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18 February 2015

Time for Some Changes!

Winter.  It's technically only 3 months...just like the other 3 seasons.  

Yet, here in the Northeast, it can feel longer.  Because let's face it, by Thanksgiving, even though it is still technically autumn, the Christmas decor is going up, the advertisements are all about winter/holiday season, and the weather is usually much colder and drearier.  Add to that the long days of  darkness, snow, ice, freezing rain, single digit temps.....and...well...who feels like working out??

And realistically, most of us working moms just can't get to a gym or a good work-out routine before heading to our jobs!!  Add to that the stress of getting the teenagers to and from various after-school activities, keeping up with the housework and cooking/errands, and ministry duties and....

Where do we fit in our health??

Here are some tips I read in an article I get through my email from popsugar fitness app. There were 20  tips listed.  I'm going to share 5 of them today.

These are perfect for those of us who are busy working moms.

photo courtesy of Cheryl A Blask
me on the Tirell Pond Trail
Blue Mt Wild Forest/Adks
  • MOVE FOR 30 MINUTES!  Or even 20.  The idea is to MOVE.  You can break this up in 15 minute chunks.  What I've started to do is, I walk outdoors, even on a cold day, for just 10-15 minutes.  If it's downright bitter, I simply do a steps aerobics workout with the Wii Fit.  If you don't own a Wii, then simply walk around your house, and run up/down your stairs.  Do this for about 10 minutes twice a day.  Dance to your favorite music.  Or go to the nearest bike path and walk for 15 minutes in the snow.  It's a great way to move!  Experience winter in a new way.  (and make sure you have your ears covered up!!) If you own a stationary bike, ride it while watching a 30 minute TV show on your iPad or TV.  I've been doing that and it's fun to watch the old comedies like Friends while  biking in the basement.  Just MOVE!

  • SLEEP!  Make this a priority.  I've recently discovered that getting adequate sleep (for most adults that is 6-8 hours per night) lowers your risk of disease, and actually helps you to lose weight. (don't eat after 7 pm!)
image courtesy of pinterest

  • DRINK MORE WATER!  Drink water.  Sounds simple, IS simple.  Drink at least half your weight in water each day.  It helps to give you more energy, which will help you burn more calories.  I have to make it a point to fill up my camel bak (like in the photo above) each morning and my goal is to finish it by mid-afternoon and then refill it).  Easy to do in the warmer months, a  challenge in the colder months.  Just do it!  If you  don't like regular water, you can do what I do and slice a lime or lemon and place slices in the bottle.  I also use raspberries and cucumber slices.  Mm.......love the natural flavors minus the sugar!!  and so much better for the environment if you stop buying those plastic water bottles!  Just keep your camel bak clean by rinsing in hot water each night, and soaking in soapy water once or twice a week.  Let it air dry!  And re-fill!!  Simple!


image courtesy of magazineinspires

  • ADD GREENS!  This is easier to do than you might think. I simply tuck in a few pieces of kale, baby romaine, or arugula into my sandwich for lunch.  Now, I used to eat sandwiches often.  I have cut down to just 1-2 a week because I no longer eat much bread, and I no longer eat certain meats.  Here's a simple lunch you can try:  2 pieces of whole grain flaxseed bread (or bread of your choice), 2 pieces of thinly sliced deli ham or oven baked turkey, a slice of Thin Fit cheddar cheese (made by Sargent), 3-4 pieces of kale/romaine, 3-4 thinly sliced granny smith apple slices, a small amount of honey mustard on each piece of bread. Delicious!  OR...add kale or baby spinach to your homemade chicken soup; add spinach to your omelette or scrambled eggs (or add chopped broccoli to scrambled eggs).  Add kale to your tossed salad.  Just get more greens into your body!
images courtesy of google
  • BYE BYE SODA!  Yes, you can do it!!  You CAN give up soda/diet soda.  I gave it up a little over 4 years ago. The only time I have it now is if I order a Rum and Coke (which is rare as I prefer vodka drinks with sparkling water like pictured above).  Soda has absolutely no caloric value. It's horrible for your health.  I'm so thankful that even my daughters no longer choose it.  They both prefer water.  Just get rid of it, don't buy it, don't order it.  So, what do you drink instead??  Well, if you are a teen or pregnant or want-to-be-pregnant woman, you should be drinking milk.  My daughters both need the calcium so they drink 2% milk.  But their main drink is water.  I only use milk (skim) in my coffee and I only use unsweetened almond milk on my cereal. For drinking with meals, other than water, grab some club soda or one of the many sparkling waters and add fresh citrus fruits like lemon, lime or orange slices. And instead of buying/wasting plastic bottles of individual drinks, buy the larger bottles.  Then just use your everyday drinking glasses (I've been saving mason jars/pasta jars/jam jars for our glasses). When you are in a restaurant, choose the sugar-free drinks like unsweetened iced tea and ask for lemon or orange slices on the side. Or order water with lemon, lime or orange slices.  Most places offer this already. You will never regret giving up soda.  It's full of sugar, chemicals and just so bad for you!  I challenge you to try it!!  You'll feel and look better. I don't regret giving it up and I definitely don't miss it!
Those are just some fun, new things to try as we plod along in this winter weather, hoping and praying for spring!!  I'll be sharing some of the other tips from this article at a later date.  



Melanie said...

Great tips! I have several of the Leslie Sansone walking DVDs from 1 mile to 5 miles. The 1 mile is about 20 minutes long and it's great in the summer when it's so hot here. I too use unsweetened almond milk. Regular milk now makes me feel queazy.

Susanne said...

Not sure what it means to drink half my weight in water, Faith. But that is definitely the area I need to improve. I am just not a water drinker.

Joyful said...

The water thing is hard for me! I'm just not ever very thirsty. I drink a couple coffee in the AM, one bottle of water through the day, and a glass of water with dinner... that's it! But the rest I'm cool with! :)