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04 August 2012

Summer Book Review #9: Catching Fire

Well, in the car ride home from my sister's house, I completed this novel.


If you haven't read The Hunger Games trilogy yet, I highly recommend it.

It is excellent and riveting.  Yes, the concept of teenagers killing each other is dark....but...(and I don't want to spoil anything here) it really isn't what you think.  Yes, it is a book about a reality show in a future world.  But the story is just so riveting. This author is quite good.

I did prefer the first book, but I am so hooked on what happens that I plodded through the first few chapters of this 2nd one.  And all of a sudden, it took off with a VERY suspenseful ending.

So of course I must now read the final book in the series, Mockingjay.


I don't want to ruin the plot for anyone so I'll just give you the basics:

Katniss and Peeta are through with the Hunger Games and are the victors.  They have to go on the Victory Tour to all the districts in the country.  However, although she is happy to be at home with her family (mom and sister Prim) and friend Gale, nothing is really the same.  Peeta is acting kind of cold towards her and there is a rebellion rising up against the Capitol.

And...if Katniss and Peeta can't prove, without a doubt, that they are really in love, the consequences will be horrible.  What happens?? Do they really have to go in the arena again??  What about Haymitch??  Does Katniss love Gale or Peeta....or both??  Will she ever see her mom, sister, and Gale again??  Will there be an uprising and will President Snow continue to be in power??  The book will answer some of these questions!


This second book had a slow start.  There was some review from the first book, The Hunger Games, but it seemed to plod.

I actually didn't really get excited about the book until it was halfway through. All of a sudden, there was more science fiction, suspense and romance!

I don't want to tell you what I felt when the book took a turn towards the end in case you end up wanting to read this. It would totally spoil it for you.

I DO recommend this series.....even though the premise is teens killing each other, it is not at all gory. There are so many themes running through this book...the main one being love and friendship, betrayal and the strength we have when under duress.  Keep in mind this is a science fiction/fantasy type book set in the future. It is NOT a Christian book but it is a clean book and safe for the junior high population.

I think it is appropriate for ages 13 and older.

On a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the highest, I rate this book an 8.


Melanie said...

I suppose my curiosity has the best of me now and I may try these books...perhaps some Fall reading

Faith said...

YES Melanie, read them!!! They are soooooo good!!!!!! and not gory at all....i mean, there are parts that are ick but it moves on quickly and you just wanna find out what happens with Katniss.

Melanie said...

Good (about not gory)...I guess when I hear bits and pieces of the storyline I don't really want to be interested but actually talking to you about it (yesterday) and reading your blog post, I'm more into it than I want to admit. HA. I think it will definitely go on my Fall reading list :)

Faith said...

Yay,Melanie!! You will probably end up LOVING the main characters...well, the good ones I mean! :)