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09 November 2015

2015 Book Review #40: Every Fifteen Minutes

Well, I just finished another novel by a fave author except this particular plot was no where near as good as the previous book of hers I read.

First of all, there were so many mistakes in the sentence structure and grammar, etc that it totally showed me that someone in the publishing house did not proof read this well at all.

So just for that, I take a point off.  And then there is the character development.  and description of the sociopath which really she is describing as a psychopath. Either she didn't do her research, or she didn't care that she was mixing up the definitions. But the character in the book she describes as a sociopath, is actually a psychopath. and yes, there is a difference. I made sure I looked it up and didn't just rely on my memory of taking Abnormal Psychology as an undergrad where I earned an easy A.

But I digress.........


The book starts out, in chapter one,  with a character talking in the first person. He/She describes him/her self as a sociopath. (see above). Again, I'm taking off points for this!

The 2nd chapter begins the actual plot by introducing Dr Eric Parrish.  He is a well known and respected psychiatrist and chief of the Psychiatric Unit of Havemeyer General Hospital outside Philadelphia. Unbeknownst to Eric, he has become the target of a sociopath.  But his life is in turmoil even without the sociopath:  his wife, Caitlin, is filing for divorce and he wants custody of his 7 year old daughter, Hannah.  He also just took on a very troubled boy as a private patient whom he met in the hospital.....the boy is just 17 and is named Max.  Max's grandmother is dying of cancer and heart failure and his mother is an alcoholic who neglects him.  Max has a crush on a teenaged girl (Renee) he tutors and he is becoming obsessed with her.  He also suffers from OCD and every fifteen minutes he engages in a certain ritualistic behavior.

Also, every fifteen minutes, the psych patients on the unit at the hospital are checked....and one day Dr Eric needs to tackle a male patient who becomes violent.  Now Dr Eric is facing a possible lawsuit regarding this tussle.

Add in a disgruntled medical student, Kristine, who has a thing for Eric...he of course, doesn't encourage her sexual advances and she in turn makes a sexual harassment accusation against him....

basically, Eric's life is a mess.

Because of some information that Max shares with Eric during a private session, Eric becomes concerned for the teen girl, Renee.  He soon finds himself facing a possible "Tarasoff issue".....whether to report this possibly dangerous patient to the police authorities.

And then the unthinkable happens....Renee is found murdered in the local park! Things go from bad to worse for Eric...he is now a suspect in the murder and yet feels obligated to keep confidentiality laws in check.  He does not want to reveal to the authorities that Max has been obsessed with this girl....he doesn't want to betray Max's trust.

And soon, Max loses it.....his grandmother dies, he goes missing, and ends up at the King of Prussia Mall holding some younger teens hostage and threatening to kill them and then setting off a bomb.  Will Eric be able to help Max? 

And who is the sociopath?? Whomever it is, he/she is bent on destroying Eric, his family and his career.


This book was just ok.  I loved the other books I've read by this author but this one just doesn't cut it.  First of all, it just bugs me that she uses the word sociopath to mean psychopath.  And yes, I know in some circles, the professionals use this word interchangeably but there ARE differences between the two and the way she describes this particular character fits with the psychopath definition. (I double checked with the DSM 5..the Diagnostic and Statistical Manuel of Mental Disorders, fifth edition).

Eric is supposed to be a psychiatrist.  This usually means an extremely educated and very smart person. Yet, he comes across as an idiot in regards to being a parent and ex-spouse.  Inept.  Too dramatic.  I just didn't warm to his character although I did enjoy the quick thinking he did to diffuse the situation at the mall. 

The ending was dorky.  First, it all  of a sudden ended (which is typical in her books I'm finding out).  And it was just too ridiculous.  There was a neat twist in the end......someone else we find out is a "sociopath/psychopath" and I did suspect that the first person writing of this person's thoughts was female, but I didn't suspect who it actually was.  There are two.  The 2nd one is definitely a surprise and the ending could have been brilliant but it was just ok.

And having the ex-wife all of a sudden become best buddies with him.....well..this was just bad writing....and just too sappy!

The book didn't really get exciting for me until the mall scene.  And then it went downhill quickly because the ending is just too abrupt and "perfect".  It all of a sudden ended with what was probably supposed to be a gripping scene yet it just made me want to hurry up and finish the book.  The only good thing about the story is Max.  I loved this boy and I was happy with how the author had his life turn out.

Oh..and for the record:  when the My Little Pony is described in the book, towards the end (one of the minor characters has a thing for the ponies), my oldest daughter who KNOWS the My Little Pony characters, says I should take a point off my rating for the author not knowing that the white pony with the purple mane is NOT a speckled pony. 

Too many editing errors, not a good proof-reader, just an ok plot, and wrong use of the word sociopath makes me rate this lower than I normally would.

In my opinion, this book is appropriate for ages 17 and older.

On a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the highest, I rate this a 7.

I think I'm done with this author.


Deb said...

I think I will skip this book if I come upon it. I do appreciate the honest review. Have a great week!

Susanne said...

I'm sorta surprised that you're done with this author from one bad book. It must have really got under your skin. I still might give it a go, but I still need to read the other title and I think I've got two or three more on my tbr pile by her too.