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04 April 2015

2015 Book Review #10: Big Little Lies


Fast-paced, believable, funny, sad.

This book deals with domestic violence in upscale marriages.  It deals with friendship, parenting young children, parenting young teenagers, single motherhood....it deals with secrets....big and little....with human trafficking.....with lies....big little ones.......and the things we tell ourselves to make life seem so much more perfect..........


This book centers around three women:  Madeline (married to her 2nd husband Ed with 2 children by him:  Fred and Chloe and a teen daughter Abigail by her ex-husband Nathan who is now remarried to Bonnie with a little girl named Skye);  Celeste (married to Perry who is extremely wealthy with twins Max and Josh); Jane (a single mom who is very young and has a little boy named Ziggy).  Jane has just moved to Pirriwee, Australia and is enrolling her son in the Pirriwee Public School's kindergarten class.  Chloe, Max & Josh, and Skye are all in kindergarten as well.

Madeline is funny, passionate and remembers everything.  She is totally into fashion and shopping. She is totally annoyed that her ex and his new wife have moved into the community and that their little girl will be in the same class as her youngest daughter.

Celeste is often overwhelmed with the twins and acts very flustered at times. She is like a queen among her friends although she does not flaunt her wealth.  Rather, she is known to be generous to many non-profit organizations and her husband rarely notices. Her husband is known as a big man who is extremely handsome and suave. He travels all over the world. Often.  She is very beautiful but very secretive. None of her friends really knows what goes behind her closed door.  

Jane is so young that many of the school "mums" (the word for "mom" in Australia) think she is a nanny! She is a very sad person who keeps to herself and doesn't realize her true beauty.  She has some secret doubts about her little boy......but why??

Celeste and Madeline take Jane under their wings and soon many of the other mums are divided between being friends or enemies of the trio.  WHY??


This book was fast paced and a real "page turner". I stayed up very late for several nights because I just couldn't put it down!  I had to keep reading to find out more.

The author opens the book in the present tense where, at a school function, someone is killed!  Is it an accident or is it murder?? and who is it? is it a child, a dad, a mum??  

After the prologue, the book tells the back-story of each main character as well as some of the more minor community members.  It's fascinating and the author does a most excellent job with character development and setting description.

The story touches on the very real issue of violence in marriages....domestic violence and abuse.....and how it hides its face so often, even among close friends.

It also touches on the dangers of the Internet with teens and the issue of human trafficking/child slavery.  This topic coincides with the very real issue of domestic violence and the overall evil in this world...the various levels of evil.

It touches on 2nd marriages, infidelity/adultery and the consequences of that issue on family dynamics and children

It also touches on the hardships of single parenthood and the effects of young children with no father in the home.

It shows us that lies are often told just for survival.

This book is one of the best books I've read all year and I highly recommend it.  Although the topics are a bit "heavy" and serious, the book also is very funny with quick conversation among the characters.....who are all a bit savvy and hilarious in their own quirky ways.

In my opinion, this book is appropriate for ages 17 and older (due to mature themes).

On a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the highest, I rate this a 10.

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On my list. Sounds like a good one.