"Even when the rainbow seems to pass right by me....I'm still finding Gold in the clouds....."

10 May 2012

Simple Faves

Friday...and time to look for five fave blessings from our past week.

This is a great journaling exercise as it gets our minds to reflect on everything God puts in our daily lives...even the simple things!

Mine are all simple...nothing major this week, but I rejoice in the simple and special.

  • LILACS!  I love my lilac bush and I only have one left (the other one had damage from Hurricane Irene that blew in last summer).  These blooms bring such a light, fresh scent. I put some in a small vase for the classroom desk where I work and they were just heavenly.....a definite fave!

  • MOMMY POT!  I put a lilac bloom in the one mommy pot I own. (the pic I uploaded with the bloom inside did NOT appear on my computer...ARGH!).  At any rate, picture this mommy pot standing on my kitchen window sill with one lilac twig in it. Simple, pretty and the pot makes me pause and pray for a special little boy who is now 14 yrs old. His mommy, one of my best friends, died when we were 42 yrs old (of colon cancer).  It is almost 10 yrs since she died and many moments throughout the years have reminded me of her.  She was a Believer and someday we will dance together in heaven!  Blooms in my mommy pot, a  last special gift from her to me, (when my children were 8 and 3) is always a fave.....

  • EVENING WALK!  Last Saturday evening, after a full day of washing windows/prepping my oldest daughter's bedroom for her return home, and many other chores, I went for a nice solitary walk.  It started out as a power walk for my work-out but after about 20 minutes I slowed down and just enjoyed the pretty sunset, the sounds of the spring birds and the nice weather. The neighborhood was very quiet on Saturday evening (which was odd as it was so mild and sunny out!) so I hardly saw any other people. It was very uplifting for my soul AND my body...always a fave to be refreshed.
image taken from website for SJHSMusic
The symbol for our school district's Junior and Senior High Music Departments

  • SELECT CHORUS CONCERT!  Our 7th grader, aka the ballerina, had her 3rd Spring Concert last evening.  She auditioned for the Select Chorus back in September and got in!  They only took a few 7th graders (the rest are 8th graders) and she has had so much fun being in this performing group. They perform more challenging music than the regular chorus that she is in for course credit. This group is purely voluntary, based on auditions, for no grade.  It's an after-school activity but earns her points towards her music letter and pin. The concert was wonderful and today they travel to Great East Music Festival in MA followed by a fun trip after the competition, to Six Flags New England. We are so thankful to be in a top-notch school district that features high ranking music programs. Great music is always a fave...especially when our children are involved!

image taken from DDWebsite
  • COFFEE COOLATTA!  After picking up Claire from her last Select Chorus rehearsal on Wednesday afternoon, we were warm...the weather felt a little humid so I treated her to a Coffee Coolatta to soothe her dry throat.  We had so much fun in the car, with the fresh air blowing thru the windows, the glorious sunshine, and the fact that the school year is starting to wind down so lots of events are happening to keep us chatting together. I love the special moments in my life with my baby girl.....age 13 has drama but it's always so special to connect with my ballerina after working with special needs children all day! She brings a lot of laughter to our lives and to our house.

Those are just some of the special blessings that God brought to my week.

How about you?  What's a blessing from your own week? Please share in the comment section or link up with Susanne, our gracious hostess, over at Living to Tell the Story.

Have a Happy Weekend!!


Hope said...

Those lilacs are beautiful. On this entire property, there are NO lilac bushes. We took a couple of plantings off from one of Sue's, and we hope it grows and blooms while we are still living!!

I love school concerts. I miss being in a chorus. I always go to Diane's concerts .

Have a great week.

Barbara H. said...

Those lilacs are so gorgeous. I'd love to plant some some time.

Love the Mommy pot and the story behind it.

Glad your daughter did so well in chorus!

Laura@OutnumberedMom said...

Love those beautiful lilacs. And the mommy pot tradition is lovely. Sweet.

Love those spring concerts! Faith, have a great Mother's Day.

Willow said...

Simple and special. I like that. And I like weeks like that. The mommy pot is so sweet and truly lovely. I can imagine the lilacs in it :)

Melanie said...

Lilacs are my FAVORITE next to roses!!!!!!!! Ahh the SMELL!!!

Love the mommy pot :)