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28 July 2012

Summer Book Review #8: Kill Alex Cross

Just finished my 8th book since mid-June!

I've had LOTS of time to read novels and non-fiction, including a very good personal Bible Study, while here on the Cape.  The last 2 days have been overcast with a rough bay so kayaking hasn't happened yet.  We've had several walks on the beach through-out the days and evenings, and tonite includes a trip to a fave mini-golf place, followed by a fave ice cream stand, if it doesn't rain. If it rains, we'll watch some of the Olympics and play word games.  For now......I'm enjoying a late afternoon coffee and taking time to write this review.  And continuing my reading streak by reading the 2nd book in the Hunger Games trilogy (yes, I ended up purchasing the entire series..a rare thing for me)

For those of you who read the Alex Cross Mystery Series, this one is a MUST!  It is the latest in the series and it is excellent!  I read it in 3 days.


Detective Cross is one of the first people on the scene of one of the biggest cases he's ever been involved in. Someone or someones have kidnapped the President's 2 children, Ethan and Zoe.  They simply disappeared from their very private, select school.  

Meanwhile, a deadly bacteria has infiltrated the water system of Washington, D.C and is endangering the people there.  Alex is working on that as well as the abduction case.  Are they related??

The First Lady makes a plea for Alex to find her children.  Alex has to make a desperate decision that goes against his belief system.  Will he succeed??


The author has done it again! He has written a page-turning, gripping mystery that is exciting and very believable!
I love how we find out that Nana Mama is still alive (I dread the day she dies....she is now into her 90s!) and I have always loved reading about Alex's children......I also liked how the author introduces another child into their home.....a homeless girl by the name of Ava. It will be interesting to see where Patterson takes this character in future novels (hopefully!).

Sometimes these novels are graphic with many swear words. This novel wasn't like that...there is a little bit of swearing and a touch of violence regarding the Middle Eastern population who appear in the story,  but it isn't too graphic or unsettling.

I highly recommend this novel for anyone ages 16 and older who love mysteries and especially the Alex Cross series.  If you have NEVER read an Alex Cross book, I highly suggest you begin with the first one, Along Came a Spider.  I guarantee that you will be hooked.  

On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the highest, I rate this a 10!!

Have you ever read the Alex Cross Detective Series?? if yes, do you like them? 

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