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16 August 2012

Special Moments Faves

This week flew by!

But...although I am still dealing with this sciatica/back injury, I managed to have some very special moments during this past week....and even a couple of good PT sessions with my spine being stretched and the words of caution from the therapist that this kind of healing takes time....ugh...my impatience!!

Let's look back and find five faves from the week and then link up with Susanne, our gracious Canadian hostess!


The Mohawk River
New York State
  • LUNCH DATE IN CENTRAL NY  On Sunday afternoon, after church, I drove out to the more central part of the state to meet a friend from my hometown area.  Our parents were good friends and both families went to the same church my entire childhood.  My friend Diane is one of my oldest friends...she is 5 yrs older than me but we've been close since our teen years. When my sisters and I were in elementary school, she was one of our babysitters! It had been 3 years since I had met up with her.....we had a LONG lunch at a fave place, which is a good half-way meeting point between our homes, and then did some walking in a little rest area near the Mohawk River. Catching up with long-time friends is a definite fave!

  • Card from Dave!  Dave had this card waiting for me at my place at the table when I returned Sunday evening. It was basically an "i care" card...to encourage me during this back thing....he wrote that he was praying for me, to give me a tactile reminder that he really is.....cards/gifts/prayers and notes from my man are always a fave.......
Claire(13) & Courtney(19)
Lee Premium Outlets, MA
  • GIRLS DAY OUT! The girls and I spent all of Monday afternoon at the outlet shoppes in the Berkshire Mountains about an hour east of us.  It was a GORGEOUS day...sun, temps in the high 70s and a nice breeze.  We did some shopping and got some amazing deals! And in MA there is no sales tax on clothing which is NOT the case here in New York!  We also ran into our pastor's wife, so stopped and chatted with her for awhile. Shopping for back to school clothes, with major sales, no clothing tax and time with my girls is always a fave!
  • COFFEE IN BED! A couple mornings this week, Dave brought me coffee in bed.....I've been sleeping in til about 7, so he has been getting up and doing the coffee.  I must confess it is VERY nice to wake up with the coffee in hand and a hug/kiss from him before he dashes off to work....we've even managed to have some conversation during this time.  Once he's gone, I do my back stretch and enjoy a second cup out on the deck....I'm really gonna miss this slower pace once the new school year begins! Leisurely coffee in the morning is always a fave.....
Moreau Lake State Park
l-r:  friend Suzanna, Emma(age 9), Claire (age 13) & Mady (age 4)
  • LAKE DAY!  On Wednesday, after my PT session, Claire and I picked up her friend Suzanna who lives in a nearby neighborhood, and off to one of our fave state parks we went.  This park is only about 40 minutes north of us so it's our "go to" park when we wanna have just an afternoon of swimming.  We were there from 12:30-5 pm and it was heavenly!  I was disappointed when I realized that no matter how I tried to swim, the darn sciatica wouldn't let me! (I tried front, back and side!).  But at least some of the pain eased up and I just had the throbbing dull ache in my lower back most of the day.  It helped to walk around and not just sit in the beach chair!  My youngest sister Jill and her 2 daughters joined us as well.  The girls spent so much time in the water....and then built a moat around a sand castle....and more swimming.  We followed up the trip with a quick trip for late day ice cream at this place...owned by some old friends of ours. It's only another 10 minutes north of the lake. (the couple who own it used to go the same church where we used to go....both of our families are now in different churches.....) It was a fun day in the sun....always a fave, for sure!
Suzanna, Emma, Claire!

I hope you had some special moments during your week that reminded you of how God places things in our lives to bless us...even simple things!

Please feel free to share one of your faves here in the comment section!  Have a relaxing weekend!!


Melanie said...

Yay for all of your fives!!!! Mom loves visiting you too; I am so glad we're all still friends after all these years :)

Wow Dave is a sweet guy, leaving you a card and bringing you coffee!! Those things are so special and super points for him!!!

Love the pic of your girls AND the pic of everyone at the beach. Seems like you had an awesome week!

Still praying for your back :)

nikkipolani said...

Such sweet fives, Faith. I love the thoughtfulness of your husband and the encouragement he adds to your journey. Sounds like you made some wonderful connections this week and strengthened friendships and family bonds as well.

Willow said...

These faves are so sweet. Your hubby is definitely a keeper--coffee and cards~Wow!

The lake day sounds like a perfect way to spend a summer day.

Laura@OutnumberedMom said...

Enjoyed reading about your fun day in the sun! Shopping with daughters must be fun. I know my mom and I always had a great time shopping.

I do hope your back heals before school starts, Faith. Take care!

Your husband's a sweetie -- unexpected cards and coffee in bed! Have a great week!

Mrs. C said...

Sounds like a delightful week in spite of the lingering pain. That picture of the river is amazing! Since I've never been to New York, I tend to picture NYC in my head instead of beautiful nature scenes. It's nice to get a different perspective.

Faith said...

Hi, Mrs C!! yes most people in the midwest and south think of NY as being NYCity!! However, our home is about 2 hours north of the big apple and my childhood home is about 4 hours northwest of the city! lol...NY is a BIG state.....