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10 January 2014

2014 Book Review #1

Last year (2013) I read 37 books.

I am hoping to read at least that many for 2014.  I love books and I love to read!

I like doing book reviews on here because I have many friends who love to read and they often ask me for a recommendation. These book reviews are just my opinion of course (besides the story summary) but it gives me a good list of what I've read over the year.  I hope to read many more good books and plan on visiting our town library often this winter.

This is a book that I wasn't sure I was going to like as there seemed to be a lot of science mixed in with the art and literature.  But the author wrote 2 other books I loved so I gave it a try. It's an easy read although some of the science did make me feel a bit bored and I felt bogged down by some of it.


Robert Langdon is a Harvard University professor of symbology.  One morning he wakes up in a hospital in Florence, Italy and has no idea how or why he is there!  He also has no recollection as to why he has in his possession a strange object that has been hidden in his belongings. It has a symbol on it that is associated with the plague!

Langdon's world suddenly becomes very chaotic and he finds himself running from someone....or something.  He is aided by the doctor who was tending to him when he awoke, a pretty woman named Sienna Brooks.  She essentially saves his life by some careful moves around Florence.

Langdon learns that he is in possession of some strange codes that are downright disturbing and were created by a brilliant scientist.  This scientist is a genius who is obsessed with the "end of the world" and he is also obsessed by the epic poem The Divine Comedy by Dante, particularly the section entitled Inferno!  Langdon and Sienna must race through some very famous and timeless locations throughout Florence in order to escape the people who are after them...although Langdon has no idea who they are!  They run to the Palazzo Vecchio, the Buboli Gardens and the Duomo. They discover hidden passageways as well as ancient secrets.  And then they discover the thing that might bring an end to the human species! Or will it??

Read the novel to find out what this "thing" is...and what happens to Langdon!


Although I enjoyed this book, I much preferred the author's other 2 books I read that featured Robert Langdon (Angels and Demons, and The Da Vinci Code).  This was just a little too far-fetched and involved some science that just bored me.  It  would make a pretty good movie because of the fact that it is fast-paced.  The entire story takes place in one day until the very last chapter or two which then takes place over a couple of days.

I always like the character Robert Langdon but in this book I found myself just wanting the author to hurry up and end the book.  The  book does have some interesting twists and turns in regards to the characters.....you are surprised to find out just who Sienna really is.....and a couple of the other characters.

Can another black plague be created??  Should we begin to mandate sterility to keep the fast growing population at bay??  These are the kinds of things that the book discusses.  The scary thing to me, as a Christian who believes that God is in control of the universe, is that there really is such a movement called Transhumanism. Yikes.

The best part of the book is the description of Florence and Venice.  My husband has been to Venice and would love to go to Florence.  The description of the art and architecture is just beautifully done.  Most of the places are indeed in existance.  I had to do a google search about one place that is mentioned when at the very end of the book the characters end up in Istanbul.  The information I found matched what the author described.  It was fascinating to learn of some of the art and literature history.

Overall, the story is just too far-fetched for me to call this a favorite book.  I liked it because I loved how he developed the characters and I  always enjoy the humor of Langdon.  And of course the description of Italy makes me want to visit that country!

I hope that readers will keep in mind that this is FICTION!  I told my husband I can just see hordes of American tourists flocking to Florence next summer to try to re-live this story....and search for the Dante mask, etc.  When we were in Paris, we learned from some locals that American tourists were following the route outlined in The Da Vinci Code's plot.  Too funny!! It's FICTION using real life artifacts and art/literature!  But....if you have a good imagination, you CAN start to think that just maybe this kind of end to mankind could happen......or can it??

In my opinion, this book is appropriate for ages 16 and older.

On a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the highest, I rate this an 8.


Susanne said...

I have not really been drawn to this author at all. Not even the movies associated with them. Oh well, can't read them all I guess. ;)

Faith said...

Susanne... I wasn't drawn to him either until our pastor talked about Da Vinci Code and used it in a sermon a couple years back...i was intrigued so read the book....loved it! BUT the movie...UGH....no where near as good as the book. I didn't know there was another movie out as I wouldn't watch it anyways. This book was ok...like I said in the review, the description of the Florence area is what made it. the plot was just way too far fetched. I'm on to another one that is much more exciting!! AND...i'm waiting for a couple at the library that you reviewed!! :)