"Even when the rainbow seems to pass right by me....I'm still finding Gold in the clouds....."

17 January 2014

Mid-January Faves


................yet this week looked and felt more like early spring.............

and I have faves.......five of them......to share with other bloggers who link up with Susanne so head over here to join in!  We find five of our favorite blessings from the week because it is good to give thanks!


photo courtesy of  coffee for less

  • NEW FLAVOR!  I discovered a new-to-me flavor of coffee in k cup form. I use our Keurig in the late afternoons or early evenings when I want just one cup of coffee.  My husband likes the decaf cups but I like trying different flavors and don't drink decaf due to the chemicals required to get it to be decaf.  This brand and flavor was on sale this past week so I bought a box.  And I love it!!  It is  bold with out being bitter.  A definite fave that tasted great on these rainy, dreary afternoons. 
photo courtesy of Courtney

  • BAKING WITH MY OLDEST! My oldest wanted to make peanut butter balls before heading back to her dorm, so I told her to go ahead!  My mom used to make these every Christmas  for all the grandchildren (and before the grands, for my sisters and I and our husbands!).  I only eat one a year as I'm not a huge fan of all  the sugar or peanut butter in them.....they are much too rich for me....but Courtney made me a teeny one which I totally loved.  She did all the mixing and shaping and I helped her dip them into the chocolate.  A fave is spending time with this oldest girl of mine.....the moments are becoming fewer but the memories will live on.

  • SAFE TRIP! Courtney left a day early to go back to her dorm because she wanted to stop at a guy friend's house out in central MA.  She texted that she arrived there safely (I was just getting home from work) and then a couple hours later she texted that they were back on campus safe and sound.  A fave of mine is hearing back from her that she drove safely and that the trip was uneventful.  So hard to believe that she is in her last semester of her junior year of college!

  • FIXED!  I was having trouble with my low tire pressure light flashing and staying on when I would start my car in the last week. Checked the tire pressure and all was fine there. Finally called the dealer, got a quick after work appointment where they told me the sensor was bad behind one tire and it would cost over $200 to fix. And that there's no guarantee the other 3 tires wouldn't have the same issue. The service guy was so honest. He said if I could live with the light being on while driving it was no big deal and I would only have to pay for the labor at finding the problem. I told him that since this was the first car I ever bought that was a digital dashboard, I would be fine with the light staying on and would just check my tire pressure the old fashioned way...every couple of months. I certainly wasn't going to pay $225 for this little issue. So I paid the labor charge which wasn't bad, and got in the car. Funny thing:  the light is now off!!  I kept thinking on the way home "ok it's gonna start flashing and staying on now". Nope. So....I only paid for labor, was told the light would just be on when driving, but the light's been off ever since! I guess it's been supernaturally fixed!!  

photo courtesy of academy website

  • SALE!  Last Saturday I decided I needed to get serious about ordering a new indoor bike for winter and early spring workouts.  I showed my husband the research I'd been doing and he said to order it!!  I ordered a Marcy foldable bike (like in the pic above) and the shipping was FREE!!! PLUS it was on sale!! It's supposed to be delivered tomorrow or Monday. What a big help this is going to be for me to get in better shape for climbing taller and steeper mountains in the summer.  I have several mountains and some longer woods hikes on my agenda and I cannot be sedentary this winter.  With the cold temperatures and busy work evenings, I just don't have time or desire to power walk outside and I don't want to waste money on joining a gym.  I can drop Claire off at her ballet classes Mon-Wed and come home, do a 30 minute work out on the bike before having to go back out and pick her up. (And maybe Dave will   start to volunteer to pick her up too some evenings). I can also use it on the weekends and won't even have to leave my house!  A great sale is always a fave and it's something I will use a lot! I  will still use my weights and some of the cardio workouts I downloaded for my iPad but this bike will really get me moving. The great thing about it, is that it's foldable...so I can work out in the basement but when Claire wants to use the Wii with her friends, it can fold up and keep that area clear!  Keeping in shape is a fave with me as I want all the health benefits that go with working out.  I don't need to lose weight but the toning will be great as well as the cardiovascular workout.  I am really looking forward to starting this new routine.
That wraps up the blessings I found this week.  It's going to be a quiet weekend around here.  Courtney is back at college in Boston, Claire is going on a winter retreat in the Berkshires with the youth group from church, so Dave and I hope to get out to dinner tonite after we drop her off.

What are your plans for the weekend?

And do you have any faves/blessings from your past week?


Kari said...

it's always good when our kids get back to school safely.
I love the new bike. I'm sure you are gong to enjoy using it a lot.
Enjoy your time with your husband!

Susanne said...

You are sooo disciplined when it comes to fitness. Unfortunately for me, I do pay a gym because that's what motivates me to do a workout. Knowing I paid for it makes me get there and do it. We've had so much exercise equipment over the years and after the initial novelty of it it sits gathering dust.

I know the relief that comes when you get that text or call that your college child has made it back safe and sound.

Isn't that funny about the tire light. Whatever the fellow did must have been enough to jiggle it back into behaving. That's a bonus. We've got a stability track light that comes on randomly but the manual says if it disappears when you restart the car not to worry about it. It's disappeared every time so I'll put up with it being lit up on the dash at times.

Joyful Reader said...

mmm, I love coffee but I can't drink it after 2 or I am up all night. I didn't used to be that way, hhmmm, how things change as we age.

Having an older daughter in college I understand how you feel. She is doing clinicals with long shifts and then a long drive home. I appreciate it that she always sends me a text and let us know she made it home alright. {{sigh}}

Don't you just love all the crazy things that can go wrong with newer cars? My tire gage would do that and I am always so nervous about being stuck on the highway with a flat or no gas! When the snow tires were put on (on a different set of wheels) the crazy light stayed on all the time. I am glad that car is gone! :)

I really need to get some winter exercise! I am starting to feel rather sluggish. Maybe next month Mister and I will get signed back up to the gym.

Barbara H. said...

I LOVE peanut butter balls. Someone gave us some for Christmas, thankfully. I don't make them myself because I'd be too tempted to eat more of them than I should.

That's neat that the dashboard light seems to be fixed! We've had issues like that where the trouble is with the sensor and not whatever the sensor is advocating.

Good for you for making efforts to keep in shape!

Glad Courtney had a safe trip.

Kathie said...

Glad your girl made it back safely.

Peanut butter balls are a holiday favourite here. I only make them at Christmas.

Good for you with exercising. I'm doing Leslie Sansone walking videos. A group of women from our church are doing them together 3 ties a week. It's fun to do in them in a group for a change.

Happy weekend!

Willow said...

Driving safety is always a fave. Glad she got to school ok.

Hmmm, I'm going to check out that foldable work out bike. If it folds up, it might work in my little house.

Susan said...

So glad you got to have some time, memory making, with your daughter, Faith. That is always a fave with me too and not as often as I'd like either.

We have a Keurig at our office. I will have a cup several times a week. I like the Tully coffees and so willbe on the lookout for sales of the Hawaiian blend.

A bike that folds up - genius. You are a great fitness role model.

Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs. C (Paula) said...

I enjoyed reading your faves again, Faith. I'm glad Courtney made it back to college safely. I know you are sure going to miss her! Getting that exercise bike sounds like a good idea. It will definitely help you with the endurance needed for all of that mountain climbing you do.

I hope you have a wonderful week!