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14 March 2015


I love making soups for easy dinners, especially on work evenings that have commitments after dinner.  This recipe is one I discovered through Taste of Home magazine.  It originally called for sausage but we don't eat that kind of meat...some people I know use ground beef but we don't eat that either so I made mine as a vegetarian soup.  I really like how it came out as did my husband!

1 small onion, chopped
6 cloves of garlic, chopped fine
2  cans of reduced sodium chicken broth
(about 30 oz)
1 3/4 c. water
1 pkg refrigerated cheese tortellini
1 can (14 oz) diced tomatoes, undrained
(I use the petite cut)
3 c. fresh baby spinach, coarsely chopped
(you can substitute kale for the spinach)
3/4 tsp dried basil
1/4 tsp ground black pepper
dash of crushed red pepper flakes

  • Lightly spray (I use canola oil cooking spray) a stockpot and saute the onion and garlic until just browned.
  • Stir in the broth, water, and tomatoes and bring to a boil.
  • Add in the tortellini and bring back to a boil cooking on high for about 8 minutes.
  • Add in the spinach and spices and simmer on low for about 3 minutes or until the spinach is wilted.
  • Serve in large ceramic soup bowls and add 2 Tbls of fresh shredded Parmesan cheese to each bowl.
I like to serve this with multi-grain Italian bread (I buy it from a local grocery store's bakery) and we dip the bread into the soup.

I also serve fresh fruit on the side and I've also added a can of black beans to this soup for extra protein.


as with all of my recipes under the "faithfixes" label, you do have permission to copy this post.


Simply Linda said...

Thanks!! I have saved this recipe. I have kale in the freezer, and the rest of the "fixins" as well. Blessings

Dianna said...

Hi Faith,

This is one of our favorite soups! I normally use the kale, but spinach is delicious as well.

Hope you are doing well.

Susanne said...

Love soups of all kinds. And this is a fave and super easy! Win, win!

Willow said...

I love minestrone soup--mine is vegan, but other than that, almost the same as yours. Yum!

Deb said...

I love this recipe. I think I would also make it a vegetable soup. Will print this off and try it! Thanks and have a great week.

Janet Roseberger said...

I love tortellini soup...I've made a creamy tomato tortellini...so good! This looks yummy too!