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16 January 2014

2014 Book Review #3: Alex Cross, Run

I've been a fan of the Alex Cross mystery series since the very first book came out (Along Came a Spider) in 1993.  It's one of my favorite detective series. They are easy and quick to read.  


The story opens with Alex and his friend Sampson arresting a well known and very wealthy plastic surgeon named Elijah Creem. He's known for his wild "industry parties" that feature exotic underage dancers, models, and drugs.  Elijah is on his way to jail.


Alex is trying to solve a series of murders which he believes is the result of a serial killer.  More and more victims are being discovered, yet the Metro Police Department can't seem to find a connection. First, a beautiful woman is found in her car with a piece of her hair cut off.  Then a second woman is found hanging upside down from a window.  Soon there are more victims.  Some of the victims are young men. Are these murders connected?

And a disgruntled reporter is giving Alex a difficult time....stalking him and provoking him to fights. Just who is this man?? and why is he out to get Alex Cross??

Can Alex get these murders solved while under all this pressure?


Patterson delivers another fast-paced Cross book.  He also delves into Alex's family life and I definitely was surprised at the turn of events regarding one of the family members.  

This book is another page turner.....I read it in about 4 days.....it's a bit of a "thriller" and those types of books are fun once in a while. 

I'm starting to wonder if maybe the author is going to have Alex stop working for the MPD and begin his own agency......I think I would definitely like that.....maybe he will begin to work with his wife Bree.  Some of the story seemed to elude to that, anyways.  I would really like to see a bit of a change with Alex's character.

The characters have been so well developed over the years that I feel like I know them.  I love reading about the children and his wife and Nana.  Nana is now in her 90's and I'm wondering how long the author is planning on having Nana live!!  She is the real backbone to the family.

As usual I can recommend this book.  I find all of the Alex Cross books very entertaining if you're looking for an easy, quick murder mystery or thriller. Sometimes the scenes are a bit graphic.  It moves well but it isn't one of my very favorite Alex Cross books.

In my opinion, this book is appropriate for ages 17 and older (due to content).

On a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the highest, I rate this an 8.

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