"Even when the rainbow seems to pass right by me....I'm still finding Gold in the clouds....."

13 March 2015

Mid-March Faves

One week from today is the first day of Spring!!  Yippee!!

For now, I am enjoying the end of winter and all that it brings...even the March winds and many mud puddles.  I'm also taking time with other bloggers to share our FIVE FAVE things from the last week.  Join in by linking up at Susanne's site.

mango martini

  • DINNER OUT: Last weekend, the four of us enjoyed a dinner out to welcome our oldest girl home for her spring break.  What a lovely start to the weekend!  The Italian food was amazing, the drinks were chilled and delicious, and we had such a good time......it's a blessing to see my daughters interact now that one is almost done with college and the other one is half-way through high school.  Dave and I have decided that parenting really isn't for the weak but it's also been a HUGE blessing.  It is sometimes overwhelming to think that we get to be Courtney and Claire's parents.  God has put us in charge of them while they are here under our roof.  It's just so amazing we get to do life with them.

photo courtesy of Chris C
10 March 2015

  • BEAUTIFUL SUNRISE:  On Tuesday morning, we woke up to milder temperatures and a beautiful sunrise (after I'd already been up for an hour!).  I'm  borrowing this photo from my neighbor as I didn't grab my camera in time. My house is the one on the right with the garage door open. What a blessing to see spring slowly unfold and God's gorgeous handiwork to begin our days.

  • PROGRESS!  This week in the kindergarten classroom, the little boy I've worked with since last April has started to read sight words, level A books and sound-spell words.  I'm so excited!!  He still struggles with some social issues that many children on the autism spectrum deal with (he is high though.....he's more like mild Asperger's) and he still is emotio nally like a young 4 year old rather than a 6 year old.  But..he is beginning to develop some cooperative play skills and better social language so that makes my fave list....progress in special needs children is a HUGE blessing. (the other 7 special needs students in the class are also making some gains but his stand out a bit more due to this being his 2nd year in kindergarten).  The general education/typically developing children (there are 10 of them) are also doing well in class and 2 of them are reading at a first grade level! It's a blessing to be an educator.

  • ICED MOCHA LATTE:  yup...this makes my fave list because on Wednesday morning I was craving an ice cold coffee....the classroom was warm and the air is still so dry and I had finished my morning hot coffee that I bring in my travel mug.  So my co-worker, who goes home for lunch, surprised me by buying me an iced mocha with no whipped creme and just skim milk (she knows my Dunks order!).  What a blessing to have a thoughtful co-worker.
  • SAFE TRAVELS!  My husband had to fly to Ohio for work on Wednesday and will be getting back later tonight.  I am always so thankful when he texts or calls saying he arrived at his destination safely and with no mishaps.  It's a blessing to pray for each other and to have the technology of texting to keep in touch.

That wraps up my fave list for the week.  Do you have a blessing you'd like to share?  If yes, please feel free to post your fave in the comment section!  I enjoy reading each one.

Happy Weekend!!


Paula said...

I enjoyed reading your faves, Faith. We all have so many things to be thankful for! blessings in my life this week include warmer temps and sunshine. I'm so ready for spring! I hope your hubby has a safe flight home. Enjoy your weekend!

Melanie said...

A beautiful sunrise! Your neighbor captured it so well. I too love iced mochas.

Susanne said...

We've had some gorgeous sunrises and sunsets lately too! God's artistry giving us a small glimpse of Him. Family time together is made even more special as our kids hit adulthood and make their own lives for themselves. Safe travels to Dave as he heads home.

Jerralea said...

Sounds like another great week for you!

Gorgeous sunrise picture. I'm always amazed at the Master Artist's work.

Ooh, an iced mocha latte sounds so good! How nice of your co-worker to bring you one.

Hope Dave has safe travels back and you both enjoy another wonderful weekend together.

Simply Linda said...

What a lovely picture. I was so glad it was 50* here in western NY today...just lovely...unfort...rain and snow is being called. ANYWAYS--I am always thankful the good Lord allows me to wake up. Blessings

Barbara H. said...

I agree about parenting not being for the weak but that it is still a blessing. What a gorgeous sunrise! That's so wonderful about the little boy making progress.

nikkipolani said...

Oh, that sky is just gorgeous! I'm glad someone took a photo so that you could share it.

How nice to have a surprise that is just want you wanted -- an iced mocha!

I hear you about travel safety. Anything can happen and it's so good to be able to keep in touch.

Hope you have a great week, Faith, and more progress for your little student.

Susan said...

I scrolled down read and about your move to your current church. It is such a blessing to feel at home and to have a good fit. :)

I feel the same way regarding my adult kiddos. Sometimes I am awed that I get to do life with them and now a grand child.

LOVE the sunrise photo you shared. The beauty in nature always reminds me of a creative, powerful, loving God.

Karen said...

Sunrises and iced mocha -- two great favorites. How rewarding for you to see the progress in your young student. And the growth in your children as they come into adulthood. It's moments like that that just make all those years of sacrifice and hard work worth while. Not that I would have given any of it up, it's all beautiful in its own way.

Willow said...

Ha! Obviously we both have wonderful coworkers who know what drinks we love! You mentioned in your comment on my FFF that you wrote about drinks from coworkers---yeah for both!
No, parenthood is not for the timid. But you are right; it's a blessing and a privilege.
Enjoy your continued warmer weather!