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11 December 2014

December Catch Up Faves

I'm finally blogging again!

And I'm sharing 5 of my favorite moments from the last 2 weeks here with others who like sharing what God has brought into our lives.  Feel free to join in by linking up over at Susanne's site.


Claire's wooden shoes

  • ST NICHOLAS DAY! We celebrate this day and you can read about it by clicking on this link.   I was very surprised that Claire, at almost 16, still wanted to do this tradition and I was thrilled!!  It's one of my very fave family traditions that we established way back in 2000. (they received the shoes for Xmas of 1999).  Last year was Courtney's last year to celebrate with her shoes, but I am hoping she will continue the tradition when/if she has her own child someday. It is definitely a fave around here. 

Location of Claire's party

favors in shape of a 16
all ready to party!
  • SWEET 16 PARTY!  Ah.....I am bittersweet about this fave.  It's a fave because everything went so well.  This party was planned entirely by Claire with a little help from her dad and I and a LOT of thanks goes to our church Grace Fellowship.  Claire wanted the party at our youth center at our own church here in town.  BUT...it is no longer available on Friday or Saturday evenings so one of our other sites (in a town just to the north of us) said we could have it in their lobby/cafe area.  And they had it decorated with beautiful holiday lights and a large Christmas tree!!  What a blessing.  Her colors of lilac and light blue went great with the white lights hanging from the cathedral ceiling with all the glass windows.  She actually turns 16 on Winter Solstice (December 21) but she wanted the party early.  There were 20 girls and everyone had a blast! Even though it was a cold, icy rain last Saturday evening, everyone was safe to and from the party.  Another thing to be thankful for!
party set up

part of the lobby/cafe area

  • SPECIAL WORDS.  Claire had 2 of her friends spend the night after the party.  It was around midnight by the time Dave and I had unpacked the cars with all the party stuff and turned in for the night. We heard the girls getting ready for hunkering down in sleeping bags in the family room and all of a sudden our bedroom door had a tentative knock.  It was Claire who poked her head in and said she just wanted to say "thank you" for a such a great party.  I was floored!!  Although we have taught them from age 2 to say "thank you" to us, other family members, friends, teachers, etc for things like gifts or a service, it is nice to hear a thank you and special words for things that we often think they take for granted. (like laundry or parties!)  My parents didn't throw lavish birthday parties.  and actually neither of my daughters had "lavish" sweet 16 parties.  (Courtney's was in the backyard with pizza, cupcakes, ice cream and a bonfire and lots of music and dancing) and Claire was pretty much the same minus the backyard, ice cream and bonfire.  And the church didn't charge all that much to rent the space.  We just had to agree to clean thoroughly!  So...hearing those words of thanks was indeed special because it is not often said for stuff like this. Claire is our one who is very sensitive. She picks up on body language and non-verbal cues really well.  This party left me exhausted because there was so much prep involved. And the weather hadn't cooperated.  I am so thankful she has a kind heart and kind words and isn't taking things like birthday parties for granted!

  • BIRTHDAY GIFT!  I celebrated 55 years of age on Tuesday the 9th and  Dave surprised me with 2 CD's after a yummy dinner out.  The weather was awful...we had a wet, slushy snow after work and the drive home from dinner was just so slow going and then I got stuck in our driveway!  So opening this favorite music group really made my day.  I love their music and had only listened to them on Spotify. Now I can play the CD's in my car and then let our oldest daughter, who loves them too, copy them onto her phone or iPod once she gets home for Christmas.  It's just a little thing, but I love Christmas music....it's  always a fave with me!
Card from Courtney

  • CARD!  I love getting cards in the mail and Courtney surprised me by sending me one for my birthday!  I was touched by the words on the card and her hand-written message inside.  Since my primary love language is gifts (I love giving AND receiving) I always enjoy these little things from my daughters.  Simple but special.  I will treasure it always.  

BONUS FAVES:  we had a winter storm move through our region of NYS and it left us with about 8 inches of the white stuff.  This storm also brought with it some mix of rain, sleet and freezing rain.  It was not fun.  But, thankfully.....a fave....2 days of 2 hour delays which helped me get caught up on a couple of things around the house and helped Claire get caught up on some extra sleep.

Another bonus fave:  my husband received a very good Christmas bonus this year from the company.  Enough for him to plan our 25th wedding anniversary.  We might be going on an Alaskan cruise!!! I'm sure I'll be writing more on that come spring.......

December is often a very busy and hectic time.  For the weekend, I, like so many of you, I'm sure, have a little more shopping to do, cookies to start baking, fudge to start making, my small group's annual Christmas tea, church, more baking, wrapping, and cleaning. BUT.....

Whatever you have planned for the weekend, please take some time to rest, reflect on the Reason for the Season (JESUS!) and listen to some good music!



Simply Linda said...

Happy belated birthdays all around! Ooo's and ahhhh's over your photos! Beautiful! We also got around 8 inches--blowing snow now. (can hear the wind!)--have a beautiful day. Blessings

Melanie said...

What a wonderful way for your daughter to celebrate her 16th birthday! Happy belated Birthday to you. I remember those childhood years in upstate NY and all the snow! Stay warm.

Joyful said...

What a very full December you have had! Happy Birthday! to you AND your baby! :)

nikkipolani said...

Wow, lots of celebration in your neck o the woods! Happy birthday to your daughter -- the setting looked very festive and fun. And so glad to know that she recognized her parents' generosity, too. Of course, happy happy birthday to you, too, Faith!!!

Barbara H. said...

Claire's party venue looks so pretty! What a neat way to set out the favors. I am so glad all went well and that she was so thankful.

I love Pentatonix! They new Christmas CD is on the wishlist of one of my sons, and I can't wait to get it, too. I have been listening to some of their Christmas music on You Tube lately.

A belated happy birthday to you!

Susanne said...

You have been a busy gal over the last couple of weeks! Claire's party looks like it was very special! Happy birthday once again. Beautiful card and I love that group too. Hubby got me their Christmas album last year. I am very behind on Christmas and haven't even started baking due to being sick for a week and half so I really do have to take the bull by the horns this weekend even though I'm still lacking any motivation.

Paula said...

Sending belated birthday wishes your way. So glad Claire's party was a success. Hope you have a blessed week!