"Even when the rainbow seems to pass right by me....I'm still finding Gold in the clouds....."

14 March 2014

Mid March Faves

How did it get to be mid-March already??

The days have been crazy busy but that's normal for this time in the school year.

In the midst of the busyness I'm finding the blessings from the week.......the five faves that other ladies are writing about...so head over to Susanne's to link up your own list of faves!!

photo courtesy of terry's village website
  • NEW SPRING DECOR:  I know.  It isn't Spring yet but I just had to put this new-to-me plaque up on my living room wall.  When I saw it online at a fave decorative website I like to browse, I just couldn't resist buying it because it is my Scripture/Word of the year!!  and the little robin's nest is the perfect touch for spring.  I'm thankful for fresh decorative items!
photo courtesy of Courtney E T
  • SPRING BREAK!  Our first born daughter has been home all week for her college spring break.  It's been great to have chats with her, hear about the new semester, drink coffee with her, hear about all her adventures with friends...and just simply enjoy her.  Time is going by so fast. I cannot believe she is in her last semester of her 3rd college year!!  I'm so thankful for this smart, artistic, creative and pretty girl of ours.
photo courtesy of zazzle 
  • COFFEE BREAK:  Dave and I attended the 9 a.m. service together on Sunday as he had to serve at the 11 a.m. service with the Production Team and I had a small group leaders meeting at 11.  The girls were watching the service online at home.  Between the 2 services, I had about a half hour so I relaxed in our cafe area with a delicious peppermint mocha. OH.MY.GOODNESS. It was perfect.  I was waiting for a friend of mine to arrive who was going to attend the meeting with me and it felt so good to just relax, check my email, answer some messages and sip that coffee.  I am so thankful for my church and the little cafe in the lobby area.

  • SAYING GOODBYE:  On Wednesday the special education team, the first grade integrated class and several first graders said "good bye and good luck" to the little boy I've been working with since September.  Today was the first day he gave me a real hug (with his permission...he is a child who rarely likes to show affection or receive affection and he is NOT autistic).  The saying good bye part wasn't a fave but the hug certainly made my list!  He is an emotionally fragile little boy with some learning disabilities but the program we had him in at the school where I work was just not working for him. Our district moved him to another elementary school in our district where he can attend the integrated 1st grade in the morning, and the self-contained classroom in the afternoon. This will be much easier for him.  I'm going to miss this precious boy and I will continue to pray for him.  I'm so thankful I got to give him a hug at the bus and tell him he is a good boy and that I want him to work hard and make good choices.  I expect he will do much better in his new setting.

  • SUN AND WARMER!  For one day....ONE day...this week (Tuesday) here in eastern NY, it was 52 degrees F and SUNNY!!!  I could power walk outdoors with just a fleece on (it was very windy) and the sun was WARM on my face!  Even though this only lasted one day, it was great. I am thankful the days are longer, the sun is starting to shine more and hopefully we will feel warmer temps EVERY day soon.

That wraps up my week......

Do you have some faves that God brought your way?

Please share one!!

Have a wonderful weekend!


Gattina said...

Really doesn't look like spring yet !

Erin said...

Loved that one day where the temps were nice. Hoping it comes back soon!!!! The freezing rain storm was a nightmare lol.

Laura@OutnumberedMom said...

Glad you had at least ONE warm day -- a harbinger of spring! So nice that you had your college girl home. And Peppermint Mocha is always a favorite of mine!

On another note, we plan to be in the NY area this summer...we MUST meet up for coffee, Faith!!

Susanne said...

You're inspiring me to get my spring decor out. I'm so ready for it outside and inside with decor. I miss my girls. So nice that you had Courtney home for a nice visit. I love our church's little coffee bar too. I'll have to ask if they peppermint mocha. Sounds delicious.

Jerralea said...

We had one nice day, too. Gives you hope, doesn't it?

Glad you had a wonderful week!

Mia said...

So glad your college girl was home on break- I had to smile that it was 'Spring' break but she was all bundled up. Hoping that your one-day glimpse of sun and warmth will stay for good next time. :o)

Peppermint mochas are my favorite as well! A special treat for days I need an extra, warm hug.

Sorry that you had to say goodbye to the little boy but so happy you got to have a hug and that he's going to a program more suited to him. As a mother of a special learning student, I thank you! Your tireless support at school makes the transition to home so much easier for the littles and their parents and truly helps them flourish!!

Barbara H. said...

I have that same picture! I love everything about it.

How sweet and blessed to get a hug before that little bot left your care for good. I hope his new program will benefit him.

We've had back and forth weather all week, but I am treasuring the warm ones.

Willow said...

I'm so glad you had the little hug from that child. Those hugs are truly precious and make all the 'other days' worthwhile.

Hurray for your warmer days. Spring is coming...

Time with the offspring is THE BEST!

Hazel Ceej said...

Peppermint mocha! Oh my yumminess! I was smiling while reading about your daughter being home for spring break. It reminded me of how particularly lively and cheerful my Mom was when I was home during breaks from college.