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17 February 2015

Testimonial Tuesday #3: How the Clunker Kept Going!

Welcome to Testimonial Tuesday, hosted by Jerralea, where we share short stories of answered prayer.  In this fast-paced culture it is good to sit and reflect on prayers that were answered and give glory to God.  How I love reading everyone's testimonies.  Won't you join in?  How did God answer a prayer for you?

We are having a very frigid winter here in the Northeast and I've heard from some family and friends who live in the south (East Coast) that they even have cold temps down there this week although NOTHING like up here in NY/New England.  This cold reminds me of one autumn Sunday many years ago when I first started hanging out with my husband. (back when we first got to know each other)  It was a cold, crisp morning in 1988.

Dave and I were friends who did many things together in groups of other singles from the church we were both attending.  Dave was in grad school and I had just finished grad school and was in my first year of Special Education, teaching in an inner city Pre-K and driving an old "clunker" my dad bought for me that I was slowly paying back.  It was a Ford Grenada (I refuse to buy American now) and was constantly in need of repairs.  Most stuff my dad could fix.  But here I was.....living about 2 hours east of my parents, in my own little apartment and dating a computer geek.  He knew how to change the oil and  change a tire and that's about it.  I could at least check fluids and realized that I had to be constantly putting in oil...every couple hundred miles, I would have to add a quart of oil.  I knew this was NOT good.

image courtesy of  flickr
this was the style car I had although mine looked worse!

One cold, late autumn morning, I was at the church and had hung out after the sermon to chat with all the singles and of course with Dave.  He walked me to my car which was parked in one of the city lots near the storefront church. (the church where we attended from 1987-2005)  I started the car. Nothing happened.  Re-tried it. Nothing.  We did this a couple more times, all the while hoping the engine wouldn't flood.  We had no jumper cables with us. Dave said "let's just lay hands on the engine" (we were in a Pentecostal- type church at the time that did this sort of thing. Often. I look back on that now and laugh but....hey...God cares about old clunker cars too ya know!!).  So..there we were....him, me and another guy friend.  We all laid our hands on the hood of the car and prayed in Jesus' Name for that car to start and get me through another week.

It did!!  And the car lasted for another 2 years......about 2 months into our marriage the summer of 1990!!

God knew I didn't have the extra money to get that car fixed while paying my daddy back.

So my Heavenly Daddy took care of me.

Yes, He cares about clunkers.


Deb said...

What an awesome answer to prayer. Thank you so much for sharing this story!

Jerralea said...

Love this story! He does care about even our cars and will help if we think to ask. I think so many times we think we can take care of the problem ourselves and don't consider asking God for His help.

littlesunshineegirl said...

Only God can do these things ! Amen!

Melanie said...

Thanks for the testimony, Faithe! I've laid hands on my car many times and prayed. Thank heavens, God cares about every part of our life - even our clunkers.

Joyful said...

Yes, God cares for even the smallest details in our lives. What a wonderful Father we have in Him! Thanks for sharing this awesome testimony! :)

Karmen said...

LOVE this!! God certainly does care about ALL aspects of our lives. And you gave HIM the glory. Great read!