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13 December 2012

Mid-December Faves

It's Friday in mid-December!

A hectic but good week and time to reflect back to find five faves....treasures or blessings from God and share those things with others who enjoy this writing exercise.  Join in with us by going to Susanne's site to read the guidelines and link up!!


image taken from pillsburycooking 
  • CHRISTMAS COOKIES!  Last Friday evening, I made the first batch of Christmas cookies for this season.  Ours weren't frosted but Claire did put the peppermint bits into the warm chocolate. We gave them to my dad as we visited him in Central New York the next day.  He liked them!
Claire after the Select Chorus Concert
11 December 2012

  • SELECT CHORUS CONCERT!  Claire auditioned for this select group of singers at the junior high and won a spot again this year!  Their Christmas concert was Tuesday evening and we really enjoyed it.  Yesterday they sang at one of the Albany malls and her violin group also played some Christmas selections at the mall.  We are very proud of her for taking so many music classes and doing the extra-curricular groups after school.  It's so much fun to listen to this group sing!
image taken from kosher granola website
  • PERSONAL DAY!  I took a Personal Day off from work on Wednesday and totally enjoyed savoring a couple of mugs of coffee with my devotional and a good book in a leisurely manner before heading out  to complete my Christmas shopping. I accomplished a lot in those 6 hours before needing to pick up Claire from school.  There is nothing like staying home from work without being sick or tending to a sick child.....staying home just to relax and recharge.  I am so thankful I'm allowed a personal day each school year!
image taken from familychristian.com
  • MAX LUCADO BOOK!  This book was at our towne library so I grabbed it and began reading it a couple nights ago. IT IS SO GOOD!!!  Max is one of my favorite Christian authors and we have several of this books but this is definitely one of my faves.  I just may have to purchase this one!  Every Christian should read this book on Grace.  We all need to embrace the concept of grace more and more. It's not something we get....as the book says.....IT gets US!  
near the historic cemetary in my neighborhood
13 December 2012
  • POWER WALKING!  I was able to power-walk after work yesterday, for about 25 minutes before my back started aching a little bit. I got on the fitness ball before and after the walk and after about 35 minutes the ache went away.  The reason power- walking makes my fave list this week is because the weather has been so nice. My spiritual temperament is naturalist (see Sacred Pathways by Gary Thomas if you don't know what a spiritual temperament is) and I was yearning for some time  out in nature! Temps in the high 30's and lower 40's (Monday was rainy and 54 degrees!!). The sun was shining, the air was brisk like it might snow (we still have no white stuff here in my part of New York) and the woods and fields around my neighborhood were lovely in the deepening dusk.  This view is from the western edge of my neighborhood, down the road and around the corner. After I walked through the development, I crossed the main road to the newer development going in and saw cows being led back to their barn, horses galloping across the paddock, and I smelled the scents of wood-smoke, dried up leaves and grasses and that late autumn scent that hovers in the brisk December air. It's hard to believe winter begins next Friday!!  I love walking outside and hope I can do more work-outs over this weekend.
that wraps it up for me.

What are some things that make your fave list??

Please share one in the comment section!

Also, I'm giving away a small sample of my famous Christmas fudge.

The winner will be randomly chosen by my 13 yr old (who turns 14 in one week!) by a numbering system.  All you need to do is add a comment stating at least ONE fave from your week and why it is a fave!  If you are chosen, I will need your home address which you can email me.

Have a happy weekend with all that the Christmas season offers!

OOPS! How could I forget?? um....here's how: because I just turned 53! GULP that means I am officially middle-aged! LOL.....so I can't leave off the wonderful birthday afternoon my husband and daughters gave me.  After church, we enjoyed lunch at one of my fave restaurants and then Dave gave me a wonderfully scented candle (another fave scent!) and Claire gave me a beautiful butterfly sun-catcher (will have a pic up  later in the week).  I enjoyed the rest of the afternoon doing one of my favorite past-times: reading! for more than 10 minutes!! It was such a nice afternoon AND Dave surprised me by wrapping some Christmas gifts and organizing our office area in the basement.  Definitely a fave for me!!


Susanne said...

So glad to hear that your back is tolerating more and that you had the opportunity and great weather to walk! We've had a skiff of snow lately but not much at all, lots of wind though.

I always enjoyed when my kids were performing. So much fun to watch.

I so wish I could take a personal day like that. I sure could use it, I feel so behind. I haven't even started baking.

Love Max Lucado books and have looked at that one several times.

Erin said...

I know exactly what you mean about the lingering fall scents, I LOVE it when I'm walking the dog. I enjoy the crisp cool air so much and love walking at dusk with him where it is quiet and near the woods. Claire looks so pretty!

Barbara H. said...

Congratulations to Clare! She looks so nice. All the concerts sound fun.

The personal day sounds so nice!

Glad your back is doing better and you were able to walk for a bit.

Your birthday activities sound fun! A belated happy birthday to you!

Willow said...

Happy Birthday to you! I'm glad you were able to take a personal day. It's important to get recharged.
I had to laugh because here we are whining about the temperature dropping to high 30s and low 40s and you are rejoicing because it's UP to low 40s.
My favest fave this week? Last Sunday our younger son arrived from Indonesia and will spend Christmas with us!

Faith said...

that is awesome Willow that your son is home from Indonesia!! and you are now entered in to my fudge contest because so far you are the only one who answered with a fave!! :)

susan said...

Hello dear one, I pray you are feeling encouraged today. Reading the fffs of others has helped reaffirm the goodness of God through people.

How wonderful to have a personal day to do fun stuff. I should try that.

Happy belated birthday. It sounds like you were spoiled - great!!!

I did some baking yesterday - cranberry bliss bars and a malted chocolate cookie. One had frosting and it was yummy. I bet your dad enjoyed his cookies.

My fave from last week was a toss up between attending a baby shower (for my first grand daughter) and helping my sista's family decorate their tree.

Have a great week, Faith.

Annette {This Simple Home} said...

Happy birthday!! Your walk sounds incredible with all the sights and sounds. Your day off from work...I need one of those, too, except I am a stay at home mom...an hour to myself is about as good as it gets!

nikkipolani said...

Forgot your birthday?? How lovely that your family didn't ;-) Your week is full of yummy treats and relaxation -- I'm impressed.