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18 February 2016

Foods that Aid Winter Skin!

During the winter, especially here in the Northeast of the United States, our skin can become dry and sallow.  Did you know that there are some skin health benefits to many of the nutritious foods most of us are trying to already include in our daily diets?  I just learned some of this info while on vacation this week.......and I thought I'd share it with you! I would much rather spend my money on these food items and get these natural benefits than on fancy creams and moisturizers that are sometimes full of chemicals!

  • for extra Vitamin A which promotes good skin quality:  add kale and spinach to your dinner items.  I like roasted kale and baby spinach steamed with garlic or chopped up into wraps or omelettes. 

  • for the benefits of zinc:  eat lean meats like boneless, skinless chicken, lean cuts of beef (we use bison here which is actually lower in fat than chicken!!), and oysters, crab and salmon.

  • to prevent wrinkles and boost your immune system plus give you extra Vitamin C:  eat oranges and grapefruit!!  I like grapefruit every morning in the winter months and I love sliced oranges in my water bottle.  Use oranges in salads at dinner, too!

  • to help reduce inflammation and clear up acne:  drink green tea..either hot or iced!  Yummy!

  • for smooth skin, try sulfer-rich foods like eggs and garlic.  There are so many different ways to use both!

  • Want to block the sun naturally?  Or at least some of the harmful UV rays?  Reach for a ripe tomato!  They are full of antioxidents and can be added to many recipes.  I like fresh tomatoes with cucumbers and red onion with a tiny bit of olive oil drizzled over the dish and with a dash of oregano, basil and Italian seasonings.  Add chopped tomatoes to chicken chili or to sandwich wraps. 

  • berries (blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, strawberries) help to protect the skin from free radicals and are full of antioxidants!  Add them to your oatmeal or cereal at breakfast, toss in a spinach salad for lunch or make a fruit salad of just berries and a pinch of maple syrup for dessert some evening. Or just eat fresh from the bowl!

  • to help soften skin and give you omega 3's which help to reduce the bad cholesterol in your body, eat some "good for you" fats: tuna, trout, salmon.  Grill, saute with orzo and baby spinach, or put in a wrap.  

I hope this helps someone...I know that when I saw the list, I decided to try to have my teenager drink more  green tea.......yet another excuse to go to $tarbucks!!

Whichever foods you add, always check with your doctor for the best course of action regarding your own skin care and nutritional needs.

What do you like to eat in the winter months to help get good nutrition both inside and outside of your body??  please do share!!


Simply Linda said...

Thanks for the tips...yep...the air is cold, cold, cold....did I mention cold? (giggling)

Susanne said...

All foods I love!