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11 December 2015

Early December Faves

I'm back to blogging!  

Well ok, not really...but I did find time to post FIVE of my FAVES from these last 2 weeks.........

please join in by linking up at Susanne's site.  I love taking time to find the blessings among the busyness.

Dave and I all set for the LTI party
3 December 2015

  • CHRISTMAS PARTY!  On the evening of the first Thursday in December, every year for 15 years (minus a couple when one of the girls had an Orchestra concert), we attend the company Christmas party at this area establishment.  Dave works for a wonderful company....the first hour is an open bar with hors oeuvres followed by dinner, dancing, desserts.  Let's just say I had way too much to eat and drink.........but wow was it ever fun!  Add to that, greeting people I only see once or twice a year, and dancing to the tunes of this group owned and led by my good friend's husband, and it makes for an annual fave.
  • ST NICHOLAS DAY:  Yes, my youngest still participates in this celebration. I told her, like her big sister, that when she turns 21, we are done but she can keep the wooden shoes to pass on to her own (if any) future child(ren).  This year, she requested no gold coins, so I found  chocolate angels dressed in gold and some ornament candy.  It's always fun to do these annual traditions and help celebrate that part of my side of the family's heritage.
photo courtesy of plannnersweb website
  • SARATOGA:  yes, again.  Last Saturday, Claire had a full cast rehearsal for this weekend's 4 performances of the 2nd act of Nutcracker at this place.  So....not wanting to be without my car, I drove her up, dropped her off, and then went down the road to the downtown area to park and walk around.  I shopped for 3 people on my list, and then drove to another bookstore outside of town where I sat with a latte and did some reading until time to pick her up.  It was a nice afternoon and I loved all the browsing!

  • WORSHIP!  Last Sunday at church, our worship team was just phenomenal.  I loved all the Christmas carols and worship songs we sang......along with the communion service.  There's nothing like lifting up your voice in praise and adoration to our God along with about 600 other people!

  • BIRTHDAY FUN:  Wednesday was my birthday so I took the day off and charged it as a "personal" day.  It felt great to stay in pj's for the first hour of the day, drinking coffee and working on my Bible study.  I did a little reading for pleasure too and then met a former co-worker for coffee and bagels.  She brought along her brand new granddaughter (first grandchild) so I got to hold a 6 week old.  Oh my....it was so awesome!  I spent the rest of the day finishing up my Christmas shopping! And then once my oldest and husband were both home from work, the 4 of us went out to dinner.  My youngest had a lot of homework so we didn't stay long at the restaurant but when we got home, my oldest surprised me with a handknit scarf that she was working on all summer!  I love it...it will be perfect once the really cold weather gets here (the temps are still in the 40s/low50s here in eastern NY).  My husband had already surprised me last month with the words "I'm hiring Aaron to put in a bamboo floor for the living room" (the same guy who did our family room floor in bamboo).  The best gift ever though was all 4 of us eating together and talking/laughing.  I'm so thankful for my husband and two daughters and can't imagine my life with out them.

What are some things that come to mind when you think on the last week?

Please do share in the comment section below or consider writing your own list of faves.......

........enjoy the weekend!!


Susanne said...

What a busy but lovely week! A day off on a birthday is the best! I'm blessed with that each year. I know I already wished you a happy birthday but again...Happy birthday! :)

Susan said...

Happy belated birthday, Faith. Your day off sounds so lovely and just the right blend of family/friend time and pleasure time. Getting a bamboo floor will be a real treat. Having the opportunity for extra Bible time is also a treat. I love the note that went with your new scarf.

What a fun tradition to celebrate St Nicholas Day. I LOVE how the shoes are decorated! Some where I have some wooden shoes that I bought in Holland, but they are unpainted. Maybe I will start such a tradition with my grand daughter.

Worship is such a spiritual treat. I can't imagine what t would be like to sing with 600 other people. Except that ot must be awesome.

have a great week, Faith.

Simply Linda said...

Many Happy belated Birthday wishes...wishes and prayers for many more.

Still warm here in western NY too...and still no big snow. I see though, that might just change come Christmas. Busy here getting ready for two finals next week...and then busy baking and getting the house in order for the holiday. Many holiday Blessings to you, friend.

Barbara H. said...

A belated happy birthday to you! Sounds like a lovely one!

The Christmas party and Saratoga browsing sound like fun in different ways. How fun to celebrate St. Nicholas Day!

Willow said...

Happy Birthday to you! Love that handknit scarf--knit with love, worn with pride :)

Your birthday celebrations sound like a perfect day to me.

The afternoon in Saratoga was a sweet little slowdown in a busy week.

Deb said...

I love your Faves this week! Happy Birthday. Sounds like a nice, relaxing, fun day! The scarf your daughter made is beautiful. Here's hoping you continue to have a peaceful, blessed and happy Christmas season! Merry Christmas from Arizona!

Deb said...

P.S. Hope you will post pictures of your new floor. That sounds beautiful!