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13 November 2015

Mid-November Faves

Mid-November already and only about a month left of Autumn!

Let's pause for a minute and record some blessings from the past week:  FIVE FAVES that God brought into your life.........Then, share yours, and link up at Susanne's Site!


  • MANY CHORES DONE:  Last weekend, we had amazingly mild weather. I couldn't hike due to other obligations so to get a good work out in AND tackle some needed chores, I headed outdoors with the rake and raked up nine bags of maple and cherry tree leaves that had fallen over the previous week.  Our cherry trees in the front yard are now completely bare as is one maple tree in the backyard.  The other maple still has some golden leaves clinging to it....I expect they will fall by Thanksgiving.  It felt great to get these leaves raked up.  And while I raked and bagged, Dave tackled the basement.....he got rid of 2 bags of stuff...some of it dating back from when we first moved into our brand new home.....1994!  I also tackled the floors in each room and my youngest did her own chores.  The oldest gal was working so she did some chores for us the next day.  I'm thankful when the whole family pitches in.

  • POWER OF PRAYER:  Our family is dealing with an issue right now and let me tell you, if it wasn't for the power of prayer, I don't know where I'd be emotionally.  I am so thankful that as Believers we can trust our Mighty God to work things out according to HIS plan and purposes for our lives.

  • SMALL GROUP:  I'm so thankful for my small group of sisters in Christ.  This is my 5th year being a small group leader and I love it.  I love that even though we are small in number this year (there are only 5 of us), we are becoming more intimate with each other emotionally and becoming more intimate spiritually with Christ and more open with each other.  Things are getting real.  And they should....it's part of the vision of small group ministry to be real and do life together.  

  • THANKSGIVING BASKETS:  This year, our very large church is doing the Thanksgiving Basket ministry once again for the most needy families of the congregation.  My small group signed up to do one of the baskets.  Basically, each basket (we bought a beautiful one with a fabric lining from Home Goods) contains all a family would need to have a Thanksgiving Dinner including a gift card to buy the turkey and any fresh produce. Each one of us contributed a few items to put in the basket.  One friend added some silk flowers and I added some Thanksgiving-themed napkins, a fall candle and some autumn candy.  What a blessing it is to be able to give...I'm so thankful for this ministry.

  • XMAS SHOPPING:  Veterans Day was a day off of course for the schools and since it was pouring rain when I woke up at 5:30, I cancelled the hike I had planned with 2 friends and decided to go to this area to do some Christmas shopping at the outlets there.  By myself.  My husband didn't work either but wanted to go to the gym then come home to run errands and do stuff around the house. I found some amazing deals for my husband and youngest daughter and then picked up a couple of little things for my oldest daughter. I'm basically going with gifts that fit in the "want, need, wear, read" categories.  They will get 4 bigger items under those categories (or pricier, I should say) and then a few little things plus their stockings.  We are really cutting back and simplifying the holiday season around here.  I'm thankful I got a good start on this so I can concentrate on some other things in December.  It's promising to be an extremely busy month.
That wraps up my week...if you think of it, could you keep my oldest daughter in prayer? She had a nice job at Starbucks for two weeks and they just let her go!! It was sudden and unexpected and she was feeling really down.  She still hasn't had any interviews for her field (Graphic design) and continues to send out cover letters, resume, portfolio. Two degrees from a top college and a good GPA and yet jobs are tough to come by....it can get discouraging! We keep reassuring her that God has a plan and purpose for her life......and to keep pressing on.  Thank you dear blogging friends!

Have a wonderful weekend!


Susanne said...

What a great idea for your study group to do. We've done that in the past at Christmas time so I may look at doing that again with my ladies this year. Love the idea of a pretty basket. I have bought one Christmas gift so far this year. I need to get going. Saying a prayer for your daughter and her job situation. Has she tried going out of state or does she want to stay close to you?

Barbara H. said...

The Thanksgiving baskets sound really nice, especially the gift card so they can get what they specifically like. I haven't done any Christmas shopping yet - though my husband has gotten a couple of things. It is indeed a big help when all the family pitches in to get something accomplished. I've lamented the lack of trees on our lot, but that's one advantage of only having a few small ones - I don't think we've had to rake since we've been here. We do enjoy some big ones in the neighbor's yards this time of year.

Kathie said...

I'm praying for your girl - that's a hard place to be in. Praying that the Lord deepens her hope and faith in Him as she waits for Him to open a door.

Glad your small group is going so well. That kind of fellowship is very encouraging.

And good for you getting all that yard work done - we did quite a bit this week too. It feels good!

Jerralea said...

It's great to get some Christmas shopping ahead done - good for you!

It is a good thing when the family pitches in together - both our physical family doing physical things - and our spiritual family doing battle in the Spirit by praying.

Praying for your daughter during this difficult time. I know God has a plan for her life. I pray she will know it, too!

Simply Linda said...

Keeping your daughter in prayer...I know the good Lord has a plan, and what it is, will have to wait for Him.

What a good thing you are doing with the baskets etc...Ugh, too early to think of Christmas, my friend, wink.

Have a beautiful weekend.

LivingforGod said...

What a wonderful list of thankfulness! Praying here for your daughter.

Thanks for vising my blog and leaving a comment!

Willow said...

I remember the days when our kids were struggling to get in to their fields of work and also just to find any work (some very recently and they're older than your girls). It's tough. Praying for your girl.
We too have a very simple Christmas--we go together with others to choose one larger gift for the grandkids, and for the others, we draw names.
Thanks for your sweet words about your friend still wearing the hat. I do appreciate that people like my creations.