"Even when the rainbow seems to pass right by me....I'm still finding Gold in the clouds....."

12 February 2016

Mid-Winter Faves

It's probably a bit past mid-winter but in this last week, it looks and feels like winter finally.

And although that isn't really a fave of mine, I can find the blessing in it.  In fact, I have 5 Faves from the week to share.  I'm also linking up with other folks sharing their faves from the week.  Head over to Susanne's site to join in!

me (Faith) with friends Rhonda and Kevin

Bog Meadow Brook Trail
Saratoga County, NY
6 February 2016

Dave (my husband) and Rhonda & Kevin
  • NATURE "HIKE":  Last Saturday morning, some friends of ours from church, who are also married, joined us on our mid-winter hike.  What a gorgeous day we had!  It was a bit cold, but not horribly so...and the sun was shining!  Yes, there were a lot of muddy spots...but part of the trail was a boardwalk. We were actually in a nature preserve so it was more like a brisk walk.  I loved every minute, especially the fellowship with our friends. We did the entire trail (4 miles) plus another quarter of a mile on a side trail and back.  I'm thankful to live near so many amazing trails.

Tuesday morning from the family room door
First snow of 2016

  • SNOW!  This only makes my fave list because of the wonder that it is....the pretty, soft way it graces the stark, brown trees.  And the fact that this is the FIRST snow of 2016 for our area of eastern New York!! AND...that it was only 2 inches!!

  • MOVIE NIGHT:  Saturday night was movie night at our house.  Dave and I watched the above movie on Netflix....we subscribe to the instant streaming option and we love it.  We tend to watch movies and read books in the winter months so this past weekend was perfect for both.  I'm thankful I have a husband who likes the romantic comedies...we always have such a blast watching these kind of movies......and laughter is great for the soul!

  • NEW RECIPE! This last week I tried a new recipe for dinner....and it was a hit with everyone.  (I will be posting it sometime next week when I'm on Winter Recess) It was originally called Easy Beef Skillet Dinner but I changed it to a healthier version and used ground bison.  Oh my goodness it was delish! The ingredients and prep are super simple: bison, red peppers, sweet onion, mixed veggies (carrots, corn, green beans), Worcestershire sauce, tomato sauce, Italian seasonings.  The entire thing is done in about 30 minutes.  I'm thankful for easy dinner prep for the work week.

  • COFFEE DATE:  I finally got together for coffee with a good friend of mine who used to be in my small group but she had to step out to concentrate on some other things now, and I miss her!!  We do live in the same town but we rarely get together since I work full time.  It was great to finally catch up on our families, what God is doing in our lives, and just fellowship.  I'm so thankful for the friends God has placed in my life....the new ones and the ones who have been around a long time....like M.  We have plans to do this again come spring!
That wraps up my week.  We are off to New England this weekend for a wedding in the family and for our youngest daughter's first college visit at this university.  Should be interesting!

Happy weekend, everyone!


Monica said...

I don't care for winter at all! In fact I think I live a little too far north. I can't wait for spring so that we can get out of doors again. Measuring heat index is way better to me that measuring wind chill. :)
Glad you got a coffee date with your friend. We all need these from time to time. Hope you have a blessed weekend!

Deb said...

Sounds like your week went well. A mid-winter hike sounds great and the movie looks like one I would like! Enjoy your trip to New England this weekend. Hope your daughter finds lots to like during the college visit! Have a good one!

ellen b said...

Hi Faithe, It's nice to see you there on your walk with your friends. I enjoy one skillet meals! Sounds like you had a good week with friends and family.

Ann said...

You get your husband to watch romantic comedies? What is your secret?!! :-)

Joyce said...

I love bundling up for a winter hike. I love the snowy woods! Enjoy the wedding and college visit. My girls are both out of school now, but I remember those decision days well. Visiting from the Friday Faves link up today.

Jerralea said...

It is pretty amazing you've only had 2 inches of snow and that it is this late in the year!

There is a boardwalk trail in a nature preserve like that not too far from where we live. We visited it a couple of years ago. It is really neat that even people in wheelchairs can go on it.

Getting together with friends, old or new, is great and a rare occasion for me due to time. I think all of us full-time workers have that problem ...

Wendy said...

Joining in for the first time this week.

Looks like you had a good week. Enjoy your weekend.

Karen said...

I'm fortunate that my husband likes the romantic comedies, too! Netflix is a great resource. I'll have to make note of your suggestions. I just added Susanne's to my list;)

Barbara H. said...

I had not heard of that movie - will have to check it out. We saw one this last weekend that wasn't really a romance but was a nice movie - except for one suggestive scene and one foul word. I wish movie makers would realize they don't need to throw stuff like that in there.

The skillet dinner sounds good and the coffee date fun! I am hoping we're about done with snow, though some is forecast for Monday.

Angie Church said...

what a lovely post, great place to sit and ponder on a warm day I would reckon and oh yes I will take a cup of that coffee as well
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Melanie Lopata said...

Awesome week!! I think I saw that movie, it was cute (if it's the one I"m thinking of). I Love coffee with friends though it rarely happens. Unfortunately my good friends are far away and the close ones have kids and never can find time to get together :(
Great that you hike in the winter. Great for the soul and refreshing to the body!!

Susanne said...

Wonderful that you can go on a nice hike/walk at this time of year. And spending that time with great friends is a blessing too. We've got no snow now. It's been an unusual winter so far around here. My Dave and I watched "Age of Adeline" last weekend and really enjoyed it.

Willow said...

I'm glad you were able to meet up with your friend for coffee--it's a great way to reconnect.
You always have the BEST hikes to show!