"Even when the rainbow seems to pass right by me....I'm still finding Gold in the clouds....."

30 November 2012

End of November Faves

This week has been crazy busy!!

But...that's usually the way it is during the school year, especially around the holiday season, with a child who is in 3 performing groups, 3 ballet classes, and  parents who both work full- time  and lead ministries part time! Not to mention the housework and  the prepping for the Christmas season!!

Even though it's been busy, let's take a few moments together to find FIVE FAVES from the past week. This helps keep our attitude right with God.....finding those things  to be thankful for that we might take for granted or that He surprised us with.  Big or little, the blessings deserve His thanks!


  • FROSTY MORNINGS!  Yes, I find the mornings this week to be a blessing. I liked getting up at 5:30 when it's still dark out and while packing my lunch and prepping my daughter's breakfast, seeing the dawn break over the frosty grass. By the time I get out of the shower, the frost is just about gone and I haven't had time to snap a pic so I found this via the website listed beneath this photo. This is just how our backyard looked this week before 7 a.m.!   I find it to be so pretty and to be blessed to live in the Northeast where we enjoy all 4 seasons and all that He has created!

Claire, July 2012
  • HIGH HONOR ROLL!  Claire's report card arrived in the mail and she had a 4.0 GPA for her 1st quarter of 8th grade!! We were thrilled!  She had all A+'s (Advanced English 8, Health, Social Studies 8, Science 8 and Chorus) and A's(Technology, Orchestra, PE).  She received a 100% in Russian 1Regents (a high school level course) and a 98% in Algebra(high school Math 9 Regents course). This is on top of taking 3 ballet classes a week, and staying after school twice a week for Russian Club and Select Chorus!  She is also still involved in her youth group at church once a week.  AND....she auditioned for the school musical and won a spot. There were about 130 students in 7th and 8th grades who auditioned for a spot and only 60 kids were chosen.  She is thrilled as are her dad and I.  And yes...it might sound like I'm bragging but I do count this as a blessing because I have a hard-working, dedicated daughter who takes education and extra-curricular hobbies seriously.  And..isn't it a mom's right to brag?? (Notice I did NOT say she is perfect! LOL..there is PLENTY of "almost 14" drama going on sometimes!).
  • DINNER BY DAVE!  Tuesdays are a little crazy at our house. Claire has a ballet class from 5-6 pm. I get home from work around 3:20 and then have to do a little housework and a quick work-out before making dinner.  I usually have a plan and it's something to just pop in the oven! I then leave with her at 4:40 pm and don't get back home til close to 6:30 pm.  So dinner is late that day!  This past week, Dave agreed to make "breakfast for dinner". He made turkey sausages (I don't normally eat sausage but he loves it!), eggs, English muffins with raspberry jam, grapefruit.  It was delicious!!  And clean-up was a snap. We were enjoying NCIS as a family by 8 pm with no stress and mess to clean up.  I loved that he did this for me this week...what a blessing he is!

My Dad, 1960s
  • PHONE CALL FROM DADDY!  My dad called me Monday after work.  At first I was nervous because the last time he called me, it was to tell me about my mom dying!  I've called him once a week since that awful day in October, and this time HE called ME!  It was to just say Hi and to let me know that a medical procedure he needs to have done had been scheduled. We also talked a little about Christmas and the plans we have. My dad is such a godly, kind, and gentle man. I am so thankful for him. He is a good grandfather and  father.  We are blessed.

Claire after the 8th grade Orchestra Concert
29 November 2012
  • ORCHESTRA CHRISTMAS CONCERT!  Our 2nd (and youngest!) daughter is in 8th grade this year.  She has been in Orchestra since 4th grade and plays violin. Now that she has been in the Junior High for a little over a year, we are really enjoying the performing groups at that level. We also enjoyed them when our oldest daughter went through.  However, Claire is in THREE performing groups so we get the pleasure of attending more than just the Orchestra concerts.  Last evening's Christmas concert included the 8th Grade Band, Select Band, and of course the 8th Grade Orchestra. Claire is now in the 3rd seat(violin) so she has really moved up!  We are very proud of her.  She loves being in Orchestra.  The group sounded marvelous. What a blessing to have such a high-quality music department in our school district. We are looking forward to the Chorus Concert and the Select Chorus concert....both are coming up in the next 2 weeks!  The other blessing for me was that half-way through the first number they played, I noticed that she had a pin on her sweater. It is the pin that my dad allowed her to take from my mother's jewelry box, the day of my mom's funeral.  I had tears in my eyes when I realized how special that pin must be to Claire for her to choose it for the concert.

That wraps it up for me.  

Dave and I are attending a Grace-Based Parenting seminar at our church tonite and tomorrow morning. Our church is hosting Dr. Tim Kimmel.  We had him as a guest preacher a few weeks ago and he was excellent.  I'm really looking forward to hearing some more tips from him and spending this time with my husband and other friends from church.

After that, we plan on putting up the outdoor lights and setting up the tree...prepping the home for Xmas is always a fave with me!!

Whatever your plans are this weekend, may the Lord bless you!!

To link up and join in on this way to share our blessings, head over to Susanne's site!

Be blessed today!


Melanie said...

Oh I love frosty mornings!! Especially Saturdays when I can sit in my cozy chair by the window upstairs and look out at the frost while having my hot coffee!!

Yay for Claire on the honor roll!! And the concert sounds great...I am expecting Amber's high school concert soon. She is in chorus this year!!

I LOVE breakfast for dinner :)

Your dad is so handsome!!!

Happy Friday Faith!!

Barbara H. said...

I don't mind frosty mornings if I don't have to go out. :-)

Congratulations to both your girls on their accomplishments and hard work!

It's neat to have a phone call from a loved one just to talk.

Jerralea said...

Kudos to Claire on all her accomplishments. What a sweet thing for her to wear her grandmother's pin for her concert!

I like frosty mornings, too, especially when I'm having a cup of Irish Breakfast tea .

You always sound so busy, but happy!

Susan said...

Your blog looks so festive! I want to read things here just because of that. ;)

I've heard the grace based parenting program is a great one for parents to utilize. It's great that there are these kinds of teaching options now.
Will you be leading a class after going to the seminar?

I think it is crucial for moms to "brag" on their kiddos. And you did so with just the right touch of "brag." I always liked it when my mom did this. It made me feel noticed and special which helped me to continue working hard.

Have a great week, Faithe.

Susanne said...

I gleaned a lot from that grace based parenting book. I would love to go to a live seminar!

Congrats to your daughter on all her good grades.

I think kids need to know that we "brag" on them a bit when they accomplish something. How awful it would be if she did all that hard work and achieved those grades and you basically let it go by.

e-Mom said...

Yay for Dr. Tim Kimmel!!! He's an elder at our church. Great guy, still going strong.

You have a full, full schedule Faith. But I know you love it.

Your poor sweet Dad... nice pic. How hard it must be for him to be alone. Does he live nearby?

Have a blessed weekend, Faith.

Hugs, e-Mom

Faith said...

E-mom! That is AWESOME that you are in the same church as Dr Kimmel!! Dave and I LOVED him. And we were encouraged to realize that we have been doing "grace-based" parenting for about 19 years now and didn't even know it! :) but we also learned a LOT and I bought the book about the Little House on the Freeway...about setting a slower pace in today's busy world...to ENJOY our family and each other and to let some stuff go. SO IMPORTANT. we are gonna implement some of the suggestions and I'll be doing a post on that. No, my dad doesn't live near by. It's about 70 miles away out more towards the central part of New York state. But we talk on the phone each week and I'm going out there next weekend for a day. and then we'll see him over the holidays.

Willow said...

Breakfast for Dinner??? Oh yes, we know all about that at our house and love it too :)
Of course it is the right and responsibility of the mother to brag about her children (check the Moms Manual, Ch. 10, section 3)

Laura@OutnumberedMom said...

Look at those frosty mornings! I love that picture. Haven't had any of those here... They're nice, though.

Claire sounds so awesome. I'm sure there's drama, but it sounds like you have SO much to be thankful for.

Hope your dad is doing well. I've been away a while...good to be back! Have a great week, Faith.