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18 May 2012

Spring Book Review #7: Eternal on the Water

Yesterday, on my lunch break, I finished my 7th novel this spring.  I am almost done with a non-fiction Christian devotional book, too which I will have a review for later this weekend or early next week.

This book was not on my original Spring Reading Challenge list but I added it when I saw it at the library. The books on my original list have a LONG waiting list at the library so I've added a couple of other books that were available and that looked great.  This was one of them!

This book is contemporary fiction.

And it is deep.  It is soul-searching, mind-blowing, engaging deep.

It has a bit of spiritual-ness to it. (is that a word??).....it's not religious but there is something "spiritual" about it and it isn't Christian fiction.

In fact, there is a bit of a fantasy/mythic element to it. 

This book grabbed my attention right away because it involved 2 people who have a passion for kayaking in the wilderness of Maine. 

A quick summary:  the book is set in Maine, New Hampshire, Indonesia, and Yellowstone National Park.  It begins and ends in Maine.

Cobb and Mary meet on the Allagash River and fall immediately and deeply in love. They both have a sense of adventure and they approach life like they approach the white water rapids of a fast flowing river. "but rivers do not let go so easily....and neither does their love." (jacket of book).  Mary's life takes a tragic, cruel turn....and Cobb promises to help her get through this ride....this final journey.

My Thoughts

This book is heartbreaking in spots.....many spots.  And yet it is inspiring and adventurous.

What happens when they head to Indonesia?  Who is Freddy and why is he so important in this story? Who is Francis and why is HE important? You will meet Annie and John, Wally, the Chungamunga Girls, and Cobb's dad.  You will meet Mary's mom.

You will be inspired to live life fully.

You will be challenged in your way of thinking about life. and death.

You will be amazed at the love.

You will want what Cobb and Mary have. I think. I do. I only have a glimpse of it, really. It has made me pause and think about my marriage and my love for my husband....and to live each moment that God gives us, fully. and to live it  and embrace it. To live each moment as though it was my last.

 In my opinion, this book is appropriate for ages 17 and older.

On a scale of 1-1o with 10 being the highest, I rate this a 10.


Melanie said...

Oh! This sounds great! I'll have to see if it's anywhere in the Mid-York Library system. I'm definately going to read this one!!

Susanne said...

Wow, I've never heard of this book. Sounds good.

Faith said...

Hi Ladies! YES it was a GREAT book. I had never heard of it either...the title caught my eye on the new books shelf at the towne library!!

Melanie said...

There are 5 available in the Mid-York Library system; I just placed a hold for one!!! Should get it this week!!

Faith said...

Yay, Mel!! you will really enjoy it!!