"Even when the rainbow seems to pass right by me....I'm still finding Gold in the clouds....."

10 January 2014

Cold Week Faves!

What a week of temperature extremes....most of it was downright bitter cold...in fact, most of you probably experienced very bitter cold temps, too based on what I was seeing across the nation via my weather app!

And even though winter is NOT my favorite season, I'm joining in with Susanne and others from over here, to share in 5 favorite blessings from the week that God brought into my life...and home......

Courtney's pine tree in our backyard...with bunny foot prints!

  • FRESH FALLEN SNOW: Yes, I know winter isn't my fave season but there are many things about it I like and that I call blessings.  One of them is the morning sun on fresh, fallen snow in my backyard.  I love the sight and the cold, crisp air. I find it invigorating. As long as the wind chill is above 10 degrees! The blessing is the wonder of all of God's creation...even the cold, white stuff on evergreens.....reminding me that God's everlasting Love and the work of His Son leaves us clean and whiter than snow

  • NEW MUG GIFT:  this mug was a birthday gift from my friend and hiking buddy, Carla.  The blessing is that she had bought this for my birthday, which was in early December, and didn't know that the Scripture on the mug was going to be part of my New Year's "Word of the Year" theme!  The actual word I have chosen is "Still"...the entire Scripture is from Psalm 46:10.  How awesome that I now have a special mug for my coffee, from a special friend, with my special verse on it.  Love how God surprises us with things like this! and it's so pretty to use for my morning coffee!

Paper white Narcissus
  • WINTER FLOWERS:  I received this plant from my in-laws as a birthday gift last week while we were out in the Boston area.  They told me it only blooms in winter, and although will need to be thrown away about a week after blooming, that I   would be able to enjoy it for several days. It has a very strong, heady perfume which I'm not particularly fond of but it is so pretty I wanted to keep it in my family room to enjoy while watching movies or working out.  I think it is so pretty next to the sliding glass door and is so easy to care for. It only needs about a half inch of water every few days.  The blessing is that I have a bit of "spring" to look at during these cold days.

  • GREAT GRADES: Our oldest daughter received her 1st semester grades for her junior year at college.  They were excellent!  She had all A's and one B and stayed well above the cut off for her academic scholarship, which we are very thankful for.  She said it was her most difficult semester to date, but....with all the "university in the high school credits" that the college accepted from her, she is now technically a first semester senior!! However, because she is in the Graphic Design AND Math programs, she cannot graduate early...so...she is about to start her 2nd semester, Junior year.  We are very proud of her and the blessing is that she continues to love it there and do well.  We can highly recommend Gordon College as a faith-based liberal arts school. It's been a blessing to have her home for these last 3 weeks, too! I'm gonna miss her when she goes back on Monday.

photo courtesy of avon 
  • NOURISHING CREAM:  this facial cream for dry, winter skin is so nice!! It is the best cream for face and neck that I've ever tried, and I've tried many brands.  It is not greasy or thick-feeling on my skin.  It  glides on and has a very subtle scent unlike many of their other creams they sell.  This one is good for all skin types but it is especially good for the dry skin that comes from these cold, winter days.  It can be used on your hands and feet too!! I use it on my face at bedtime and again after my shower in the mornings...what a blessing it is to be able to order it online (my sister Hope is an Avon representative) and have it sent right to my door.

That wraps up my week....I hope wherever you are, that you are experiencing some warmer temps...our area here in Eastern NY is having a little warm spell, finally!!  But I will still enjoy all the blessings that winter brings......like steaming coffee in a favorite mug, warm woolly socks, good books to curl up with, and friends to tramp in the woods with. I plan on doing a little of all these things this weekend!!

Whatever you do,  look for the little things...the moments...the people..the places....that God brings in to your life....and thank Him.

Happy Weekend!!


Willow said...

I'm glad you are experiencing 'warmer' weather in NY--although I'm sure it would have wimpy me shivering and whining under several layers of blankets. Snow IS beautiful (to look at).

Hurray for your girl--keep up those grades!

PS: the reason you read two posts about zip lines is that the other one was posted by my daughter :)

Sarah@Like sunshine in the home said...

Hello there, thanks for stopping by my blog today and for your lovely comment. :) You have a great blog here, I've enjoyed looking at all your pictures, so pretty.

Your new mug is gorgeous, and I must say I'm rather jealous of your snow...but of course I wouldn't like temperatures quite as low as you've been experiencing in USA/Canada at the moment! :)

Have a great day. I've added you to my bloglist on Feedly, I'll stop by again. xx

Joyful Reader said...

The older I get the less I like winter. I used to love! But I still have to get out and get to work and I am not as brave as I used to be.

I really like your mug! Great reminder! :)

Congrats to your oldest. That is a great accomplishment!

Susanne said...

We are in a bit of a warm trend here too, above the freezing mark though with that warmth we have to put up with the chinook winds that bring the warmth.

3 weeks is such a nice long time to have your girl home from college. I barely had mine for 5 days and though I'm thankful for that 5 days I do wish it could have been longer. My other one was home for a week and a half so that was nice.

Love your mug! And what a sweet confirmation from the Lord through the gift of your friend.

ellen b said...

I love it when things like what happened with your verse mug and verse for the year coincide...
Congrats to your daughter for her grades!
Have a nice weekend.

Barbara H. said...

Winter is not my favorite season, either, especially weeks like this one. :-) I'm trying to keep a positive attitude and to remember than God has His purposes in it.

What a pretty mug, and how sweet that it coincided with your word for the year.

Glad your daughter is doing so well in her classes!

Pretty flowers, and how nice to have a bit of spring in January.

Susan said...

Your paper white bulbs look lovely. I received some too, but I still have to plant mine. I guess I'd best get on that so I can see their blossoms.

It is always good to read about a lotion recommendation. I don't like ones that re overly heavy-feeling.

I hope this week's weather is kinder than last week.

Kathie said...

Are you getting the rain now like we are? A lot of snow has disappeared and the roads are finally cleared of ice. It's been treacherous for walking.

Thanks for the creme recommendation - I haven't ordered from Avon for a long while. My mom used to sell it. I loved playing with her tiny lipstick testers :)

Congratulations to your girl! Well done!!

Jerralea said...

Faithe, it is so awesome that your friend gave you a mug with your word of the year on it! Isn't that just like God? I know you will be thinking of ways to be "still" every time you use that mug.

I like to look at snow, too. I just don't like to drive on it. ;)