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30 January 2015

Winter Winners

We are now past one month of Winter (officially).  

And since this past week brought a HUGE blizzard/nor'easter to my oldest daughter up on the North Shore of Boston...they got about 40 inches of snow and here in eastern NY we only got about 6....NOTHING like the huge blizzard they predicted).

So....since we are in the midst of winter with all its snow, ice, slush, slickness, frigid temps, and slower driving, I decided to post some of the little things that help me get through the 3 long months of this cold season.  These were all blessings to me this past week so I'm sharing them as my FAVE FIVE hosted by Susanne....a writing exercise we do to remind us to be thankful for all things.  Even winter!


image courtesy of amazon
  • BODY WASH:  This body wash by Avon is wonderful.  I just received it in the mail from my sister's website (feel free to order from her.....it comes right to your door!).  It is not too pricey and the feeling it leaves your skin after a shower is so delightful.  The scent is very light so you can still use perfume if desired.  It is so creamy and really does help that dry, itchy winter skin.  I even used it to shave my legs!  So thankful for a product that actually works!
the snow from the predicted "blizzard" in my front yard
  • SURPRISE!!  The snow fall wasn't a surprise..the amount was the surprise!!  Our local media had us all thinking it was going to be the blizzard of the decade.  NOPE!  Just along the east coast (Boston/Cape Cod, etc) got hit.  My inlaws got 3 feet and my college daughter got a little over that.  They had crazy high snowbanks.  Here in the capital region of NY, we had light, fluffy snow.....the pretty kind....the kind that didn't require a snow-day from school.  I'm thankful it wasn't a lot and was easy to shovel......and I'm thankful for the beauty of it....God does great work doesn't He?
image courtesy of evolution of smooth website
  • EOS LIP BALMS:  I love this lip balm.  It reminds me of summer with the fruity "taste" and scent and yet it is perfect for wind-chapped lips.  I actually use it sometimes on autumn and winter hikes, too as it really does protect your lips from chafing.  It's a little bit more money than some of the other brands but I like that it lasts longer.  It makes my fave list because it brings a bit of "summer" to my winter mornings.

image courtesy of H&MWebsite

  • THICK SWEATERS: this is one of my favorite sweaters....I bought it here (at the store in one of our local malls) on sale after Christmas for a major reduction.  I wear it with skinny jeans (on the weekends) or black thick fleece leggings to work, with riding boots, and it's so cozy and warm on these frigid days.  It's one of my absolute "go to" sweaters when I don't know what else to wear.  I'm thankful for warm clothing in winter!

image courtesy of google images
  • INFINITY SCARF!  I have this exact infinity scarf in teal green.  It is so soft and warm on super cold mornings.  I tend to wear it with my black knee length coat on days I wear leggings or skirts to the school.  It is too hot in the classroom I work in to wear it all day like some teachers do, but I LOVE how it feels when I'm outdoors.  This was new to me this year and it's a keeper....I'll be using this in the winter months until it wears out.  (I do switch between several winter scarves but this one happens to be one of my faves).  I never want to take warm clothes for granted!

That wraps up my faves......it's been quite a week.  I'm tired so I plan on doing a lot of resting this weekend after the housework gets accomplished.

What are your plans for the weekend??


Melanie said...

Hi, Faith,
I enjoyed your favorite things. I enjoy warm clothing. I love jeans and sweaters and I would love to get one of those infinity scarves. I've seen them in stores so maybe I should spring for one. Have a blessed day.

Phoebes World said...

Great Fave Five.
I have that exact body wash and its fabulous.I brought it with me from the UK...I hope I can get more but I don't know if they do Avon in the US
I too love sweaters and scarves..I brought some with me, but don't get to wear them in California..I'm keeping them though...you never know!
Thank you for sharing and have a great weekend
Phoebe x

Dianna said...

Great post, Faith. I enjoyed reading about the things that bring you comfort in the winter. I am definitely looking for the lip balm. You are the second or third person this week that has mentioned it by name. ;)

I am so glad you didn't get all of the snow that was predicted for you. We didn't get nearly as much as they were predicting for us either. But I think that may be about to change with this new storm front that is coming this weekend. It started last night and we are to get hit hard on Sunday.

Have a great weekend, Faith! Hope you are able to get some rest.

Susanne said...

Love sweaters and that one is really nice. And I so am into the infinity scarves. Takes all the guess work out of how on earth to tie a scarf. LOL. Quite the amount of snow Boston had. Glad your daughter was safe and sound in spite of it.

Susanne said...

Oh and btw, I buy that lip balm at Costco in a pack of 4 different flavors. For the price you basically get one free as compared to the wallymart. Maybe your area has the same kind of deal.

Kathie said...

Oh lovely winter favourites! I had the same kind of post only about the outdoors and snow :)We didn't get the amount of snow that the Boston area got either. Just a foot or so of the light fluffy kind. So pretty! I like all your favourites esp the lip balm. I've been using that for a few winters. My favourite flavour is mint. What a very pretty scarf! I have an infinity one as well. They're so easy to wear and always look good unlike the kind you have tie yourself (I'm not so good at that!)

Happy weekend Faith!

Joyful said...

Hmm, we used to have an Avon store in our town. I guess she closed up! I was thinking of a few bloggy friends out east as the news talked of nothing but this blizzard coming. Hope you are staying warm!

Jerralea said...

Yes this time of year, warm clothing is very important! I like your sweater and scarf. I've been thinking about trying the EOS lip balm. Since you recommend it, I will get some. ;)

I'm glad you didn't get the blizzard of the decade but sorry that Courtney has 40 inches. Wow!!

Simply Linda said...

We got just about a foot here in western NY, expecting another winter storm this weekend, plus minus whatever windchills. The sweater looks warm. I see alot of girls at school wearing those scarves, I wondered about them, thanks, I had no idea they were called that. Blessings

Barbara H. said...

3 feet of snow! Wow! My oldest is in RI and got about 2 feet - I thought that was a lot! We got just a bit here and I am so glad that's all we got.

I often have to use Vasoline or a lib balm in the winter. And I would be just a pile of dried skin flakes without Curel.

The sweater and scarf are pretty!

ellen b said...

Hi Faith, It always is so funny to watch the huge hype that the weather people send our way. I'm glad you made it through Juno ok. I appreciate living where thick sweaters are comfortable to wear.
Have a wonderful weekend.

Kari said...

i enjoyed reading your post.
it's not that cold here nor does it snow but your post was a good reminder to me about taking care of myself during the cold months.

Thanks for sharing.

nikkipolani said...

Sure sounds like you know how to do winter with all the right accessories. Bet you're glad the predictions were wrong about that snow! Can't even imagine how to deal with the three feet your in-laws and daughter got.

Amy @ Hope Is the Word said...

Thank you so much for visiting my FFF!

I love the sweater and the scarf! I live in Alabama, so we rarely have really cold weather, but I still enjoy dressing for the season.

I hope your weekend is restful!

Willow said...

I love that sweater! I can't help it--every time I see a knit sweater or scarf, I have to 'inspect it' and
deconstruct it' to understand the pattern. Unfortunately it is too warm here to wear heavy sweaters. But I do love cables on sweaters!
I hope the storms for the rest of the winter are like this last one--much ado about not much.
Have a great weekend!