"Even when the rainbow seems to pass right by me....I'm still finding Gold in the clouds....."

25 October 2013

End of October Faves

Did I really just write that title?? It's almost the end of October!!!  My goodness....what a whirlwind of an autumn so far...so glad we still have another month and a half of this season!

In all the busyness, let's find at least FIVE things to be thankful for....FIVE FAVES from the past week.  Head over to Susanne's site to learn how to participate!


  • "JUST BECAUSE" GIFT:   my good friend Monica gave me this beautiful latte mug and card....she wrote a thoughtful note inside and the back of the cup has a very touching prayer poem. She said it was "just because" she was thinking of me and my father as yesterday was the one year anniversary of my mother's death.  I am thankful for the blessing her friendship is to me and that we are sisters in Christ.
300+ year old pines in the Pine Orchard
Wells, NY
Southern ADKS

my friend Diane

Me along the trail to Pine Orchards
19 October
  • A SATURDAY HIKE!  Last weekend, a longtime friend of mine (from my hometown in Central NY) met me in the foothills of the Adirondacks and we then took my car about 30 minutes north of there to a hiking trail I had done in 2006 with one of my sisters, her husband, and my neighbor. It is Pine Orchards and it features the oldest pine trees in NYS...over 300 years old and never been cut!  It is truly the deep woods.  At first it was a bit chilly but sunny.....after our lunch and destination, we needed to hit the trail again because it started to get cloudy.  But the rain held off so we were very thankful. We then went into Northville, where my mother was born and where my family had a camp for years while I was growing up....it was fun to show her all my childhood play places.  I am thankful for the beautiful 5 mile hike and for our lasting friendship!
photo courtesy of Richard C Leonard
  • SURPRISE VISIT!  On the way out of Northville (see above fave), Diane and I decided to pop in on our childhood pastor and his wife who live in his old childhood homestead nearby. They are now in their 80s and still doing very well. The above photo is of the church that Diane and I grew up in, in Herkimer, NY, and where Rev Leonard ministered for many years until my late elementary grades.  His youngest daughter (he has 5) was one of my best friend's growing up and we roomed together for one year while doing our undergrad work at Roberts Wesleyan College!! So...Diane and I popped in on Dick and Ruth and what a fun, although short, visit we had! They both are very dear to us......I am so thankful for the spiritual foundation they gave us and so many others.

  • FRESH FLOWERS!  I bought these autumnal colored flowers to lay on my mother's grave yesterday.  Because it has only been a year since her very unexpected death, I knew my dad would want me or one of my sisters to be with him. My 3 younger sisters couldn't be there so I took a family sick day and drove out to spend the morning and early afternoon with him. We placed these flowers on her site, prayed and chatted and then I took him out for lunch.  It was a special time and I am so thankful that both of my parents have been Christ followers and will have Eternal Life....they raised us with godly values and all of us are following Christ for which I am most thankful!

  • CANDLE LIGHT!  I love this candle. It is battery operated so smoke less!! Perfect for our restored family room because my husband did NOT want more candle smoke creeping along the ceiling....it does build up over time and this is so much nicer! (plus, Dave is allergic to many of the scented candles I like). I found this at good ole Targ*t and at such a great price.  It's perfect for  the season and you can set it to come on and shut off automatically.  I have it set to come on during dinner and then it stays on all evening until about 10 pm. It is cheerful with these "it's dark out earlier" days.  I am thankful for good sales on fun seasonal items!

that wraps up my week..........

How about you? can you find some faves from your week? 

How did God bless you??


Kathie said...

Lovely favourites this week Faithe. I clicked on your pictures of the pines. Beautiful! And sweet pictures of you and your friend.

The first anniversary of your mom's death must have been so difficult. It was a gift that you and your dad could spend it together. And the way you spent it was a lovely tribute to your mom. Saying a prayer for comfort for you, your dad and family.

I'm inspired by your frequent hikes for fun and exercise. I love doing the same, although, with a heart problem, I can't exert. But it's wonderful to be out in the fresh air and beautiful creation.

I was wondering about those candles - now I'm going to try one. (Target is coming to Charlottetown next month!)

Hope you have a great weekend Faithe.

Melissa R said...

I'm glad you were able to spend the anniversary with your father. Thank God that your parents know Jesus; we don't all have that assurance.

You always post great photos. Thanks!

Susanne said...

Those pine trees are amazing! I need to get in a nice nature walk before it gets too cold. We have a cold snap coming up and then it should get nice again. Maybe then.

How nice to stay in touch with a childhood friend and what a blessing you guys were dropping in on your childhood minister.

One year already. That must have been a hard day for you all. So glad that at least one of you sisters were able to be there for your Dad.

Joyful Reader said...

Yep, this is the last Friday in October. Where has this year gone?!

Wow! 5 miles would probably be the end of me! LOL! But to have such a good old friend, what a blessing!

sending up prayers for you and your family on the anniversary of a very difficult time. Beautiful flowers for a wonderful lady! Of course I didn't know her but that she raised you with godly values what else could she be?!

I love candles too! nice calming atmosphere.

Barbara H. said...

What a lovely mug, and how nice to receive it "just because!"

Your visit with your pastor has me longing to visit the pastor I had from later high school through college - he and his wife are such dear people and were so influential during my formative years as a new Christian.

That is so wonderful that you could go and be with your dad on the anniversary of your mom's passing and go to the grave site with him. My sisters and I all touch base on the anniversary of our mom's passing and on her birthday, and two of them live close enough to be with my step-dad and go with him to her grave site. I hope to make it back to go with them one of these days.

Barbara H. said...

I forgot to mention, thanks for mentioning those candles! I will have to look for some as regular candles give me a headache. Were they in the regular candle aisle?

Jerralea said...

You really do live in a picturesque area! Imagine 300 year old trees!

What a nice day you and your friend had hiking together and then visiting. I love pictures of churches so it was nice to see your home church.

I think you piqued everyones interest with the flameless candle. I'm thinking to myself ... "when can I make it to Target?"

Willow said...

Having experienced those anniversary milestones, I know how comforting it is to have someome with you to spend the day. I'm glad you were able to be with your dad.

Love that hike! And this is really the best time of year to be hiking.

Enjoy your weekend.

Mrs. C (Paula) said...

How thoughtful of you to take the day off to spend with your dad. I'm sure that meant a lot to him.

I purchased a set of four frameless candles last Christmas but was so disappointed at how quickly they used up batteries. Hopefully yours won't do the same.