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03 February 2015

Testimonial Tuesday 1: It's the Little Things

Greetings from snowy eastern NY where yesterday we experienced our first major snowstorm of the winter.  Today the sun is shining, it is very cold, but the wind has died down, the snow is crunchy and sparkling and I'm writing with other  bloggers about testimonies.  We are sharing a testimony via Jerralea's Journey.  Won't you join in and share something that God has done for you??  Because I am in a mega-church, we don't share testimonies in the corporate body...that is what our small groups are for...but I did grow up in a denominational church (Free Methodist) that shared testimonies on Sunday and/or Wednesday evenings (prayer meeting time!).  It's important to give God glory for the things He has done!

Testimony for the Week

It's just a simple thing really.  Going to God in prayer.  Yet what big outcomes can happen.  Sometimes we fret and worry and the Bible says we should not be doing that.  We need to take all things to God in prayer!

So I did.  After receiving the email from the head of Drivers Ed at my daughter's high school last week saying she had a spot in the Saturday classes for this new semester, I decided to let him know the 2 dates she would be absent so we could arrange the make up class.  The course cost is $400 because our school district does not offer drivers ed as part of the high school curriculum except through a private driving school.  So...the school contracts with the driving school and charges that amount.  It includes the 10 weeks of instruction plus the 5 hour required NYS DMV course work.  Well, the director got right back to me and said those reasons for absences (a church youth group retreat and her sister's college graduation) don't count as an excused absense!  PLUS we would have to pay $100 PER MAKE UP CLASS!!!!  So..that would be $600 for our 16 year old to learn to drive.  um......yikes.  Fear set in.

I asked God to help me.  First I asked him to control my temper because I was livid. The whole pay extra for make up classes is new since our oldest daughter did driving lessons in 2010.  After doing some research and going to the driving school website, I discovered that they offer various "driving packages" for teens/beginners.  I quickly asked God to show me just which package would be best for Claire.  And my eyes kept going to the "Silver" package.  I clicked on it and lo and behold, they said this is the package that most suburban parents choose for their children.  (yes, we are in suburbia, north of the city of Albany, NY).  I then followed the steps to see what the cost would be, praying the whole time it wouldn't be exorbitant.  For 6 one hour lessons (PRIVATE LESSONS MEANING NO OTHER KIDS TO SHARE THE DRIVING TIME WITH LIKE AT SCHOOL!!) it would only be $330.  The instructors are the same ones the school uses!!  They pick up the teen right at our door (another answer to pray) and they DO offer the required 5 hour course right at their driving school ON THE WEEKENDS so she won't have to miss her classes!!  They offer lessons after schools and both weekend days.  We get to choose!!

God is good.  He gave me such a peace about our decision to do the private lesson thing.

Claire is happy, my husband is thrilled that it's cheaper and I'm amazed that God cares for us so much that He even cares about a little old driving class!

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Simply Linda said...

I have to remember to pray...or "wait", as that is my word. NY and their laws (rolling eyes)--to many rules,etc.

ANYWAYS--Glad all worked out. We got about 2 feet of fresh powder here, beautiful, but oh so cold and slippery, wink. My husband just told me there is another storm blowing in in a day or two. Blessings

Jerralea said...

I love this story of God's provision, Faith! He is concerned about every detail of our lives. Thanks for sharing!

Melanie said...

Wonderful testimony! I love it when God shows us so quickly what we need to do. Your new arrangement sounds far superior to the one connected to the school. I see you live north of Albany. I grew up in Cobleskill. I can't remember if that is north or south of Albany (or east or west for that matter!).

Susanne said...

I can't believe they wouldn't consider her sister's college graduation as an acceptable excuse. Yikes I would have been livid too but good for you for taking it to the Lord and letting Him take care of the matter. Encouraging testimony to the fact that He does care about details of our everyday life.

Penny (A Penny For Your Thoughts) said...

What a great testimony of God's provision. I found your blog through your Tuesday link up. I can't wait to hear more :)