"Even when the rainbow seems to pass right by me....I'm still finding Gold in the clouds....."

09 May 2014

Spring is Really Here Faves

It's really spring here in the capital region of New York State!  FINALLY!

I realize that according to the calendar, it has been spring for almost 2 months now, but we are finally experiencing the warmer days into evenings, windows open, and flowers in bloom.  It's currently 74 degrees(F) as I type this on Thursday early evening....perfect in my opinion!

How about celebrating spring with me by looking back at the week and finding at least five faves.....blessings God gave you.  It's what several of us do by linking up with Susanne at her site.

This was a Mother's Day gift from
Claire, my youngest daughter, 2 years ago.
I dislike the strong, unpleasant scent of the flower
but it sure does look beautiful in our backyard.

I'm happy my red and yellow tulips have opened.
They are late this year but so pretty.
We have them in the front yard flower bed
and around one cherry tree.
Tulips are a fave!

Lilacs are a fave of mine even more than tulips!
They are late this year due to the long, cold winter
 and the very wet, cold spring.
But I spied the leaves on our backyard bush and it made my day!
I can't wait to sit near the bush with that gorgeous scent!

photo courtesy of $tarbucks

Tuesday evening a friend of mine from my small group
met me for coffee after dinner and we had a good time chatting
and catching up on news, etc. We've known each other for many years
but we are really getting to know each other now that we are in the same church and since she's joined my small group.  She is a blessing to me.
I love spontaneous coffee dates!

clipart courtesy of the health coach 1 website

I had 2 evenings this week with a good power walking workout!
So thankful to be working out in the fresh air again!!

Those are just some little things...it was a crazy, busy week of housework, errands, ballet classes for my youngest, emails back and forth from my oldest, prepping for small group, a lunch date with my 3 younger sisters early in the week,   and of course the teaching work.  I had to look for special moments and special faves because I felt like my week was just so mundane with life happening.............I think it's great though when we can find some faves among the ordinary days.

What are some of yours??


Dianna said...

Faithe, you inspire! I think I will take my camera and head outside. I've been working in one of my flower beds this morning and came in because I knew I'd reached my limit physically. However, walking around the lawn snapping pictures just may be the perfect way to get in a bit more exercise today.

Susanne said...

Sometimes it's in the mundane that great blessings can be found...if we pause to look for them. Love all the spring theme going on here! It has been a long time coming for Southern Alberta too!

Purple Grandma said...

Thank you for sharing your wonderful pictures! Spring has been late in coming here also so I understand the excitement of seeing the greenery and beautiful blooms!

Hope you have a wonderful week!

Joyful Reader said...

Yes, I agree with looking for the faves of the week when we are just so involved in living. Lilacs are one of my favorites! I wish I could get together with my 2 younger sisters! They are so far away. I hope you have a great Mother's Day weekend!

Barbara H. said...

What pretty flowers! Glad spring finally arrived there!

Good for you doing a walking regimen!

The coffee date sounds fun!

Sherry said...

Spring at last. I'm looking forward to planting some flowers in our front yard.

Willow said...

I loved seeing your spring flowers, too. Tulips are beautiful!

Yay on the power walking! Tonight, we did our 2 mile walk up the hill in our neighborhood--it feels great!

Jerralea said...

I'm like you: I love tulips and lilacs! The scent of pear trees ... not so much. But, as you say, the flowers are beautiful.

I understand about busy mundane weeks ... I'm in the middle of one myself and that is why I'm just now visiting your blog!