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27 July 2012

Soothing Faves

Friday Fave Fives time!!

Join in with those of us participating in this reflective exercise over at Susanne's..........sometimes it's hard to find 5 blessings if you've had a rough week but there are always blessings that God gives us.....you might just have to stop and look!

I'm currently writing this from the T-----family beach house near Cape Cod, MA....and boy do I need this time at the ocean!  I've had a pinched nerve in my leg, behind the knee, since last Thursday morning, and I've had 2 PT sessions before coming out here. It has been very painful! I'll have more physical therapy when I return and for now, I am doing a stretching exercise they gave me, every 2 hours!  So, my faves center around being soothed......

in orange tandem kayak:  Claire and friend Marissa
Middle kayak:  friend Nicole
Right Kayak:  friend Makayla
on Great Sacandaga Lake
Southern ADKS

Courtney in front of kayak with friend Amylia
Great Sacandaga Lake
Northhampton State Park
  • SOOTHING SANDS OF A FAVE STATE PARK!  Last Saturday, my small group and all the families, had a planned Beach BBQ.  It was perfect weather.......and even though I was in pain for much of the day, I was fine to kayak and walk around.  I even took a short swim.  We had it at this state park in the southern Adirondacks, about 1 1/2 hours from our home.  Everyone had such a great time and my daughters had lots of fun kayaking with their girl friends.  Courtney played some frisbee with one of the teen boys and Dave kayaked with some of the junior high boys.  I kayaked with 2 different friends and then just sat in the sand and chatted with my friends and husband and the other guys......a fun day was had by all which is always a fave for me!

  • SOOTHING HEAT:  One evening, the pinching feeling in the leg was so severe I resorted to heating my eucalyptus wrap in the microwave and placing it behind my knee. Although they aren't a cure, they do ease up the pain for a bit.....it felt so soothing!!  Mine looks a bit different than the one pictured above and is longer so I can wrap it around the entire leg....even though the relief was temporary, it felt so good!! I thank God for creating the eucalyptus plant!!

Claire & Courtney
  • SOOTHING SOUNDS OF COOPERATION!  These 2 daughters of mine......they sure helped me this week since I was slow moving most days.....they cooperated in  putting all the luggage into the car, and helping me with the cooler of food and other things we needed to bring down to the beach house.  It is always a fave to hear my daughters getting along and helping out.......what a blessing!!
image taken from backyardgardener.com
  • SOOTHING PILLOW:  my 13 yr old let me borrow one of her little square pillows she made in Home and Careers class this past year.  It looks similar to the ones pictured above except she chose a cow (black and white) pattern....like spots on a cow.  It sure was soothing for under my leg while I drove for 4 hours out here to the cape.  My 19 yr old was going to drive but there was a LOT of traffic on the Mass Pike, along with construction, and I just didn't want her driving it until she's had more highway experience.  That pillow helped to soothe my leg a little bit.........
image taken from New England coffee website
  • SOOTHING HOT DRINK:  It was downright chilly on Buzzards Bay the evening we arrived (Wednesday) so I made some after dinner coffee......it tasted so soothing......there was quite an ocean breeze and we left all the beach house windows open.....it was refreshing to have the breeze, but chilly enough for a sweater....and a great cup of one of my fave flavors.

That wraps it up for me.

I have plans with my girls for the day today.....we are going to do some exploring in a little upscale village to the south of the beach house...a little antique shopping, old bookstore browsing, an art gallery center, etc.  It should be a  fun day! When we get back to the house, we will enjoy a nice swim in high tide! Tonite, my husband will drive out from NY to stay for a long weekend.....we will return back home either Tuesday or Wednesday....in the meantime, I will keep doing my physical therapy exercises and hopefully/prayerfully will have a good report by this time next week!



Sherrie said...

Hope your feeling better soon. Your daughters are beautiful. Have a great day!

Food for Thought

Jerralea said...

Sorry to hear of your pain but glad you found ways to soothe it. You sound like you are in a wonderful place to relax.


Willow said...

Oh, I hope your week on Cape Cod will soothe your sore muscles. The heat and eucalyptus sounds like it would be a great combo for helping the pain--yes, I'm glad that God gave us so many healthy and healing plants.

Susanne said...

Sorry to hear that you've been experiencing pain. Hopefully this nice rest at the beach will help to soothe it.

The sounds of cooperation is one of the most blessed sounds a mother could hear! :v)

nikkipolani said...

Ouch. With that pain in your leg, I can see why you chose "soothing" to be a theme this week! And what good soothings they are. That eucalyptus thingy sounds very intriguing to me. Hope your PT sessions help this week.

Annette {This Simple Home} said...

(I'm just finally catching up on FFF!)

I hope by now your trip on the Cape has been soothing indeed!