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25 March 2015

5 Things Before 6

I have my bedside alarm clock set for this time:

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but I usually get up at this time:

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because I am typically awake at this time:

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So...I decided, based on a health report I read this past winter, to get up 15 minutes earlier than my alarm is set to get some stuff done.

WHAT can get done at that ungodly hour of the morning, before coffee, you ask??

Here are FIVE things I've been doing and it has taken a LOT of stress out of the morning rush off to work:

  • STRETCHES/SIMPLE YOGA:  I know about 3 yoga moves that are easy for me.  I do them to stretch out my body and wake up my muscles.  I also sometimes do my fitness ball stretches/exercises.  Feels great and only takes about 4 minutes!

  • MEDITATE/PRAY:  I don't need to get out of bed for this but I DO sit up because I can concentrate better.  I meditate on Scripture or just pray, going down my prayer journal of prayer requests from my small group or family/friends.  It sets a good tone for the day.

  • PREP LUNCH BAG:  I head downstairs to wait for the coffee to brew (we set it up the night before) and while it's brewing, I put all the lunch foods I prepped the night before, into my sack, clip the water bottle on, and stick it in my car.  There....done!  Then I grab an ice pack for my daughter's bag, stick it in, zip her bag up, hang it on the doorknob so she can't possibly forget it on her way to the bus.  Then I head for the coffee, then shower.  Super stress-less.

  • READ SCRIPTURE/CHAPTER IN BOOK:  I often read my devotional Scriptures over breakfast but in the extra minutes, I tend to read more Scripture and/or read a chapter in whatever novel I have going.  It's a nice way to begin the day...sometimes if my husband gets in the shower first, I bring my mug of coffee up to the bed and sit and read while I'm waiting my turn.  Again, Scripture in the morning is a good way to set a good, positive tone for the day.

  • PREP ONE THING FOR DINNER:  I typically have a menu plan for the week...or at least a basic idea of what we'll be eating for dinner as a family....so....let's say I'm having a tossed salad with grilled chicken or salmon.  I will take the extra morning time to chop veggies and rip lettuce putting everything in a large plastic bowl with a cover.  I throw everything in, cover, and set in fridge until dinner time. SUPER EASY!  Sometimes I might chop potatoes for a roasted potato dish or marinate some chicken to keep in fridge all day.  It makes for easier after work routines.
Next week I will share 5 other things I sometimes add to my early morning routine  to make life around the house much simpler.

What are some things YOU do in the early mornings??


Melanie Lopata said...

Oh how I wish I was a morning person. I have tried many times to wake early; earlier than my own alarm. I adore quiet mornings when everyone (even the dogs!) is still sleeping. But that only happens on weekends. Weekdays my alarm goes off at 6am, then 6:10 then 6:30 and when the last one goes off, I have to BOUNCE out of bed, throw clothes on and a tad of makeup so I don't scare anyone, and rush downstairs to vacuum and get ready for the day. I've tried and tried but alas, I cannot get up earlier than 6:20am :(

Susanne said...

I am absolutely not a morning person no matter how hard I've tried to change that. I cannot believe you get up even before your alarm at that crazy hour! LOL. My routine is definitely more along the lines of Melanie's above. I need a good half hour to get my head defogged, usually with a cup of coffee and the morning news. Then it's 40 minutes of rush before I open the door to the first dayhome kids.

Sherrin said...

Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog. I love your ideas. Shaving cream coming soon to the drew patch! It was inspiring to read about your wise morning routine.