"Even when the rainbow seems to pass right by me....I'm still finding Gold in the clouds....."

01 November 2013

Special Days Faves

Well, we just started a new month..........one that is typically busy for me......at work, home and in ministry.

This past week, though, had some special days, which ended up making my fave list because God really showed me the blessings He provided in these days........through people, places, particular moments.

How about joining in with me and sharing a few of your fave moments from the week?  Big or small, it all counts as blessings from our God..........you can find out more info by heading over to Susanne's blog.

photo courtesy of wikipedia
  • FAMILY VISIT!  Last Saturday, my younger sister Hope and her husband Donny, came out for a visit. They live about an hour west of us and although we see them often throughout the year, they hadn't been to our home in quite a while.  It was great to have them for the afternoon.....I made a big pot of chili and baked bread, and served a fave cookie recipe. Then we had coffee and played the above game per Hope's request...even my 14 yr old daughter joined in!  We had so much fun laughing at our goofy answers and just enjoying the sweet fellowship.  I love days like that!! And...I'm thankful that my sister and her husband know the Lord and that they are involved in our lives.  They are also a terrific aunt and uncle to my daughters. Family is a blessing!

Me under the
Overlook Mt firetower
Woodstock, NY
The Catskills
Dave on the Overlook Mt trail

The Catskills and Hudson River Valley
seen from the summit of Overlook Mt
27 October

  • HIKING DATE!  Sunday featured snow in the Adirondack mountains where we were supposed to hike with our friends, and since we had already attended the 5 pm church service the previous evening, Dave and I decided to hike anyways.....in the Catskills, which are about 30-60 minutes south of us.  It was a gorgeous morning and since our friends didn't want to hike after all (they were only going to go if we did the Adks), it was just the two of us!  We had so much fun exploring our first Catskill "mountain" (geologically they are not really mountains).  For those of you who are new to this blog, I am doing the Firetower Challenge which means I have to hike 18 out of 23 Adirondack mountains that have firetowers (I've done 10), and all 5 Catskills summits that have firetowers.  This one on Sunday, Overlook Mountain, was a 5 mile round trip hike and was STEEP!  The summit is at 3,300+ feet and it was quite the hike up! But we did it...and then the wind and cold at the top was challenging....so..we ate our picnic lunch huddled together on a picnic table (which one never sees on an Adirondack summit!) and explored the firetower. The wind was so cold and strong that I only climbed to the 2nd landing...the whole tower was shaking and it was only about 25 degrees F.  We also saw something else we've never seen on an Adirondack summit:

the ruins of a former hotel, first built in 1833
near Overlook Mt summit

and this:

this outhouse even had our symbol on it!!
a dragonfly!!!

After our hike, we stopped for a steaming cup of coffee which tasted so good! I was so thankful to have this day with my husband and still have time to do some housework and reading in the later part of the day. To cap it off, we ordered Indian food for dinner,  which our daughter loves.....being with my family and combining it with a day of hiking is a real blessing!

  • SHOPPING DAY!  Tuesday was a day off for me as all the elementary schools in our district had parent/teacher conferences and TA's didn't have to report.  I spent the early morning doing some small group prep and then headed out the door for this place. I started Xmas shopping for Dave and the girls...and got some great sales!!  One pair of jeans that had been $68 was on sale for $24.  I love the outlets and the fact that MA has no tax on clothing like NY does. The drive is only about an hour from my house and it was a gorgeous, sunny, crisp-air kind of day.  It's a blessing to be able to have these kinds of days and I'm thankful for sales!

  • EVENING AT LIBRARY!  Wednesday evening after dropping Claire off at her ballet class, I headed over to the town library with a latte and my materials for teaching the small group I lead.  I enjoyed a nice quiet 40 minutes working on the Bible study. I got a lot done, so started a new novel and was able to read for about 15 minutes before having to go back to the ballet studio. I'm thankful for a nice towne library that has evening hours.

photo courtesy of the Washington Post
  • RED SOX TRIUMPHS!  The World Series Win. Need I say more??!  Seriously, I used to be a Cardinals fan (yes I'm from NY and NO I have NEVER liked the Yankees....yuck) and I still think the Cardinals have the best uniforms and the cutest guys.  HAHA...but....because my husband is from the Boston area, of course I now have to root for the Red Sox. I didn't watch the entire series...much too busy. But I caught some of the game on Wednesday evening and it was great!  They have won 3 World Series now in our life time! Papi IS my fave player which is why I chose his photo to show. I'm thankful, too that the guys had the attitude of "Boston Strong" after all that tragedy last April during the Marathon.  It's a blessing to see these guys come together for their city. and it's a blessing when my husband is enjoying himself with his fave team!
That wraps up my week....I hope you enjoy a restful weekend.........


Joyful Reader said...

Wow! Snow already?! I don't know if I am ready for that one or not! :)

An evening at the library would leave me so extremely wound up! I just love books and want to read everyone that I find! (within reason of course)

I am not much of a sports fan but I did watch a few games of the WS with my hubby. I called it in the very beginning. RS would win. Needless to say that because we are from Missouri I was not popular during this series.

Melissa R said...

Well, except for the Red Sox win, it sounds like a good week! (I'm from NJ and I like the Yankees; my husband and son are Mets fans.)

Yay for days off, shopping, and sales!

Susanne said...

Hiking a steep 5 kms and then still doing housework when you got home? You have much more energy than me.

Library time is always a favorite with me. I love browsing and can spend hours in there.

I love that game. How nice that your family is close enough to visit often.

Barbara H. said...

I didn't even realize the World Series was over, LOL! Happy for you that your team won!

Always nice when family can get-together. I love to play games when ours does.

Sounds like you made great use of your day off!

Willow said...

I can cheer you on for four of the five faves. My hubby is a Dodgers fan an has been since the 1950s--true blue.

I'd have loved that hike too, except for the COLD weather and wind. Wow, that old hotel looks like something right out of a scary movie. And you had the added fun of hiking with Dave. :)

Dianna said...

Faith,I thoroughly enjoyed my visit here! I wanted to thank you for stopping by the blog earlier in the weekend.

We have played SCATTERGORIES with our son and daughter-in-law. We laughed until we cried with some of our answers. I'm glad you were able to do something fun like that with your sister and brother-in-law.

Since you now root for the Red Sox I have to tell you about our granddaughter who just turned 8 on Wednesday. She had said after her birthday celebration was over that there was one more thing that would be the "icing on the cake" for her birthday...and that was if the Red Sox won the World Series! AND Papi is her favorite player. I can remember her watching baseball with her dad and cheering for Papi when she was only four years old. They live in Maine.

I'm going to add your blog to my "reader" so I can come back often!

Mrs. C (Paula) said...

You came to mind last week while I was cheering on our Red Sox. My 6th grader's teacher is a fan, and she is throwing a celebration party for the class this week. :)