"Even when the rainbow seems to pass right by me....I'm still finding Gold in the clouds....."

03 April 2015



SPRING has sprung here in the capital region of NY so I am using Susanne's tulip image for our Friday's Fave Five post.  This is a time when we share five things that God blessed us with in the past week.  How about joining in with us?  I recently read an article from a health magazine that said the happiest people are the ones who know how to be thankful for the simple things.


The Trail on  Tremper Mountain
28 March 

Made it to the summit....
#4 in the Catskills Firetower List

  • MOUNTAIN HIKE! (I'm keeping this short but I will be doing an entire post about this mountain hike on a trail packed down with crusty snow and thick ice, later in the weekend). I hiked Tremper Mountain, in the Catskills, about 80 minutes south of my town, on Saturday. I brought my friend Carla and met 2 other hiking buddies there.  The temp was 27 degrees F with a wind chill of about 15 on the summit. You will need to read the post to learn WHY I hiked it in those conditions. It was snowing most of the day but the sun was shining.  I thank God for  Carla who had an extra set of stabilicers for my hiking boots, because without them, I would not have made it the 3 miles to the summit. The summit is almost 3000 feet...it's 2724 feet tall. The blessing is that I did most of the trail alone.....(the adventure about that will be told in the post)...without any mishaps.  All 4 of us made it to the summit at different times......and I can now say I hiked a mountain in winter conditions....the first and last time!! I discovered I do NOT like hiking a mountain trail with snow and ice. I hiked a total of 8 miles that day. (the fitbit clocked it at 10.06 but some of that was at home and to/from the diner.)
photo courtesy of the phoenicia diner website
  • HOT SOUP AND COFFEE! After the hike, Carla and I headed to a fave diner in that area, and ordered hot food as we were so chilled from being on the mountain in the woods.  I had a steaming bowl of potato leek soup and a hot, strong coffee.  It hit the spot for the drive back to our homes. I'm so grateful to God for a day spent in gorgeous surroundings, even with the ice and snow.

  • SILVER MEDAL!  Our 16 year old, Claire, was chosen, along with 3 other sophomores, to represent our high school for the Russian Level 3 Oral Russian Olympiada at University of Albany on Wednesday.  This is a state competition between about 100 Russian students.  Our high school sends 3-4 students per grade.  Claire won the silver medal for her level!  We are very thankful that we have an excellent Russian language program in our school district.

my husband Dave on the right with "Jesus"
photo courtesy of Dave's FB pag e

  • PASSION ROAD:  Our church, from Wednesday through tonight, has been doing a "drive through" Easter week pageant.  Our church parking lot, which is huge, has 6 different stages set up depicting Jesus' last week on earth.  Please read about it here because if I wrote about it, it would take up too much room for a "fave five" post. My husband was one of the actors in the "road to Calvary" scene.  On Wednesday evening, the first night, there were 552 cars that went through!!  Each car is given a CD (and CD Player if the car has none) and occupants drive through to each scene while listening to our senior pastor speak about each portion of Scripture that matches the scene.  Our worship arts director did all the music for it. I'm very excited about this community outreach event...Claire and I will be going tonight now that we are officially on Spring break.  I'm so thankful that God led us to our church back in 2005.....It is a HUGE blessing to have the senior pastor we do, as well as the site pastor and all of the staff.  If we do something like this next year, I am hoping I can be involved.  This year I had too many conflicts. I'm also thankful my husband got to do something he loves....serve God through drama and be a witness to the unsaved.
  • ETERNAL LIFE:  I'm so thankful to our Savior/Redeemer for giving His life for our sins.  We can have eternal life because of what Jesus did for us on the Cross. Let's contemplate on just what this "Good Friday" means.  And share your good news with someone this weekend....He is alive!!  Halleluia.

I hope everyone enjoys a wonderful Easter weekend!


Paula said...

Wonderful faves, Faith! Your hikes have imspired me to give hiking a real try now that we live in the mountains. There are lots of places to explore. Congrats to Claire on her exceptional accomplishments in Russian. I'm sure that's a tough language to master. I, too, am so thankful for Easter as we celebrate what Christ accomplished for us on the cross and His victory over death through His resurrection.

Ann said...

Your daughter is studying Russian? That would be unusual here in the south. :-) Congratulations on her medal!

Gattina said...

You are really brave to hike in snow and ice ! I would become an ice sculpture ! How very nice for your daughter to have been chosen !

Susanne said...

Well good for you for accomplishing that hiking goal! Must feel so good when it's all done and rewarded with a warm meal. Mount Everest next? ;)

Congratulations to Claire! Does your family have Russian background that Claire chose to study Russian?

That drive thru Passion Road looks amazing! What a creative idea!

Susanne said...

Oh and Happy Easter to you and your family as we celebrate the wonderful gift of forgiveness and eternal life that Jesus has given to us!

Barbara H. said...

Good work on hiking through the snow! The hot soup and coffee sound like the perfect ending to it.

Congratulations to Claire on her medal!

The Passion Road sounds wonderful.

Simply Linda said...

Congratulations all around...what a lovely post. Btw, you don't want me to tell you about the impending weekend weather, do you? (smiles)

Willow said...

Your tenacity in hiking in the snow amazes me! I'm a hiking wuss. I think you totally deserved that diner dinner!

Happy Easter! He is risen!