep Walking

Reading in Joshua.  Joshua 6:1-20....you know......the famous story of Joshua and the Battle of Jericho.

That walk around the wall??  

What was God thinking??

How come they were supposed to be quiet?

Isn't a battle loud??

God wanted them to just.....walk. Walk.  Silently!

Now I don't know about you, but when I'm with a group, I am not usually silent!  I think of hiking, of course.  I do like to walk in silence at certain times through the woods....but...not the whole time!

I talk.  To whomever is hiking with me!  To share in the glory of God's creation.  To learn more about my friend.  To deepen my relationship with my husband or children.  

And yet.....silence was expected.  Just walking around that wall. and not just once! Seven times. For six days.  And on the 7th day, what happened??

THE PEOPLE SHOUTED!!  On the 7th time on the 7th day, the people shouted and the wall came down. A miracle!

And sometimes God....He wants us to have that kind of faith.

Sometimes we have walls to face.....to conquer..to walk around.

God's word says we can be victorious!

But...He wants us to just walk...and trust Him.

Trusting Him with the details of whatever it is we are facing.

Trusting even when we don't understand something.

When we can't see the point of something.

Even if we just wanna cry out to Him.....

God wants us to have the faith to keep walking......

So...are you facing some kind of wall in your life?  a challenge?

Do you just wanna cry out your grievances with God?  And is He asking you to just be still and know that HE is GOD??

Keep walking......

..............in faith


Just Keep Walking!


Susanne said...

I personally think God knew they'd mumble and grumble if they had been allowed to talk while walking. LOL. Isn't that the same with us too? By the sixth day in a problem we're just dying to tell someone all about it. Well at least I am. And then of course all the Danny Downers and Negative Nellies would have certainly found each other. What chaos it would have been. Haha. By keeping silent like you said, they just had to forge ahead and keep walking, keeping their trust in God!

Faith said...

omgoodness I never thot of it quite like that but you're right, Susanne!! There would have been so much grumbling....! LOL...thank you for your thoughts! and guess what?? everything was normal today if you get my drift :) thanks for your prayers!!!!