"Even when the rainbow seems to pass right by me....I'm still finding Gold in the clouds....."

18 September 2013


images ingrained on my mind............ in my memory

Billy Graham's words from the Word, his lips to our ears, our congregation mesmerized by the images and the faces and the pain, sorrow, sadness, loneliness, desperation, addictions, illness, brokenness, thoughts of death instead of life.....

the feelings of abandonment and not being able to see God as a Father because she had no father.......and...........

photo courtesy of the Billy Graham Association


Sunday's sermon was a 30 minute video clip and it has left me reeling with thoughts of what is going to happen when some of my extended family and my husband's extended family die.  

Is there hope for them?


How can we possibly host a Matthew Party here??  Our unsaved relatives are all so far away.

Yet.....my heart says pray and my mind says pray and my spirit says Hope. 

Hope and pray.

and continue to model truth. and grace. and mercy.

All we can do is hope because there is Hope.  There is always a purpose and a plan and in planning we have purpose.  To spread the news of Jesus and plant hope in dashed dreams and lonely hearts and confused minds.

Jesus is the Hope.


Susanne said...

We have an outreach that we join with every fall called "Alpha" and it's all about sharing Jesus and what He has done in non-threatening atmosphere where they can ask anything and not be looked down on or judged. It runs for several weeks, starts with a meal, then a video and then smaller groups where people are encouraged to ask anything. It's a great outreach and great friendships have also been formed through it.

Faith said...

That is so awesome!!