"Even when the rainbow seems to pass right by me....I'm still finding Gold in the clouds....."

06 November 2015

Early November Faves

What a busy but productive week!

Because the school district I work in had parent/teacher conferences and voting happens in our schools, I had a day and a half off from work this past week.  Tuesday was Election day and conferences, so no school except for the high school students, and yesterday was a half day.  Mix that in with the very mild weather we have been enjoying here in the Northeast and my heart is happy!  One day got up to 73 degrees F....PERFECT!!

Let's take a few moments to pause and ponder the FIVE FAVE things from the week.....blessings from God that we share by linking up at Susanne's site.


photo courtesy of google images
  • DATE NIGHT!  Last Friday late afternoon, my husband texted that he had received an excellent performance review at work, along with a good raise. He wanted to celebrate by going out for dinner. It was perfect timing as I just didn't feel like cooking!  We enjoyed some yummy Italian food and I had a very fruity Sangria drink.....it was the perfect ending to a very busy and hectic day. I'm thankful for my husband's hard work.

images of town of colonie website
  • MOMS MORNING OUT:  On Saturday morning, I met 2 other mom friends from church for a fitness walk at our local town park, followed by breakfast at one of our local diners.  What a great morning for a power walk!  We did a little over 2 miles and the weather was sunny with a crisp feel that quickly turned to warmer temps.  The fellowship was awesome.....we had so many laughs and also talked about more serious things. We all have college-aged children and 2 of us still have daughters in high school.  It was just so great to get together with these two ladies. I'm thankful for their spiritual wisdom and friendship.
me with my oldest daughter Courtney, age 22
  • YARD WORK HELP:  Sunday was a gloriously warm day.  We all went to church and then Dave and I headed out side to enjoy the mild temps and do some raking. Our oldest daughter had been taking some photos and wanted to do a selfie with me.....and she even helped with sweeping some of the cherry tree leaves off the porch and driveway while Dave and I raked and bagged.  It was a very productive day.  We then went inside to enjoy Swedish apple pie and coffee as a reward for our hard labors.  ( I took some time Saturday to bake our 4th Swedish apple pie of the season...it's been a fave this year!). I'm thankful for a productive and fun weekend.

  • ROAD TRIP:  Tuesday was election day and since I had the day off, I went on a little road trip all by myself.  My oldest had to work, my youngest had school and Dave had to work.  I drove northeast to Washington County where the girls and I had gone a couple of weekends ago, and went back to the country shop that was selling area rugs handmade in India for a very reasonable amount of money.  I ended up buying the large one for the living room, for after the new bamboo flooring goes in (after the holidays) and a matching one for the front foyer which is right off the living room.  I love them and both together were less than $100. That is an amazing price.......I will post pics after the bamboo is put in.  I'm thankful the day was a warm and sunny one.  It made the drive so beautiful and the mountains of Vermont were stunning even though they are well past peak foliage...the golden yellows were still abundant and I'm so thankful I had a good trip out and back.

Erie Canal along the Colonie Town Bike Path
5 November 2015

Our front yard cherry trees on Halloween....
before the wind blew most of the leaves away........
  • FREE AFTERNOON:  I had a half day of work yesterday, so when I left the school at noon, I ran a couple of errands, then grabbed a croissant and an iced coffee and sat in the glorious sunshine on the benches along the Erie Canal/Town bike path.  After eating, I walked for about a mile, then went home to do some housework. I followed that up by meeting my friend Monica for a coffee date....although I drank iced green tea...it was so warm out, that I wanted something cold.  We had a lovely hour of catching up on each other's lives and making plans to get together next month as well.  She is a dear friend and sister in Christ and I'm thankful we found the time to connect!
that wraps up my faves list....whatever you have planned for the weekend, I hope it refreshes you and that you embrace all the moments...big and little....



Simply Linda said...

Yep, it sure has been unseasonably warm, hasn't it? It has been raining here in Western NY this morning and I guess it will remain so all day, plus the wind...and what leaves? The wind has blown them all away, smiles.

I enjoyed your Faves...can't wait to see the rugs and your floors. Blessings

Jerralea said...

Glad you had such a beautiful week and enjoyed such great weather. Your photos are stunning!

What a blessing to get a raise in today's economy. Congrats to Dave on all his hard work.

Time to connect with friends - what a blessing!

Barbara H. said...

You certainly made the most of your time off with some nice excursions and activities! The date night sounds fun. I am feeling that way about dinner tonight and thinking if calling hubby to bring something home. :-) Glad you found some nice rugs at good prices!

Willow said...

Those weeks when you have extra hours of free time are such a blessing. Wow! How many walks did you get in?
Your little road trip sounds wonderful too. Sometimes it's nice to just go by yourself :)

Susanne said...

Congrats to your hubby on the good review and the raise! Reason to celebrate for sure. A little extra few hours off makes such a difference. A road trip on one's own sounds like a great way to relax. Can't wait to see the rugs.