"Even when the rainbow seems to pass right by me....I'm still finding Gold in the clouds....."

23 November 2014

Praise Post #23

I'm  joining Jerralea's Journey blog as we number gifts He's given us during the month of November.  Each day I'll be sharing five things that I am thankful for.  Doing that for 30 days will produce 150 things we are grateful for...and it's easy to find those gifts if we take a moment to look.  You are welcome to join in!  Just head over to Jeri's!

Today I am thankful for:

  1. Distilled and bottled spring water.  Our town has a "boil water advisory" in place since 10 a.m. yesterday for the next 48 hours due to a water break on a main pipeline.  I never want to take fresh, running water again for granted.  Thank goodness the local stores were stocked up with water.
  2. Lined curtains.  Yesterday I received my new curtains from this favorite place.  I ordered them in "natural" to go with the wood/earth tones in the bedroom. We needed lined ones for our bedroom for the winter months. I've never owned them as I couldn't afford them or never liked what was out there.  Last month I saw them at a good price so ordered them.  I'm thankful that they look good on the windows and are keeping out the drafts!
  3. Cinnamon Candles.  Many candles have scents that bother me.....I tend to get allergic reactions to many, as does my youngest daughter and my husband.  Cinnamon is one scent that I can handle and I love it!  I'm thankful for candles in the colder months...and now that we are less than a month away from winter, I'm starting to get out my candles and light one on a dreary day.
  4. Shower gels.  I love using scented shower gels but I'm very picky about which ones.....there are many scents and brands that I just don't care for.  I finally found one that is great!!  The citrus smell really wakes you up in the morning and the feeling of the gel is a fresh, light, silky feel, not heavy and gunky like some gels. Yes, I still use deodorant soap (Dial is our fave in this house) but most mornings, I choose the citrus :)
  5. Role Models.  I'm thankful our 15 year old daughter has 3 excellent female role models in her life who are all volunteers with our church's high school youth group.  Today, one of the girls, a grad student, is taking Claire and a couple other girls over to a local church that needs help in packing Operation Christmas Child boxes.  They will be packing and loading them on a truck.  The girl is taking them out to lunch and then getting them to that church.  I'm so thankful for these older girls!
What are you thankful for today??


Melanie Cook said...

I love scented candles too! I can use just about anything except gingerbread scents. They make me cough and sneeze. Yes, I'm so thankful for good water coming from a tap. I use a PUR water pitcher to take away the treatment taste though. So good you found curtains you like and at a good price. I like to decorate in earth tones. Have a great day.

Simply Linda said...

Have you ever been to Stockbridge/The Red Lion Inn? If not, you must go!!!---great post!! I look forward to everyones Praises everyday. Blessings

Dianna said...

Your curtains are beautiful, Faith! I love the way the folds drape in that picture.

I enjoyed your list today.

Deb said...

Good Christian friends for our children is always a blessing! I love your new curtains and cinnamon candles. All great things to be Thankful for! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!