"Even when the rainbow seems to pass right by me....I'm still finding Gold in the clouds....."

07 January 2014

January Daybook 2014

I'm joining in on this writing exercise...it's something I used to do but it's been awhile since I've participated. I"m going to do this once a month for the year 2014.  It is hosted by Peggy from over here. If you'd like to join in, just head over to her site by clicking the link in the previous sentence.  


Outside my window...it is windy and bitter cold in the early evening darkness

Praising God.....that my daughters are both following after Christ because they want to, not because it is something Dave and I expect

In prayer for....my oldest daughter as she is about to start her 2nd semester of her junior year of college, for my teen daughter as she is in the midst of mid-terms at the high school, for my husband's safety as he travels south tomorrow morning, for the students I work with at the elementary school

I am thankful...for a warm house and thick socks!

In the kitchen...mixed veggie shepherd's pie with bison is baking in the oven; homemade cranberry sauce by my mother in law, lemon water. for dessert: fresh grapes and peppermint creme coffee

I am wearing...my work clothes:  black pants, teal turtleneck sweater, thick black sox

I am creating...an anniversary trip memory book for my husband...for Valentine's Day!

I am going...to miss my oldest daughter when she travels back to college next week

I am wondering...if the temperature will rise a little bit tomorrow!

I am reading...Inferno by Dan Brown, Pocket Prayers for Women, a history and hiking book about the Adirondacks, and chapter 8 in Esther

I am hoping...that my husband has a safe flight to SC tomorrow

I am looking forward to...curling up with my coffee and book tonite

I am learning to be still and trust the Lord

Around the house...things are picked up, a load of laundry will be going in the wash before work tomorrow, dishes are in the dishwasher waiting until after dinner to be washed and put away, college girl is watching a movie and teenage girl is doing her HW, hubby not home from work yet.

I am pondering... on Esther chapter 7 in order to lead my small group Thursday night

A favorite quote for today..."faith isn't magic; it's a choice to trust God, even when we are confused or sad." (from Simple Prayers for Women c. 2011

One of my favorite things...the scent of my pine candle burning

A few plans for the rest of the week: besides going out to work with the special 1st graders I plan on: leading/hosting my small group, baking PB Balls with my college girl, working on a memory book, a possible hike on Saturday, and working out with my weights.  A possible trip to the library tomorrow evening while the teen is at ballet.

A peek into my day...

photo courtesy of girl-heroes
worked with these after work!!


Mrs. C (Paula) said...

Enjoyed readng your day book. It's been so long since I partticipated in that one. Maybe iwill give it another whirl soon. Stay warm!

Joyful Reader said...

Great quote!
We have not returned to school after Christmas break due to a lot of snow and below freezing temps! My kiddos are a bit stir crazy.
Enjoyed your Daybook! It is a blessing to hear about the prayers and praises going up!

Susanne said...

Safe travels to Dave. Coffee and a book sounds like the most wonderful evening. Hope it warms up for your hike!