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24 April 2014

End of April Faves

Look at the post title!

Can you believe we are at the last Friday of April? It truly flew by!!  My spring so far has been a whirlwind of activity but I'm taking a few moments before leading my small group, to find five blessings from the past week.  It won't be hard. I love looking for ways God has blessed my life...even in the mundane days.

How about you?  You can join in by going over to Susanne's site and linking up with us....or...if you don't have a blog, just leave me a comment stating one thing that blessed you this week!  You will then be eligible for a little spring treat...the drawing will be on May 15th.

Courtney and Claire in Rockport MA
18 April 

Courtney at West Beach
  • GIRL TIME!  Last Thursday, Claire and I drove out to the north shore area of Boston to visit her big sister (my oldest) at Gordon College where Courtney is wrapping up her 3rd year.  We had so much fun!  On Friday we explored the village of Rockport that Courtney had told us was very artsy.....so true!  We  bought pottery, pewter necklaces for all 3 of us (each design signified something special to us...mine was a dragonfly...for those of you who know my story, this was a fun find!). We ate lunch at a little seaside cafe, explored the candy shops, art galleries, clothing boutiques. Back at the college, Courtney gave us a tour of some of the work displayed in the Barrington Arts Center...she had some graphic work displayed and we saw her final painting project in its first stages.  We also went over to West Beach which is only about 5 miles from campus and where Courtney and her friends like to hang out on nice days. We ended our day together at this awesome restaurant. After dinner, I dropped the girls off at Courtney's dorm as Claire was spending the night with her sister, and I had the evening all to my self back at the hotel.  The 2 days on the north shore with both girls were such a blessing!! (but we did miss Dave!) They are truly gifts from God.
Claire at West Beach

the Atlantic at West Beach
Beverly, MA

  • FOOD! oh my goodness. I ate a lot of food while we were away and again on Easter Sunday.  The girls and I enjoyed dinner together as mentioned above and Claire and I, on our first night in Boston enjoyed dinner at this family owned and operated Italian restaurant. We had eaten there before when Courtney was first looking at colleges in 2010. Then on Easter Sunday, Dave, Claire and I (since we were back at home) went to this new restaurant.  Dave had been to one in SC and was so happy when Albany got one.  I enjoyed a brunch item (avocado-cheddar-tomato omelette with asparagus and a pomegranate cosmo) and Dave had the trout. Claire had the steak.  We all shared a dessert.  It was scrumptious. The blessing was the fact that we had a lot of family time over the last week and  weekend.

photo courtesy of Lenscrafters
  • NEW GLASSES!  I finally was able to get to my ophthalmologist for an eye appointment and since my prescription changed a little bit, I headed to Lenscrafters to order a new pair of frames/lenses.  I chose the above frames (Ralph by Ralph Lauren) and  discovered that I had a coupon for 50% off the lenses! Which is a HUGE blessing because before the discount, the lenses were $555.00.  My right eye has astigmatism so that combined with progressive lenses makes for a high cost.  AND the other blessing from God is that Dave told me that our insurance MIGHT cover the cost of the glasses...or at least reimburse us for some of it.  This is new for us.........and it's a huge blessing. I thank God for good eyewear.

  • COFFEE!  I needed that first cup every morning this week.  And that 2nd one. And the 3rd at work. I love the beverage. Now I am learning to drink it without sugar. It's a blessing to have a good coffee brewer.

  • A NEAT HOUSE. Yes, this makes my list because Dave was alone here for 3 days and men....well....let's just say this was the first time in 23 years I've gone away for longer than 2 days without my husband and come back to find the house spotless. I had spent the first part of my spring break doing major house cleaning/spring cleaning and getting the carpets done and I had told him I didn't want to have to come home the night before Easter and have to clean.  He even did some grocery shopping and made the reservation for Easter dinner.  A huge blessing!!
That wraps up my week....it was an ok week back to work and I am now counting the weeks until summer vacation. We still have about 10 weeks of school left. But we will get through them.  May is looking to be very busy and it will go by very quickly.

Do you have a blessing to share??


Joyful Reader said...

Lenses are so extremely expensive! I am thankful for vision insurance!
Yes, Coffee, I set my timer on my coffee pot and as I pour my first cup with my eyes still closed, I am thankful! :)
Glad you got to spend some time with your girls. THat is always so important.
Hope you have a beautiful blessed weekend!

Kathie said...

I'm waiting for my new glasses to come and my lenses are the same - so expensive!! But we can't do without them of course. Our insurance pays 100 and that's it. Not the best but better than nothing.

So glad you had a great weekend with your girls. Roger and I lived in that area for 3 years and loved it. Rockport is such a charming town. We lived near Plum Island by Ipswich for a year and then moved on campus. Funny though I missed hearing about West Beach. Looks beautiful!

Hope you have a great weekend Faith!

janet said...

I've always wanted to visit Rockport...sounds like you and your girls had a wonderful time! I think I've heard of that new restaurant...we haven't been yet, but next time we're out that way we'll have to visit...I love fish! I don't have a blog, but I'll share a blessing...finding a new church in our area is definitely a blessing for me and my family!

Laura@OutnumberedMom said...

It's amazing what glasses cost -- but when you've gotta have them, you've gotta have them -- and that's me, too! Love the pics of your girls. Sounds like a wonderful week of faith and family. Hope you have a good week ahead.

Susanne said...

I got my new glasses at Lenscrafters for the first time. I loved their selection. I, unfortunately, don't have benefits but I happened to catch their 50% off a complete pair sale which was a huge blessing. I also loved how they took up to four pics of me wearing different frames and displayed them side by side so that I could actually tell how they looked and compare. Loved that service!

Sounds like you've had a delicious week! Now you have me craving pizza!

Melanie Lopata said...

Oh that little village sounds lovely! Sounds like you gals had a great time. Your girls are growing into beautiful young women.

Mmmmm that cosmo sounds yum!!

Coffee and a neat house should always make the list hahaaaaaaaaa. Joe usually tries to clean up if I've been away but it usually doesn't cut it. At least he tries, I'll give him that.

I need new glasses!!

Faith said...

Mel!!! I didn't know you wore glasses!!! Hey.....do you still have your book blog?