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20 August 2012

Risk Takers

I've started a new personal study this summer.....it's a lot of reading and question answering.

But I like it.

And am learning. A lot.

About friendships of women.

Based on Scripture!

(see my side bar for the book)

It is such a good study that I plan on incorporating some of the weekly lessons into the small group lessons I lead this autumn, with my group of dedicated ladies.  Every woman in that group is a friend.  Some are closer than others, but only because I have known them longer or God has knitted us together for a specific reason.

They are all precious to me, though.

And it makes me want to share about the latest section I completed this morning.

The part of being a risk taker.

Taking risks in friendships.

Something that I am not a stranger to but something in which I find my self being hesitant 3 years after a friendship died that I really believed (and still do!!) that God put together.  Maybe it's like my pastor's wife said and it was because the other woman just couldn't handle the personal stuff I was sharing with her.....  

and that's where the risk comes in!

The study gave the example of Mary anointing Jesus' feet with her most precious possession.  The oil.  

It also talked about how Mary, being a Jew, did something very unusual:  she unbound her hair and let it fall freely to wipe Jesus' feet!!  

That is an act of sacrifice, intimacy, and worship.

A risk, so to speak. 

And sure enough....Jesus was questioned about it!!

Taking risks in friendships is essential if the friendship is going to go deep.  There needs to be a true honest and vulnerable sharing of the heart.  This is the way the friendship moves past the surface!

And I like that.  Sometimes it is tough.

Sometimes the other woman just doesn't understand or isn't ready spiritually to do that.  And that's ok.

Are we ever really ready??

We need to be open and sensitive to the leading of God.....He puts people in our path for a reason!  Sometimes the reason is obvious and other times not so much.  Take a risk!!  Reach out!!

And part of this involves staying in worship with God.  People are drawn to us if we are true worshipers.

The book has me in all sorts of OT and NT Scriptures but it also has the reader praying through Psalm 119.

The portion for today

"How can a young man keep his way pure?  By living according to Your word.  I seek you with all my heart; do not let me stray from your commands.  I have hidden Your word in my heart that I might not sin against You. Praise be to You, O Lord; teach me your decrees."  Psalm 119:9-12

My prayer based on the above Scripture is to keep my life pure.....by seeking Him through His word and keeping those Words in my heart to help me along my way. Through my friendships. While taking risks and sharing the deeper things.  It's like that for our marriages, friendships, relationships with our children (especially our older children!), our neighbors as the Lord leads......

Are you taking risks today with your women friends??

Is there someone you are praying for? to be re-united with or re-connected with?

Take that risk....reach out.....forgive if necessary.



Got Teens?! small group
l-r:  Melissa, Faith, Carla, Monica, Amy, Janet, Lynn

absent from photo:  Jeanie and Hope
The above pic is the original group from 2010/2011.  M and J have had to drop out due to conflicts on the meeting nights,  and A moved down to Florida!!  We also picked up 2 other lady friends, K and D.  We are all learning to be risk takers!!

Praise God for His Word, His provision and the friendships He gives us!

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